Friday, October 31, 2008

HAPPY DSD!!!!---

Man is today going to be nuts or what?????
I am soo excited today is the day we all celebrate our addicition (woops i meant to say hobby) LMAO. There is soo much to do today and I just hope I get to get in on it all :)
First thing... If you are here on the DSD Treasure Hunt... There is an X hidden somewhere on this page.. Click it and get your treasure :) Link to the next stop is in the previous post. Hope you enjoy!!!!
Second- Thank you everyone for all the awesome comments for the last kit Wall Flower- I apologize for delay in the link- Typo on my part... Teach me to blog while super tired LOL :)
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And Follow This Bunny to the Other Blogs to catch all the secret words!
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Now: At Been There Scrapped That today you can treat yourself to some Candy!!!!
Today kicks off the Candy Bash Event where TONS Of great things are being giving away all weekend!! Not only are their hidden gifts all throughout the site... You automatically give yourself chance to win gift cards and coupons to the store just by stopping by this weekend!!
Be on the look out for some fairy dust to come your way. I heard tell that some scrappers, new members, and shoppers are getting some awesome goodies this weekend. As well as the challenges that will be going on for yet some more awesomeness!! You wont want to miss out on it!
Okay- ALSO... Tonight Nov. 1st at 8pm EST time You can catch up with me in the ACOT Chat room!! We will be chatting about ways to get into the best creative mood and help boost your mojo.. AND.. You will receive this Mini kit just for coming and chatting with me. THEN.. Everyone who completes a layout and uploads to the Challenge Gallery at ACOT will receive another portion to the kit as well as be entered into a drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate to my shoppe.
Hope to see you all there!!!
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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!!!!

Wow was today so exciting. The girls were adorable (i will post pictures tomorrow) And they just were so funny to watch. Roxy was full of energy and Stevie couldn't help but run to every door we came upon. (Most of the time running without her bag to come running back to get it LMAO) Little Miss Ana just couldn't keep her anteneas on, and tried to walk as fast as her little leggies could carry here. Needless to say both me and Joe are a tad on the tired side and a little bit sore from taking turns carrying Ana and Stevie around. (We tried the stroller, but for the first 2 streets gave up on them and took them back since it was more trouble to get them out and back in since they wanted to walk up to the doors)
So now its time to check all the candy tonight (Please note moms if you hadn't already heard- Check any chocolate coins that you may have recieved due to contanmentation found in Chinese imported ones. Here is a link to check up on to know exactly what is and isn't safe:
So Onto My Treats for you all :) I promise these ones are safe LOL.
I continue on with My kit Wall Flower- by giving out part 4 tonight! Thank you all for all the great comments on this kit. I have enjoyed creating and sharing with you all!! This is the last portion for this kit... So for the next 24 hours you will be able to grab up this and the other parts before it goes into the shoppe.

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If you have stopped here from the Treasure Hunt- YEAH!! YOU FOUND ME!! And that Means you get TWO goodies!!!!
Now there is a clue hidden somewhere on this page- X marks the Spot!!!!
Just find the X and click to get your hidden treasure.

And here is Your Next Clue:

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Check Back tomorrow for some AWESOME DSD News!!
And set your calenders: My Challenge Chat will be Nov. 1st at 8pm EST time. Where Everyone in attendence will recieve a free kit to work with to get an awesome coupon!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

O so last minute

Thank you all for the advice on my finger sucking problem here with miss Roxy. I had tried the socks before and gloves.. but she had taken them off in the night :( BUT.. Today the rest of the nail ripped off and it has left a well... as Roxy so blantly calls it a "bad boo-boo" And suprisingly enough... I think its going to work! She is babying her finger very much and not wanting me to look at it or doctor it (although after much wrestling I did manage a bandaid and neosporian a few times) And tonight she hasn't once put her fingers in her mouth. I think the pain of it is enough she doesn't want to mess with it, and if it lasts long enough it might very well break the habit. (If not the tape is my next step after it heals)
So Why the last minute then? Well tomorrow evening is trick or treat for our town. So I got the costumes out and was doing a dress rehearsal. When we bought them 2 weeks back we didn't figure in the fact that it was going to drop down below 50 degrees (since then it was 70). So I had to figure out how to dress them warm underneath or overtop these messy princess dresses (you know the big puffy Disney princess ones) Yeah well while putting the Aurora (sleeping beauty) over top of Roxy's turtle neck the meshing ripped on the sleeves.. WOOPS. Then we tried Cinderella on Anastasia-- yeah well its a little tooo long on her short little leggies and tucking and pinning- I put a nice snag in the back of it. Okay so on to miss Ariel (stevie) HAHAHA- That was like putting a huge mommy shirt on her. So it was off to the store this evening for last minute WARM fixes for costumes.
Do you know the slim pickings for last minute people?? LMAO Either way.. so I came out with fairy wings, head bands with anteneas, glitter spray, plain sweaters to match their wings and cute little Mary Jane knock off shoes for only 4 bucks a pair for each of them. I have sprayed the shoes down with glitter paint- Waiting on those to dry... And the wings are just perfect to stretch over their sweaters to keep them nice and toasty warm tomorrow. I know it will take a little more work in the make up and hair department for them to feel like pixies.. but They loved them!! Especially since we just got them Tinkerbell the Movie yesterday and it has been watched 4 times already. LMAO I can't wait to see the girls all faired up tomorrow. And I guess the princess costumes will just wait til next year.
Okay So onto the goodies for tonight :) I have yet another part of Wall Flower for you all. I want to thank each of you for your warm comments on this kit. I have really had tons of fun doing something a bit more girly and retro-y.
~*~Sorry Link Has expired~*~

And here is a layout I did with the kit and with Colies brand new blog template freebie she has put up for everyone to snag :) Its one of the pictures from the girls day we had the other day. Me and Miss Stevie Rae.

Okay until tomorrow..
OO and if you see a clue somewhere- I will give you more details on that tomorrow too. YOU WONT WANT TO MISS IT!!!!
Much Love and Thanks

Nails... o the nails!

Okay.. I am at my wits end. I need advice on stopping a finger sucker.
Miss Roxy is now the ripe age of 4, and since she was a baby she always sucked on her first two fingers of her left hand. Well.... It caused her fingers to grow um... in the ET way. The first two stick out one way while the others go straight. Not but a huge noticeable amount, but you could tell if I told you to look and showed you what I meant. Either way... We have been trying desperately to get her to stop, you name it we have tried it to get her to stop- But she only does it when she is sleeping. So usually- she sneaks them in when we are asleep and we dont catch her.
Well, today the girls wanted their nails painted and the whole lip gloss and hair deal again today. And I noticed while painting Roxy's nails that she has sucked her fingers so much that the bottom of her nail is very weak. Its like she is wearing the enamel of the nail away. And in the middle of her nail (this is the first finger btw) she has yet another spot that is super weak. It looks like a nail growing under a nail. I hope that makes sense. So I told Joe that it was going to come off. You could just tell, that look like when you have seriously smashed your finger and the nail comes off- Like that without the bruising.
Sure enough, later this afternoon she was horsing around and snagged that top part and it ripped midway. I had to tackle her down in order to get some doctoring done to it. But there has to be a way to get her to stop this sleeping habit. I mean I have never known a child that has sucked their thumb so much that their nails come off.... (I guess I should explain that the main reason she is wearing the enamel is because she puts her fingers in her mouth upside down- So the base of her nail is pretty much as good as resting on her bottom teeth.) So any advice?? I am up for anything that worked on your thumb suckers!
Okay enough of that.. and on to the goodies :) I actually got up super early this morning for some reason and had a good bit of quite time to work on the kit- And got it finished :) YEAH!!! So I will give you another part of Wall Flower today :) Enjoy

~*~Sorry this Link has expired~*~

Until tomorrow.. thank you to everyone that reads my rambling and leaves comments. I greatly appreciate it

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Proud Momma!

So today I got up bright and early to go with my dad up to get his ablasion done. (He got nerve burning done in his lower back to help ease his every day pain) Either way, Joe had to do all the running around down here for the family and well... with 3 girls plus all the running he would had to do, it would have been hard. So I decided to take one of the girls up with me while dad got his procedure done.
Ana was up first, so she was the lucky one :) Got her dressed and ready and she was super excited to go all by herself. The whole ride up there, she was super quite and just took all the scenery in (it was a 40 minute drive) and was just good as gold. Now she is the quite type naturally, gets extremely shy around new people at first and likes to keep to herself (Now this is only outside of the house--- But you all know the deal, kids are always a bit different in the comforts of their own home as opposed to everywhere else)
While in the back room waiting for dad to go back into the surgery area, she was super SUPER quite, and got a little scared when they started to hook up all the wires and that. I got to thinking... maybe it wasn't such a great idea to bring her along after all. After about 20 minutes of waiting dad was ready to go back, and she and I made our way into the waiting room. That was all it took, She seen the vending machine and got to pick out her own snacks (chips and a cookie) and that just lite up her face. "For ME?" she asked when i would let her pick out her own things. And the idea of doing everything all by herself like a big girl just made her day I do believe. Then she took her snacks and sat with me coloring in her book. She then started talking more, opening up and getting warmed up to the area and people around. She went to play with the little boy who was... shall we say a tad bit excited, and was super polite to his parents. Asked to play with his truck you name it. Everyone couldn't get over how well behaved and nice she was being with everyone. The nurses couldn't get over her and she ended up walking out of there with 2 more coloring books, a handful of stickers and a few suckers too.
You know that feeling you get when you are told repeatedly how nice and cute your child is? Yeah well I was beaming ear to ear for her. She would blush when people would say how cute she was, and well.. I couldn't help but do it too.
We went out to eat after all was done and she hugged both her papa and me right before getting back into the car for the ride home and said "thank you for all me" I cried, she made me feel so very proud. Aww. and here I am tearing up again.
Anyways- While waiting for dad to be done there was this painting- REALLY abstract painting. I couldn't honestly make heads or tails of it. But she insisted it was a flower. So That brought my creativity to boil tonight... That painting has stuck on me and for miss Ana, we are calling it "Wall Flower" Now in no way is this even close to the way the painting was.... LMAO- There wouldn't even be anything if I was using it for inspiration.. But the colors did stick and so we have it. Part 1 of Wall Flower. I promise it will not all be super girly or anything.. as it is just another work in progress right now, But lets get it started.

~*~Sorry this link has expired~*~

Okay, I am off to play a bit more with the colors and see where it all takes me.
Until tomorrow...
Much Love and Thanks to everyone that has left me such warm and encouraging comments. I greatly enjoy reading them all and knowing that you enjoy my creations.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Christmas?? Already?

Okay seriously, I was thinking and we had put a layaway in a few weeks ago to get a jump start on shopping. But then was like whoa- Wait we only have 2 more months.... We need to finish up the shopping now. (Well since we love layaway, since it gives us options of hiding in a place we KNOW will not be found :) we were off to put yet another in. And I couldn't believe the prices on the things the girls had been wanting. And better yet the prices of stuff that I HAD as a child. It amazed me to walk down the isles today while shopping for gifts all the things that are trying to make a come back.
A- But here I am on my soap box- Speeking of which- I promised yesterday not to get on my photo editing one.... Hahaha Well that lasted until today.
Its been raining and so that meant no chance for good pictures for this kit I have been working on. So I had to compromise. Into my photo stash I dug.... And came out with this one-

Now, First off- Totally the wrong colors for this kit, too washed out, too dark, the cat is in the way and the stinking sun glare off the back hill- UGH dont get me started. LMAO I had went out that day for just point and shoot- Didn't take anything but my kit lens and let auto do the work. Didn't figure to get any really awesome pictures. Well anyways... I loved this pic. (BTW it is of my fiance Joe and his eldest daughter Elizabeth) So to Photoshop I went. After some cloning, brighting and adding some more contrast, pulling the warmth of the photo over and giving a soft gaussian blur ( a few additional things here and there...) I came out with this finished product, Ready to scrap with Everescents :)

O how I love technology sometimes. hehehe
But anywho- That brings me to a bit of sad, but good news. I have finished another part of the kit for you all. However- this is the last portion. So the links for the entire kit will be available just one more day until I get it all gathered up and ready for shoppe.
But that is GOOD news... It means a new kit is in the works to start coming your way:) So be on the lookout for a bit of a change :)
In meantime I give you Everescents Part 5- (alpha and elements are included in this portion)

~*~Sorry Link has Expired~*~

Okay, Remember just 24 more hours to snag up the full kit and I will be back tomorrow with something new and fresh :)
Much Love and Thanks

A Little late....

Well I am a bit late on blogging tonight/this morning. I had intentions at 7:30 to lay down for a quick nap... HAHAHA. Joe decided that he enjoyed the peace and quiet too much that he let everyone go to sleep early- Well except himself. So either way, I am up now and unfortunately I think they girls are starting to stir enough to give sign that they too might be up soon. Although they had a hard day. Being late must have been my moto for the day.
My dad stopped by the house today around 5, asking if I was taking the girls to the parade. Parade??? What, Where? He informs me that a parade is about to start at the end of my street. Like any second. Here I am in my comfy house clothes, Stevie is running around in her diaper only, and the other two are far from being ready to go. So we rush... Find the shoes, find the clothes, wash up the chocolate cookie from the faces, fix the hair, get the jackets- Man if there was a world record for getting 3 toodler girls ready in lightening fast speed... We beat it. We are hearing the sirens, then nothing- Sorta a silent type of parade, passing out the candy and what have you. Rush them out the door and see the band coming around. Well you know what that means. Darned if we didn't do all the rushing only to catching the rear end of the parade.
So I look at Joe, And tell him- If we dont go do something big- they are going to be disappointed to have gotten ready so quickly and excited for nothing. So I said lets go.. Dont know where- But lets go. LOL Stopped up at my dads for a quick visit to give me time to plan out something.. anything. (We dont have much of anything in this town to go to) Finally the only thing that could come to me was to go out for dinner and then to the park to play.
So we did, and the girls had a blast. We lucked out, and where like the only family there playing. (I get super scared easily when there are tons of kids around and I have to still keep track of where each of the girls are LMAO) and They actually stayed pretty still for some quick photos.
The only thing I have to say bad about today really is though is that my grilled chicken salad has given me some fierce heartburn!! WOWEY! I just guess baby jr. is growing him some hair ;)

I want to thank you all so much for all the sweet comments about this kit I have going here. I will tell you Danyale, I too am wanting so bad to take the girls out into the foliage for some great shots for it too :) But A little secret- Hardly ANY of my photos ever truelly match the kit I want to work with, O the wonders of photoshop!! LOL. But first, before I get on my Photoshop soapbox.... Everescents Part 4

~*~Sorry Link has Expired~*~
And remember that Thanksgiving kit??? Yeah well I finally got it done :) Its in my stores (links to the right) But I wanted to show my preview off, cuz I am just so proud for finally accomplishing it! LOL
And just a bit of insider....all my items are coming up on a BIG sale soon!!!
Alrighty.. Until tomorrow,
♥ Much Love and Thanks ♥

Friday, October 24, 2008

All Tuckered Out

Man has it been a day here. This is one of the those days where I am actually happy for the peace and quiet here. LOL The girls must have banned together last night while I was sleeping and agreed to make today the day to push mommy to all her possible limits. Ah, but girls will be girls right?

I did manage a FEW moments on the computer tonight a midst all the chasing around here. I am trying really hard to get my thanksgiving kit done so I can do my decorating shortly after Halloween for it this year. I have some really cute ideas..... Its just getting chance to do them LOL. Wanna peek at what my kit is looking like so far??

I have a nice dent in... now just to finish :)
I been busy lately working on a bunch of new goodies for the upcoming DSD. I think the last time I counted I had 6 goodies that I have made so far for DSD celebration. On top of that Gotta Pixel has a birthday celebration coming up , and so does Elemental Scraps.... AND Been There Scrapped That has a Candy Bash event coming up. So November is looking to be quite jammed packed with tons of fun things to do.
OOO And I am doing 2 crops next month too!! I can't wait for those honestly, and a very talented scrapper at ACOT is going to be using my kits for a great hybrid crop coming up too. I can't wait for her crop to come along- I have seen what she is going to teach to make and its AWESOME!!! Okay, I am taking a few breaths now before that comes up LMAO.
I did manage to get the next part ready for you all of Everescents. I want to thank all of your for your sweet comments on the kit in progress. It is turning out to be one of my favorites lately. So I give to you all today, Everescents Part 3.
~*~Sorry Link has Expired~*~

Alrighty, Its off for a bubble bath and a minute of relaxation. I am sure the girls will be full of it again tomorrow :)
Until tomorrow... Much Love to you all and thank you all once again for all your kind words :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Click, Click, Click

So the other day I picked up some new lip gloss. I had ran out and needed some- and this was vanilla flavored- So YEAH!! Anyways... I decided today to treat myself to a little un-necessary pampering. You know the deal- Doing the hair and make up and all... and no real place to go kinda day. Either, the girls wanted to get pampered too. So it was nails and lip gloss for us all :) Shortly after the gushing over themselves in the mirror and mommy reassuring them 100 times that "yes baby you look very beautiful" Roxy decided it was picture taking time.
So we did probably about 100 pictures of us all. It was soo funny to watch them make faces and try their hardest to say cheese and smile. They cracked me up something fierce. But the best part about it, is we spent some great girly time together and I now have tons new pictures to scrap with :) (As if I wasn't backed up enough on scrapping- LMAO)
When daddy got home they were all over him telling him all about their day of makeup and pictures. He couldn't get through the living room for a good 10 minutes due to all the chatter going on at once and the constant tugging and wanting him to look at their pretty lips and nails. I told him to bare with it, Cuz there is was TONS more of that to come in his life. I can only imagine poor baby once he gets a little bit older. All the girls are going to want to make him play dress up too, I can just see it now. LMAO
But you can probably guess that I couldn't resist scrapping one of the pictures from today.... And I did it with Everescents. I am just loving how this kit is turning around. I have to say its been a nice change of pace to do something with a little more elegant feel with all the play and kid like things that I have been stuck on lately. Either way... I bring you another installment of the kit in progress.. Everescents Part 2.

~*~Sorry Link has Expired~*~

And here is the layout I did of me and Miss Roxy today :)
That layout gives a little sneak peek at what to expect in tomorrows part of the kit :)
Until then... Much love to you all and thank you all so much for your warm comments- It is greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little change..

Nothing to out of the normal today.. Kept myself pretty busy trying to get all my goodies ready for DSD. Wow is it ever creeping up on me :) But I have a good bit of goodies to give out then and also a few big events happening all day. I can't wait honestly- I am like a kid waiting for Christmas :)
Speaking of kids, my girls did the cutest thing today. Miss Roxy and Ana were playing doctor with their play check up kit. When it was Roxy's turn to be patient she said she was a mommy with a baby brother in her belly. LOL- Ana was listening to her tummy and then goes "Say AHHH" And Roxy did- then Ana goes- "I see you swallowed the baby" LMAO. I ROLLED IT. It was soo cute. They are soo rotten.
But with all this playing that has been going on lately- I figured we needed a change from it. So instead of another quick page from the Play Date kit, I have started up a new kit. I will come back to give out new pieces as they get finished, But thought tonight would be just right to kick it off. Thanks To Leigh, the growing kit has a name :) So I give to you today Everescents Part 1.
~*~Sorry Link has Expired~*~
I am really excited about this kit already, but I dont know how its going to go just yet, so we will see :)
Alright, I am off to bed for the night- Another day of DSD planning to do tomorrow hehehehe.
♥Much Love and Thanks♥

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My cravings got the best of me!

So today I was hungry.. Okay more of an appetite really, and couldn't find anything in the house that would suite me. Nothing looked or sounded good. I fixed eggs and bacon for breakfast for the girls, I couldn't eat it. Fixed them fish sticks and fries with apple slices for lunch, I didn't want it. I am sure you all can relate to those days.. not even junk food was sounding any good. And I have been trying so super hard to watch what I eat since this is the first pregnancy I have actually been on the gaining weight side.. and honestly I can't afford to tack on any extra pounds. LMAO But when Joe got home from work, It hit me what I had been wanting... Chinese food!!!

So, I caved in and told him that the baby needed it. So either way, off to the resturant I went for some take out! And man was it delicious :)The girls and Joe on the other hand had some pizza. They aren't too crazy on Chinese food- Well except for the Lo mein and General Tso's.

Well I think that the Chinese filled up Mr. Mister in here and he got super comfy on some nerves. My whole left side is kinda in that painful waking up state... not quite asleep but not fully awake. So I am hoping that it wears off overnight- Although I know that its going to be quite uncomfortable trying to get there. BOYS!! Here I am all excited but already my son is making me cave into things that I dont really need, and giving me pains LMAO. But in the spirit of thinking "boy" I have todays quick page ready for you all! Number 3 from the Play Date kit comes this gift- Just for the boys :)

And also today this bad boy is being released!! I have the pleasures of teaming up with the lovely Amanda Geils to bring you this collaboration that is only available at Elemental Scraps. Full of versatile romantic design, we felt this kit would be perfect for the modern day couple :) So I introduce to you Modern Romance.
And I just had to scrap with it :) And it went just right with this picture I managed to squeeze out of my sweetie :)
Well its off to bed, Hopefully. And tomorrow I will be back with another goodie for you all :)
Much Love and Thanks

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a day....

I am getting this post in early tonight, simply because I am beat!! LOL
The girls were nothing short of rotten today and kept me on my toes at all times. We had a dance party, tea part, built a dog house (Really a big tent made from blankets draped over stuff) and pretended to be puppies, And then it was off to my dads house for a visit. Well really he just wanted me to come up and make him some vegetable soup the way my mom use to make it- But the girls kept him super busy too LOL.
Between dancing and screaming and running and everything short of bungee jumping- Okay I am exaggerating now... But you get the idea. Needless to say by the time we got in the car and half way home (We only live 2 blocks away from my dad's house) the girls were already doozing. Within 2 minutes of being in the house and shoes off- they were out like lights. Now its so quiet in here its making me want to nod off.

I want to thank everyone for your wonderful comments yesterday. I greatly appreciate it, and Terry I hope that you enjoyed the kit dear. I can't wait myself to scrap with it again- Maybe tomorrow I might get a free minute :) hehehe. But since today was all about us girls here and us playing and having a great time- I thought it best to make a page just for the girls :)
Dont worry though, Tomorrow I will have one for the boys :)
So without further ado I give you all Play Date Quick Page #2.

I will be back tomorrow with yet another page for the boys, and hopefully have chance to have scrapped and finish up my newest kit.

Much Love to you all.. Until Tomorrow


So here I am, Its almost 1 in the morning and I am wrapped up in a blanket freezing! LOL. I have the heat cranked up- but it has yet to counter act with the cool air, and all that fun jazz. A Whopping 40 degrees outside. Now just like 2 days ago it was sitting nice at 70...... O well.
Today Joe had the day off so we spent majority of it just doing family things. Playing with the girls seemed to be the only thing we did get done though. And I have realized that I need to watch my mouth alot more around the girls. LOL
Ana went to put something in the trash today and it rolled off (it needed taken out) either way it rolled off and she goes "ooo damn it" and picks it up and tries again- Does this about 3 times and it stays- Walks away and it falls and she says it again- And goes "Mommy- You do it, I am tired" LMAO I of course told her (while trying so desperately to hold in my giggles) that damn wasn't a polite word and to not repeat it again. But o how cute it was LOL.
As the evening started to roll around me and joe just lounged on the couch watching the girls play. And it was bliss. It was nice to have a romantic moment together that just was nothing more than enjoying one anothers comfort. And that brought along some creativity too :)
So I conjured up my newest kit, and Just got it in the stores WOOT!!!
And to top it off, I have it set for just 1.00!!!
But that is for today only, so hurry up and snag the deal while you can. (in all of my shoppes- Links on the top right)

Here is the preview:
and here is a layout I did with this new kit:

And while I was at it, I made up this quick page for you all to enjoy. Its from my kit Play Date that is currently on sale- But today is the last day for the savings. I figure I will make a few more, So for today enjoy Play Date Quick Page 1.. And come back tomorrow for number 2.

Thanks for reading my rambles :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I have a blog moment... WOWEY!

Okay so life has been hectic, okay that is putting it midly. I have been busy trying to keep up with the kiddos, keep my hives at bay and get my designing done. On top of that I have a few BIG- And i mean BIG projects come up that I spent a great deal of time on trying to get finished in time. But I noticed today- THERE IS A BLOG TIME MOMENT! Not often have I had those LOL.
So we went to the dr. on Monday and had yet another ultrasound in hopes to find out what we were having. We went in with hopes and wishes, but not very high ones- I mean this makes Joe's 5th child and all 4 are girls now and well- It just seemed like we were meant for girls. But after 10 minutes of fishing around on the screen- The doctor instantly stops. Starts to make an outline- and OMG DID I SCREAM!! ITS A BOY!!!! WOOT! I am sooo excited. Our last little one is going to finally be a little boy and the girls are so excited to be having a little brother. I so can't wait to scrap some cute little boy layouts. So be prepared- That probably means a few more boyish designs than usual hehehehe.
I took the girls out the other day for some sun- Trying hard to gather what little bit we have left of warmth here. And I didn't really plan to do anything but point and shoot. I mean once they get out and going- There is no stopping. Forget trying to set the camera and ask them to hold still for even a mirco second. LMAO. But Ana came down to give her daddy a kiss (he was laying in the grass watching them- And I couldn't resist asking. I acted quick because I could tell by the look on her face she just DIDN"T want to get any pictures taken. But I just loved how it turned out- So I gotta share:

Aint she getting big?? The Big 3 years old now.

Speaking of which... The girls b-day party went really well, considering. You know nothing ever seems to go just perfect. But this time it was totally my fault. The girls had a pinata- WHICH I SWEAR NEVER TO HAVE AGAIN!!! Either way, before the party I am tryin to get ready, but the instructions are not anywhere to be found nothing- I look online for some "generic" ones- And try to follow that. NOPE- I push in the flap to fill it up, and get stuck. Like a chinese finger trap this thing has my hand in it. (Like i knew you were supposed to pull up and pop the thing out first before pushing in) So for a half hour I sit trying so very hardly Not to bust the thing, But get my hand out of the small hole in the same breath- NOT EASY. Get my hand out and successfuly fill it up. TADDA- Now off to the party. I forget the bat. So Joe goes finds a big stick/branch thingy to use to whack at it. No matter how hard they swing this thing- it doesn't bust. WTH? So Joe punches a hole in and tries ripping- Still harder than heck.. But finally gets the candy to spill out for the kiddos. Now ready to laugh?? Because Mommy didn't have the instructions she didn't realize until AFTER the candy was everywhere that it was a PULL STRING pinata. All those pretty curly ribbons hanging from it- NOT DECORATION!!! Yeah all the girls needed to do was grab one and pull and it woulda busted open and spilled out. If I ever do get one again- Its going to be prefilled and I will make sure to put a sticky note on it somewhere whether to whack at it or pull it. LOL

Okay I am off to scrap with my new kit that I just put out this morning. I am so excited about it, cuz Now that I know the little boy is coming along, I am trying to think more gender nuetral- So i am sure later on when he is up and running around- I will be coming back to this kit for his pictures too LOL:

Play Date
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you can find this kit at anyone of my shoppes located at the top right hand side.
Okay that is all for today- I WILL be back tomorrow LOL