Saturday, March 22, 2008

Whoaaaa Nelly!!!!!!!

WOW- Thank you all so much for your awesome comments on my mini. I am touched and honored. And honestly- Its feeding my creative drive for some more designs. I am loving it. I enjoyed my sister's birthday -CAKE FIGHT ANYONE?? LOL And plan on driving my brothers cake in his face on his birthday as well. But shhhhh!!!!!! That is our little secret. And speaking of birthday- Happy belated to miss Leigh. I so missed it, But I am pretty sure she is secretly glad, seeing as I have a thing for cake as face decorating and not eating-

The girls went through the 24 hours flu again. I think this was just the weather changing kinda cold that gets you ready for the fun in the sun about to come. I too came down with it. Nothing to major- but man the ichy feeling. However this drive I am on is unstoppable. I spent my day sniffling at the computer while getting the ideas outta my head. Our easter eggs still didnt' get colored. I didn't want the girls to be playing in the dye while running at the nose and coughing. So that is the major thing for today to do. I did get my easter shopping done and baskets started. As soon as I am done here- I am off to finish those up. I will DEFINTELY be taking some pics of all tomorrows festivities to share. And going to be scrapping them with my new Easter Kit-

And while on the subject of springy matters. You will want to check out the challenge hosted by ScrapTigz coming up at Elemental Scraps Blog. Just for taking part, I am giving out this mini kit, and the winner will recieve a 10 dollar gift certificate for my ES Shoppe! Wanna know what the challenge is?? Well check out the blog on March 24th to find out how to get in and get this mini!

Okay Well I am off to finish up my projects :) I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED EASTER, and enjoy the love and company of your family. Plus I can't wait to see all the layouts from the easter egg coloring and hunting:)


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

SHEESH, I tell ya, "day late, dollar short and THE LAST to know" still stands at being my "lame" motto for the year!!!

Liz, you are just as SWEET as your name suggests and I thank you for stopping by and leaving me some lovin' VERY early this morning!!! These LATE nights are going to do ONE of us in and I'm thinkin' that would be MOI!!! Not a "spring" chicken any more!!!

I agree with you on the bouts of illness with unpredictable weather changes. Why I, myself, don't get sick, I do note in my boys and others that when the weather goes from warm-to-cold and vice-versa, sniffles come on quite quickly or the dreaded body aches.

Glad you and the girls are okay other than that and WOW, WOW, WOW to your NEWEST creations!!! I SO need some time to sit, dabble and experiment! BUNNY TRAILS is ADORABLE and I'm hoping to get some REALLY good pics from the picnic tomorrow. Haven't taken Easter photos for several years now and this will be FUN for sure!!!

Regarding the gallbladder: GOSH, you are SO young to have had so much trouble. A lot of my woes are not from what I am eating though. I pretty much don't eat anything as everything is aggravating it, but mostly since I've been on a cleansing program that has me losing weight as well. I did some good research on it and (btw - I do have stones present from an ultrasound I had done this past year)one can experience an attack after eating something "fatty" (which I don't) as well as from NOT getting enough "good fat" in the system. Mine would be the latter as I have been doing "two-day" cleanses which have me intaking nothing but fluid - therefore, NO fat!!! I shall overcome as I am determined!!!

LOTS of LOVE to you and your family and I wish for you a VERY blessed Easter as well. I am off to your NEW site to catch up and I will be announcing your Grand Opening on my blog the week prior!!! WOO HOO!!! I am SO thrilled for you and Colie!!! YEEEEEE-HAW!!!


KayJay said...

Wow, Liz, you have been busy! Those are awesome new kits! I will definitely be checking the elemental scraps blog on Monday.
Hope you had a great Easter (ours was very white - oh bother, I have just remembered I could have tried your snow ice!!! Bit dark now, maybe tomorrow, if it is all still there!
I got some great pics - not of the easter egg hunt, but of us supposedly adults playing with my brothers new toy a Wii! So hilarious. Now to scrap them!
Take care
Kerri (PS: I never got an email from you, did it get lost?)

tricertifiedx2 said...

Wow Liz, will have to agree with Kerri those kits are just AWESOME. But I never expect anything less from you!!! You ROCK GIRLIE!!! And thanks for the's nice to know I am thought of....though you are right I am glad it is without the cake in the face...he he he. I am almost through with my big project so I will hopefully be back to "normal" soon, but I still have lots to catch up on in my scrappin'. Can't wait for's coming up soon!!! BTW, I never got the e-mail either...kinda figured you had something going on...then I was out of town so anyway...let me know what the scoop is!!! Blessings to you!!!

tricertifiedx2 said...

Hey, just a quick note to say I LOVE!!! the new header!!! Almost didn't even recognize that it was you in the pic, you look quite a bit different in this pic than the others. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Talk with you soon. Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Wow, just popped over to see if you had had chance for a breather, and WOW what a beautiful new header!!!
Take care

Intense Magic said...

Just wanted to say I love the new header and the photo is gorgeous!!

tricertifiedx2 said...

3 Days, just 3 Days....can you believe it's almost here??? Do you have anything you would like for us to post on our blogs also?? E-mail me and Kerri and let us know, I haven't talked to Kerri but I know she'd be happy to just like me. Speaking of talked...we discovered we can actually talk on Yahoo messenger....for free we really need to get you in on this....would be totally cool when you get half a minute. Think I am going to get a webcam too....Kerri used hers today and it was totally cool to see her half a world away. Anyway...let us know girl...happy to help out in any way....hope you are NOT getting nervous!! Blessings to you!!!

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