Friday, April 25, 2008


Well, At least that is what it feels like to me. I know I haven't blogged lately- I have just been slammed with so much stuff going on! :) But all great things. If you have been by the site, you will see it has just been popping lately. Already we have 31 quick pages in our exchange- Which I am previewing tonight to start off to give an idea of what is coming to all the fabulous scrappers participating. They have all done an awesome job, I am LOVING the album that is being created. So amazingly creative ladies for sure.

I have been busy getting some designs ready for National Scrapbooking Day- (May 3rd) So even though I haven't shown a new design lately- Dont worry- they are still coming along. I will be releasing a HUGE scrappers delight bag for NSD. Right now there are 2 kits and 2 elements packs for it, and more to come :) I am too getting a designers delight bag ready as well. So LOTS of new things soon to come.

With Spring here now, I have been outside with the girls for majority of my "freetime" during the days and LOVING it. They are absolutely a BLAST to play with. Joe bought me flowers a little while back and the girls now have the concept that EVERY flower is mommy's flower and have been picking everyone they can get there hands on and giving to me. The other day I came home and my desk was covered in dandelions. It was sooo sweet. And All they kept telling me was "I pick a mommy flower" I will DEFINITELY be scrapping that soon. I have just the kit too for em- If you haven't see Linda's fabulous Saturday in the Park- you Have got to check it out . It is going to be perfect for the girls "mommy flowers" moments.

Now aside from playing with the girls I have been running around with my dad alot lately, as he is getting more testing done for his heart and back. He has had back troubles and intense pain since before I can remember and just recently by chance we found the doctor who seems to be the cure he has been looking for for a long time. He (my dad) is going through a series right now called medial branch blocking. He has a few more tests to go through but providing everything goes smooth and as planned. He should be looking at being pain free for the most part for the first time in at least 25 years. I am super excited and nervous at the same time. And I know he is as well.

BUT... Of course during those long waiting room times- I took the opurtunity to not only get some designing done but some layouts as well. Colie has me on the kick now- She put the fire under my bum so to speak with her ABC challenge and I am hooked on getting it done now. I am using the first go round to do my All About Me album so that when I am long gone the girls can look back and read exactly who I was, what I did, where I came from and all that stuff. Well, I have my A and B pages up at BTST, and then decided- What the heck- I will do my C and D pages too. Well, they both turned out as double page layouts. My first ever- I was sooo excited to try and well- I think I LOVE doing em- So dont be suprised if every layout I now do covers 2 pages :) Either way here are my C and D layouts.
C stands for my creative side, and the ways that I now express it through photography and graphic design.
Credits: Paper, frames, journaling tab from
Alpha, paint splatter, and felt circles all recolored from Ellie Lash
Flourish from Anges at LDD
D is for Drama, I was HUGE in theatre in school, and it was my intended major for college. I LOVE LOVE the stage and every part of working on it. I still do community theatre here and there when time allows, but would love so much to get back into it full time. It is and always will be my true calling.
Credits: Alpha made by Me for this as well as the masks recolored from my Popcorn and a Movie
Entire layout done using the Grateful 4 U Ct Appreciation collab.
Okay I think that is it for now, I will be back tomorrow- Cuz I HAVE to show you the QP previews!! And well.... I might be able to tell ya some exciting news too ;)

Monday, April 7, 2008


Biting my nails.......

We are super excited to finally kick off our Grand Opening Week at Been There Scrapped That! And man do we have a LOT planned. First off- to get you all better acquainted with our work and what to expect from BTST we are giving ALL members a FREE KIT? All members will receive the welcome kit Carefree- available free this week only! (you will need to be logged in and the links to your download will be found in our Welcome forum) So want to see what we have put together just for you? Without further ado- We are VERY pleased to introduce to you all Carefree!

Now- If that isn’t enough- 5 Lucky members that post layouts to our gallery TODAY using BTST products will be entered into a random drawing to win an AWESOME Template Set by Colie’s Corner! There will also be a random drawing of ALL member names that register TODAY April 7th for gift certificates to our shoppe! Also all members that introduce themselves in our forum TODAY will be put into a random drawing and FIVE will be pulled to receive the brand new designs Sublime by ME! before it is put into the shoppe Tuesday morning! Wanna peek at the kit being given away?

Now that is just Today's list of events and happenings- As well as contests on going through the forum and chances to win the ENTIRE BTST shoppe! So go on and check out our site to see what other exciting things we have planned for this week!

**For those stopping by for the A Little Fun Freebie Scroll down to grab up your link :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Little Fun......

To Calm My Nerves!! Yeah Monday Like a few hours in reach of me- Less than a day- And the Grand Opening Week will kick Off for Been There Scrapped That! Which I why I haven't been around the blog lately posting and keeping everyone updated. I do apologize- BUT I PROMISE IT WILL BE WELL WORTH IT! We have An AWESOME kit that we are giving out to all the new members of the site (including those registered before opening week starts) That one is a surprise, but I am in love with it for sure! Plus we are going to be doing random drawings of new members each day to receive gift certificates to our shoppe, A new freebie EVERY day- AND ONE lucky winner is going to get our ENTIRE shoppe. And I am going a little overboard and doing a drawing for every purchase made you will be entered in the drawing to receive access to ALL of my designs for a YEAR! Also- We have our April Challenges up and ready to go. If you complete a challenge you will receive portion of our Monthly Site Kit. Complete ALL the challenges and receive a bonus portion to the kit making for one awesome design. Now you can't beat that, you get 4 layouts done for you albums- PLUS a free kit for doing what you love to do!- O wanna know what the kit is for doing the April Challenges?? Without further ado- here is
Wise Guy

Awesome huh? Well there is still a portion not in the preview waiting for those that get the challenges completed.

Okay aside from that- The girls and I have been having so much fun lately. The weather has been warmer which is so nice. They have the spring fever itch so bad and keep asking to go outside and play. And once outside they never want to come in! Kids- Whatta do? Although I have to admit too when I look at the time and see its time for dinner- I too and whining to myself O but do I hafta?? LMAO. But they are such a joy to play with. It keeps me young and on my toes. Which is what I have for you today- A Little Fun. Please note the download is only available for the next 48 hours.

~*~Click On Preview For Download~*~

Now not only has the site, and playing with the girls been keeping me busy- But also Elemental Scraps received a makeover! So lots of things going on over there that I just can't stay away from. The Monthly Mega is out and it is GORGEOUS!!!!!! And if you pick it up you get put into the drawing to receive the next SIX monthly megas FREE! Plus if you spend 10 dollars or more you receive the monthly Mega bag for FREE! AND... Every 25 dollars puts your name in the drawing to receive a full YEAR of Amanda Rockwell Designs for FREE! Now if that isn't enough EVERYTHING (except CU) is 50% off until the 9th! Including My brand New Release (EXCLUSIVE to Elemental Scraps)
Funky Fresh

Also Colie's kit Secret Rebel which is also an Elemental Scraps exclusive and wont be found anywhere else!

Here is Two Layouts I have done already with Colies Secret Rebel:

AND- This Brand NEW kit by Lucky Smith called Minor League! And I am in love with it! It is the BEST baseball themed kit I have EVER seen. I mean the detail, the versatility for ages and gender is amazing and well- You Just DON'T wanna pass up the chance to get this half off-

Okay- I am off to finish up getting everything ready and in place for Been There Scrapped That's Grand Opening! I HOPE to see you all there- And Enjoy today's sweet little gift - A Little Fun!
P.S.- Thank you Leigh and Kerri for all your help and support- I truly appreciate all that you have done! You are truly two of kind that I am blessed to know!