Monday, July 21, 2008

Well... Where do I start?

This blog is so neglected. I kinda feel bad in a small sort. I think maybe I will give it a makeover. Maybe that will get me back in the blogging mood. But then again- Its summer and well- Too nice out to be in here.
I do have reason why for a good while I haven't been blogging though- And its enough to drive me crazy. Maybe someone reading this might have a better answer for me than doctors are currently giving. Either way, for about 2 months going on 3 I have been in hives. Only my legs and arms though. Now- My palms and soles of my feet are also getting them, but staying under the skin and not popping up. Arms and legs itch like crazy (naturally due to the hives) and my feet and hands burn- I am talking like bring you to tears not want to touch anything or walk anywhere kind of pain. Each "breakout spot" last for a little over a day now, and leaves behind nice yellowish brown bruising. I have been through tests, and put on several different meds- And the acid control and steroid treatment is the only thing working but its temporary. If I miss a dose- Forget it- I am back into the hives. Allergies have been ruled out, and yes they are indeed hives- Not a skin problem, Not liver problems, Not Thyroid related (although that is now a nice problem that was discovered) Not PUPPS, I am left little options left for the reason. AHHH-- Its enough to drive one crazy seriously. I wouldn't wish this upon anyone, especially on top of the heat.
Okay- Enough of my "problems". My girls have been enjoying summer like crazy this year. I dont think a day has gone by that they haven't came in the house covered head to toe in dirt or mud or soak and wet. It rained last week and MAN WE NEEDED IT! So instead of just sitting in here listening to the pitter patter, I got the brilliant idea, WATER BALLOONS!! Okay so the girls, not really had a full out water balloon fight. We had done the hose, and the sprinklers and the guns you name it, but not balloons. So I start to filling them up. I get one plastic bag full of balloons ready to go, send em outside to get ready (better to stock up then have them come to me within 2 minutes begging for me to hurry up! LOL) I get another done and little Miss Stevie comes around the bathroom corner really curious as to what I am doing. So I give her a balloon. She carries it around for a bit, then starts to chew- OMG- The look on her face when that bad boy busted!!! I know soo mean- But sooo funny! So what do I do, caring mom that I am, I give her a replacement. About 5 minutes pass by and all of a sudden I hear *Burst*. She comes in to me dripping and crying, can't figure out why they are getting her wet. I comfort her, and what does she do, bends down and sneaks another outta the bag. Needless to say after the 3rd balloon she figured out that they all will bust with nice cold water to dose her.

4 Plastic bags later, out in the rain we had a huge fight that was just such a blast. The girls and I ganged up on daddy and got him all at once. (Definitely recommend this during a nice rain)

Okay- Well Since its like almost 5 am and I should be sleeping while the rest of the house is- I think I will do that. Night all and hopefully- As long as I keep fire under my own bum- I will be back again tomorrow.

Also Just to let everyone know- I have grab bags available this week.
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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Lizzy LOVE!!! I hope you see this! I am going to e-mail you this weekend about what you are dealing with, K?

Love atcha darlin' - not a day goes by you are not in my thoughts. Life gets crazy, life happens and I've got two more weeks until my daughter's wedding and then I am hoping for a SLOW period!!!

You be gentle with your SWEET self and I'll catch you in a few days sweetie.


Linda :)

KayJay said...

Hi Liz,
hope you are slowly feeling a lot better!
I have a little award for you on my blog, if you feel up to it!
CU aroudn