Friday, March 7, 2008

Shhhhh... Its still a Secret!

O let me tell you- It has been hectic still and is slowing seeing light at the end of the tunnel! The girls have been really well lately. Which I am praying only continues! We went out to see Joe's family and they had a blast. Showed off and really hammed it up. Stevie and Roxy are getting more and more rotten everyday. They have now found a new nap time ritual that has gone on for the past 5 days. Instead of laying down when they are tired, They think they should run around in circles chasing one another. It is too cute. They take turns pretending to be "zogor" off of Tarzan and roar and get giggling. I can't help but laugh at them. Although I probably should be telling them to lay down for their naps. I guess that will come when it gets too old. But I doubt it will. Ana just sits in her Dora chair laughing at them. I think more she is laughing at how silly they look chasing around in a single circle. I would love to know what they are thinking. But what momma wouldn't!

Well in midst of their naps, and sleep time I am still busy working on getting my suprise 100% ready. But for mean time I am letting you all in on it! Ready?????
YES!!! I am super excited!! Myself and Colie are opening up Shoppe at Been There Scrapped That! And Guess what- Yeppers- ITS MY SITE! Now- we are still adding our products, adding to the forum and our March Challenges will be up SOON! So feel free to go in and check it out if you want. But our GRAND OPENING Is set for April 7th. And Man do i have a Plan for that :)
Okay- so be kind too and let me know what you think of the site so far.

Much Love all And can't wait to see you there :)


tricertifiedx2 said...

WooHoo, and Congratulations!!! Can't wait to become a part of the community and see what it has to offer. You ROCK GIRLIE!!! You certainly have been a busy little bee haven't you.
I wish I could see the girls at their nap time...too funny. I am so glad that I still get Alex's nap time to get some of my stuff done...though it really doesn't seem like enough time if you know what I mean.
Love Ya Lots...and glad there seems to be light out there....Can't wait!!! Catch you at the new site!! Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Yippeee!!! and congratulations from me too! I love it over there, it is sure to become a home away from home! Love the layout and the colours. You certainly have been busy whilst you were quiet!
Glad that the girls are all healthy. Same here finally! I hope we all don't jinx it, by saying it out loud!
Take care

Hannah said...

Okay I'm finally back on line and I took a look at the new store. WOW I am so impressed! I wish you all the best in your new venture. With all your experience and know how I know it will be a hugh sucess. Can't wait for the grand opening. Hugs, Hannah

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

OMGosh girl!!! OH MY GOSH!!! Let me say it ONE more time!!! OH ... MY ... GOSH! You SO rock sweet Liz and I feel SO out of the loop and here we've both been spreadin' our designer wings!!!

Just when I don't know how you do it all - now I REALLY don't know how you do it all!!! I'm SO thrilled for you - how exciting!!! I now have three GOOD designer friends that are opening up their own sites!!! Hmmm ... something about that and the time I chose to finally go non-exclusive!!! I've already been asked to join two of them! WHOA NELLIE! One day, one step at a time lest I fall flat on my AGING face!!! ROFL!

TY for your sweet comment over at DST - you are simply the SWEETEST and I am SO happy to hear that you and your babes are on the road to GOOD health and that the girls are full of P and V!!!

Love you girlie and I shall travel on over to check out your new DIGS!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!! It's PAR-TAY time!!!

CONGRATS to you and COLIE!!!! You be ROCKIN' mamacita!!!


Deborah said...

Wooo Hooo!!! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see the finished's looking great!

Anonymous said...

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Julie (It is.) said...

Good for you, sweetie. Good luck! I'll watch for your opening.

Anonymous said...

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