Monday, June 2, 2008


Okay- So if you haven't seen, the site has been revamped!!! I totally gave it a makeover and well ,I LOVE IT! I am excited and getting ready now to have the family grow! I have been going nuts on getting designs done on deadlines and actually managed *YEAH!!* I have to say out of all the collaborations I have taken part in, the ones available this month are by far my favorites. I had the honor in creating a portion to this awesome new kit "Jack". This kit is made entirely to benifit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. There are two kits for fundraising this month the other being "Jill" and both are awesome.
If you want to help support the foundation plus add some scrap goodies to your stash I HIGHLY encourage you to check out these kits.

(Portions included that are created by me)
and for the girls

Now for another fantabulous collab, The BTST June Challenge Kit is finished and ready for giving. I mean seriously where else can doing 6 layouts get you some free tan lines??? Yeah This can be yours free by stopping by and checking out our challenges:)

AND... i have some new releases!!! New kit for the little conductors in mind, I just love my choo choos!! HEHE Its at both of my shoppes right now
AND- I have a Grab Bag up for 3 bucks until the 5th!!!
It is PACKED FULL of 80 megs of scrap goodies. Great mix and honestly- I am super proud of this bag, As it is my first Personal Use scrap bag!!

And lastely but not least at all, We are currently holding call for new designers to join the BTST family! Deadline is the 15th!! I have seen some fantastic applications so far and its going to be a tough decision but I am soo excited to see the family grow at BTST!!!


tricertifiedx2 said...

Woo Hoo Liz....Awesome stuff. Love the Jack and Jill stuff. I just have to know....Do you EVER sleep??? LMAO. Totally looking forward to seeing who all the new designers are going to be at BTST!!! Just really exciting isn't it?? Ok, well I am off to try and get some scrapping done while my two monsters are in bed. Take care, and Blessings to you!!!

Gabrielle said...

beautiful new kits Liz, you truly are amazing, I don't know how you do it but thanks. I have a new freebie Qp on my blog, hope you can get the time to grab it. thanks again and a big hug

Intense Magic said...

I am so amazed at all that you accomplish, while being a full time mommy to three little ones! You are one impressive lady :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

I couldn't have said it ANY better and I've said it a MILLION times (slightly exaggerated!) before ... I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO IT ALL!!! Well, I'm sure that youth has a bit to do with it as I do remember my days of juggling anything and everything with six babes in tow!!!

Liz love, I have missed you so and I have NO doubt that you think of ALL of your FONDEST FANS, but with engineering your OWN site, plus keeping up with all of the others you are selling at ... WHERE, OH WHERE IS TIME??? ROFL!

I SO miss you girl! I had left a PM for you at BTST, checked back a few weeks later and didn't find a reply, so I figured to be ONE BUSY, BUSY lady and then I became one BUSY, BUSY BOOF and never got back over there to follow-up.

I have tears in my eyes after reading about Roxy and the "bekfast in bed" escapade!!! Sweet munchkin! Boy, what a visual I was getting!!!

I hope that Ana and Stevie Rae are minding their P's and Q's!!!

If you happen to see this since your designer call (if I weren't so behind, I'd give it a go!) ends on Father's Day, I'd like to wish Joe a VERY happy one!!!

I TRULY admire your hard work and determination Liz. You are a GEM if ever there was one and I wish nothing but THE BEST and GREAT SUCCESS to you always!!! You deserve it love - you are an AMAZING young woman with what I refer to as an "old soul". You are WISE beyond your years!

Okay, I've rambled at you long enough and hope not to be away SO long between visits next time. I've been struggling with health issues the past few months and trying hard to get it all sorted, so I've been behind and frantically trying to catch up, but need to listen to my body and STOP when it tells me to.

Love you sweetheart and I came by tonight after being over at GP for the first time in a while to grab a couple of CU items and found that you had just uploaded several things!!! I knew then that I just had to come on over here and say HELLO and leave you some lovin'!!!

Have a GORGEOUS day!

Love and hugs,
Linda :)

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Well love, I've just been AROUND THE TRACK and had to come back and tell you that I forgot to tell you just how AWESOME all of you new scrapkits are!!!

Since I've spoken with you last, I have become a first-time Grandma from one of my six kiddos. Around The Track will be PERFECT for scrapping many photos of little Kaleb Jace!

You are ROCKIN' mamacita!!!

Linda :)