Saturday, March 22, 2008

Whoaaaa Nelly!!!!!!!

WOW- Thank you all so much for your awesome comments on my mini. I am touched and honored. And honestly- Its feeding my creative drive for some more designs. I am loving it. I enjoyed my sister's birthday -CAKE FIGHT ANYONE?? LOL And plan on driving my brothers cake in his face on his birthday as well. But shhhhh!!!!!! That is our little secret. And speaking of birthday- Happy belated to miss Leigh. I so missed it, But I am pretty sure she is secretly glad, seeing as I have a thing for cake as face decorating and not eating-

The girls went through the 24 hours flu again. I think this was just the weather changing kinda cold that gets you ready for the fun in the sun about to come. I too came down with it. Nothing to major- but man the ichy feeling. However this drive I am on is unstoppable. I spent my day sniffling at the computer while getting the ideas outta my head. Our easter eggs still didnt' get colored. I didn't want the girls to be playing in the dye while running at the nose and coughing. So that is the major thing for today to do. I did get my easter shopping done and baskets started. As soon as I am done here- I am off to finish those up. I will DEFINTELY be taking some pics of all tomorrows festivities to share. And going to be scrapping them with my new Easter Kit-

And while on the subject of springy matters. You will want to check out the challenge hosted by ScrapTigz coming up at Elemental Scraps Blog. Just for taking part, I am giving out this mini kit, and the winner will recieve a 10 dollar gift certificate for my ES Shoppe! Wanna know what the challenge is?? Well check out the blog on March 24th to find out how to get in and get this mini!

Okay Well I am off to finish up my projects :) I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED EASTER, and enjoy the love and company of your family. Plus I can't wait to see all the layouts from the easter egg coloring and hunting:)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I finally got my Easter kit done- Now just to get it all packaged and uploaded- LMAO. As I was finishing it up today, It hit me that WOW- Easter is only 3 days away. I have got candy and some small trinket gifts for the girls- but still have to finish the baskets. And My sister calls me today and asked what about the dinner. So grocery shopping is on my to do list today. I hope though tonight that I can get the baskets done and ready for Sunday morning. I want to at least have them done so I am not up all saturday night like a mad woman trying to put them all together. I must admit though I will miss that. It was my mom and my thing to do . We would stay up all night on the Saturday before Easter and put together all the baskets, divide all the goodies and make the dinner. It will be different to have yet another holiday go without me being her helping hand. Although I know she will be right there in my ear reminding me which one already has what, and how to make this that and the other.
I figure tomorrow thought me and the girls will do our egg coloring. Which should be a fun event. Last year they all ended up with dyed tootsies and fingers for 3 days. It made for some super cute pictures though.
And I finished up a mini kit for you all as well. With all the things going on again and feeling "back" It is very refreshing. I have enjoyed very much sitting down and being able to create again. So without further ado- Please enjoy this mini- Refreshing. This also goes beautifully with my new kit Remember Me Always. Please note this will be available for the next 48 hours.
~*Sorry This Link Has Expired*~
Thank you all , Much Love

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I am whipping my brow- I AM SEEING LIGHT!!!!! I finally got things about the way I want on the site, I got a few new designs done, working on a few more- AND almost have my new freebie ready for you all. YES- I am getting back into my long sought at groove. ANd I am LOVING IT.
First off its Creative Team Appreciation Week. And I wanted to say first and foremost- I HAVE AN AMAZING GROUP OF SWEETIES. They are rocking. They have been such incredible helps and been soo patient with me while the new site has been done. I have been amazed daily by their creative works, and their loving kindness they have shown me. The have put up with more BS from me than I would like to admit to. Through site changes, and down time. Through the loss of my family members and done right leave me alone time- They have stuck by me. We have become far more than just a team. We ARE family, always have been. They have been with me from the beginning- And I hope they stay til the end. To My Sweeties: I LOVE YOU GIRLS. You are absolutely amazing and I am so very lucky to have the pleasure of knowing you all. Thank you so much for sharing your lives with me through scraps- and Letting my designs become something to help cherish your memories. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Okay, now-Composure Liz- I have been doing well as well as the girls. It is starting to warm up here- Which I am hoping is pure sign that the sickness is behind us for a good while. Although I have the big X on my door to avoid the allergy season coming on. LMAO. I have been busy hopping around for birthday presents too, As my sister's is Tomorrow, my older brothers just passed on the 15th, and my youngest brother's on the 27th- and Joe's Dad's on the 28th. BUT- I think the parties is just what I have need to releave the stress from all this. And I came back from the first one, and WOW- My creative flow hit BIG TIME. And I couldn't be happier about it. I have been dying to get this streak back for some time now. So... I finished up 3 new kits- Have 2 almost finished- And have a few finishing touches to put on my new freebie. YES- I will have a freebie up again tomorrow. It has been FAR too long since my last one. And I think you are going to like it :) Okay So wanna see what I have done??????
~*~*~Get Dirty~*~*~
And This one Is ONLY available at Elemental Scraps
~*~*~That's My Boy~*~*~
And Just to let you in on the news on Been There Scrapped That:
We are planning on having an AWESOME Grand Opening Week.
All through the week we are going to pull random names from the registered memberlist to win Gift Certificates from the site- AND- One person will win the ENTIRE STORE. Yeah I know we are nuts. Not to mention Games and Contests- And Challenges all to get great Gifts.
Okay Thats all until tomorrow with a new freebie :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Shhhhh... Its still a Secret!

O let me tell you- It has been hectic still and is slowing seeing light at the end of the tunnel! The girls have been really well lately. Which I am praying only continues! We went out to see Joe's family and they had a blast. Showed off and really hammed it up. Stevie and Roxy are getting more and more rotten everyday. They have now found a new nap time ritual that has gone on for the past 5 days. Instead of laying down when they are tired, They think they should run around in circles chasing one another. It is too cute. They take turns pretending to be "zogor" off of Tarzan and roar and get giggling. I can't help but laugh at them. Although I probably should be telling them to lay down for their naps. I guess that will come when it gets too old. But I doubt it will. Ana just sits in her Dora chair laughing at them. I think more she is laughing at how silly they look chasing around in a single circle. I would love to know what they are thinking. But what momma wouldn't!

Well in midst of their naps, and sleep time I am still busy working on getting my suprise 100% ready. But for mean time I am letting you all in on it! Ready?????
YES!!! I am super excited!! Myself and Colie are opening up Shoppe at Been There Scrapped That! And Guess what- Yeppers- ITS MY SITE! Now- we are still adding our products, adding to the forum and our March Challenges will be up SOON! So feel free to go in and check it out if you want. But our GRAND OPENING Is set for April 7th. And Man do i have a Plan for that :)
Okay- so be kind too and let me know what you think of the site so far.

Much Love all And can't wait to see you there :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

O I am getting anxious!

I am so anxious and nervous in the same breath right now. That suprise that I have been talking about over and over- is Like in a few days away from revealing. Someone have some butterfly nets here to help me out?? I can say this much- Once its all done, I MIGHT be able to relax and get back on track hehehehe!!

The other day was my dad's birthday as you all know- And we had a blast. He was totally suprised. Enjoyed his cake and got soaked. Yepp in the dead cold of winter- My brothers had the genious idea to bring in snow. Well that was all it took. Snow Ball Fight in the house! LOL. It was so much fun. The girls were giggling and having a good time as well as the older ones. It was nice and warming to see everyone together enjoying one anothers company. I know my mom was looking down freaking out cuz we were throwing snow in her house- and knocking over the pretties. But we cleaned up together, so It made for great family time all together.

But in the midst of all the chaos these past few days- I did manage to put two new kits in the shoppe- Which I must say made me feel pretty productive- LMAO!
And I even got my new tweak it challenge up at Scrap Digi Style. I am still working on the posting bonus but will have a preview for it very shortly!
And mentioning ScrapDigiStyle The brand new Designer Sampler has been released! I must say I am going to have fun scrapping with it! (Whenever that time may come! LOL) It is Large and Best of all only $3.00 And if you grab up this kit and make a QP you can enter in the exchange to get a full book of QP's using this great design.
Okay I think i covered the news- LOL- I PROMISE I will be revealing my secret soon! And I hope that you will think the wait is well worth it :)