Thursday, February 28, 2008

Want some Dirt?

I am slowly catching back up. I had to grab some help with my "suprise" the other day and it all looks to be revealed in about a week. YEAH! You have no idea how glad I will be when this is all done!!! And just a few days left at JFTSOI. Man o Man- So much happening in so little time.
Congrats ladies again on the drawing. And leigh and kerri- MAJOR congrats girls. I am happy to hear you are now on CT's!! I am soo excited for you both. Can't wait to see all the layouts you will be rocking!!! My Sweeties have been so deprived lately. With all the confusion and mess going on- I haven't barely gave them anything new to work with. The new Thoughtless kit was the first for almost 2 weeks I think. That is horrible I know. BUT... I am midst works on a new one called Get Dirty. Its actually close to being finished. As well as I am going to be packaging up 2 other ones that are done tonight. So hopefully it will help make up for all the time without! LMAO.
I will be back tomorrow with the new previews and hopefully maybe some new pages too :) Keep your fingers crossed. I need some scrapping time. But until then. You can grab up a sampler of the kit in works Get Dirty at JFTSOI today! Available for the next 24 hours.

~*~Click on Preview to go the DGGA Forum~*~
to grab up this FREE sampler


tricertifiedx2 said...

Oooo, Oooo, Oooo just another week until a big surprise??? Can't wait for that!!! I hope that it will go by in a flash. Thanks for the great sampler gift...I guess it is the last one for a little while at JFTSOI. I have been busy with some new LO's, and I am going to try and post them tomorrow as I had to work tonight...for real...a real job and everything. Know that you are missed...can't wait until you can come back and start visiting us again (me and Kerri), though there will be NO passing of the sicknesses this time. Seems that Kerri and I have kept that going also....somehow...not sure how that happened as mine were not supposed to be contageous. Anyway, sending you love and lots of warmth from the south. Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Hi there,
yep, my Robert has tonsilitis with all that goes with it. I never even knew a temperature could get up that high! We got some antibiotics from the doctor this morning, so hopefully they will start kicking in soon. Until then thank goodness for Calpol (your Tylenol!)
I love your sampler, can't wait to see the complete kit, looks like something I will really be able to use with my boys!!!
Really excited about your surprise, you and leigh are the two sites I check every morning, when I get up! I love catching up on your lives. Shame that we keep passing the illnesses around. Well, they do call it a "virus" on the net don't they! come visit soon, i am really excited to be on a CT, it is so much fun, and Silvia is great to work with. I'm having a blast! And now I have conquered februaries challenges, I will have more CT layouts up! Actually I used your L'Amour kit yesterday for one, stop by and see it in action!
Take care, stay healthy, don#t let Robert pass it over the net to you!

Anonymous said...
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KayJay said...

Hi Liz,
just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you! We are all on the mend here now - thanks to antibiotics! And tomorrow the world returns to normal with the kids back at Kindergarden! (Well, that's the plan!)
Take care
PS: How is our surprise coming on?!

Anonymous said...

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