Friday, May 23, 2008

O So Neglectful!

I have, I know it and it has been yelling at me in the back of my head- BLOG YOU DOUFUS! I have neglected this poor thing so much lately. And Its not intentional, just something that gets away from me until I lay down and say SHOOT I forgot again, and then its o- I will do it tomorrow. Yeah Well, Tonight I decided no more putting it off. LOL.

Things have been busy and crazy lately! Amongst all the things in Real life (doctors, dad's surgery, kids, house cleaning- well you know the normal stuff) the site has been undergoing upgrades and transitions to make things run much smoother. We upgraded the forum and gallery- And working on changing things around a bit still but soon it will all be done. And Let me tell you- No one will be happier about it than me! LOL I am happy though with the progress we have made so far. The members that I have gotten to know have been nothing short of amazing! Everyone has been supporting and showing their love during this and I know they are just as excited about all the changes as I am.

More changes will be coming though, as We are about to hold our first designer and CT call. I think our community is ready to expand a little bit more. I can't wait to see all who will becoming part of the family. I too will be holding a personal CT call coming really soon. I just need to get the changes of the site under my belt first :)

As for family life, things have been going really well. The girls have been as rotten as ever, If not even more so. The other morning I received a lovely breakfast in bed! No not for mothers day- But Joe had gone to work at 5 am and well, Roxy was awake and so was I. We had both laid down only for me to fall asleep and not her. OOPPSS! Well about a half hour later, Roxy comes to me and taps on my shoulder- "MOMMY- I maka you beakfest!" I open one eye- Dare I look? And there in front of my face lays a plate. The mess on the plate has me baffled and she disappears! She pops back up (she had bent down) and Has in her arms- Holding with all her strength the gallon of milk. It is dripping in chocolate syrup. I look at it and in the bottom I see what has to be 2 inches of straight syrup! She asks "You want some Milk?" I can't help but smile and say- "No thank you sweetie- Let mommy have it" She hands me the gallon, I grab the plate and we walk to the kitchen. My Jaw DROPS! In disbelief, I sit the plate and gallon of milk on the table and go to the bathroom, still staring straight at this mess and sit down. My bum slides, sticks and is covered in something and I am scared to find out what. I sit in the mess picking out what is all over- AND I MEAN ALL OVER- my kitchen. My breakfast is consisted of chocolate syrup, milk, raw eggs, ketchup and red jello. There are hand prints everywhere, lake in front of my refrigerator and she had attempted to clean up by putting the shells and everything else that was excess I would assume in the toilet. After showering, the clean up attempt took until 1 pm (YES, I wish I was exaggerating) to finish. I would clean up and mop only for more of the oozing mess to come out from under the fridge or stove at me again. Needless to say I have learnt my lesson on assuming my children will fall back asleep with mommy. LOL But the gesture was more than enough to make my heart melt.

So yeah with all the Real life stuff and site stuff, I haven't had a lot of time to produce a whole bunch of new designs lately- But have managed a few in the in between breaks. Here is some of the new things in my shoppes :)
Sweet Pea
an Elemental Scraps Exclusive

Missing The Tales
The above can be found at BTST and ES!
Okay Until Next Time- ♥♥