Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank You all!!!

I played catch up all day and night trying to get all my stuff packaged and challenges organized and cleaning up! I did what you all suggested- Took care of me too! LMAO. What better way to releave some built up stress and tension than some shopping??? And I did just that. Bought some digi supplies, lenses and some clothes. It was relaxing actually. While popping a new zip file in for uploading I passed the time waiting til it was finished spending some mula!
My dad is still feeling fair. I refused to let him push himself to getting back into routine. I told him moving around and pushing would only slow his healing. So Joe took the boys on their routes again. I can't handle doing it. Two teenage boys for almost 2 hours in a car driving around the town. MAN O MAN can they be a handleful. I am dreading the time my girls are their ages (10,14) But I know it will be more a handful with the girls than it is with the boys. Especially with how close they are.
And Judy thank you so much again for directions! You are a lifesaver. I am soo lucky you were so close by. And if you all coulda been a fly on my car ceiling, You woulda been rolling it. I passed the right exit to get to the hospital got off on one that took me in a loop, passed two more possibl e turn arounds, Called Judy and her poor SIL had to try to explain to ditzy me how to get where I needed to be. Now this would have been fine and dandy- But I don't know my left from right. I mean I do. But I have to look at my hands in order to be sure. I know wierd, but its my quirk- I always get backwards. NEEDLESS to say- I am the WORST person for directions on driving. So after getting directions once- I go what I thought was left only to end up on a one way street and no way to turn around- Back on the interstate I go, back around the loop I know was wrong passed all the exits only to call Judy back and ask again- LMAO. I will tell ya what- But miss J was my Triple A~
I am making this post semi short as I am off to finish up an add on for my new "ballerina" themed kit. ( Which I did in free spare time off and on all week- The longest I think it has taken me to do a kit- LMAO) The add on I finish today will be the DGGA at midnight tonight. So I will post when you all can go over and pick it up at the forum for free. I am pretty excited about it. Soo girly and cute. To me at least:) Here is the preview to the kit that I just got put up in my stores at JFTSOI and ScrapDigiStyle.

AND... The Pucci Purse.... I did scrap one page so far of Miss Ana playing with them. They are just like pet carriers with stuffed puppies inside. I would assume thought up after seeing all the celebs carrying around their pups in gucci designer bags. Either Way, here is Ana with her "angel" hers is the cheetah print bag. I used Colies Corner kit called Lets Play for this layout!

Until Tomorrow.....


tricertifiedx2 said...

You have certainly stayed busy still!!! Though I am glad you took some "ME" time!!! I totally love that you spent it I was rolling at that one. My, my we can't live without our digital world can we??
I have to say as I was reading your whole directions dilema I was sitting here nodding my head, knowing that when I give directions it is more like "go this way, now go that way" I point out the window to the street. I am totally with you on looking at the hands, in fact I have been seen more than once to put both my hands up on the steering wheel toghter and make the L shape with my thumb and first finger to figure out which way is left. Are ya laughing with me??? At least nodding? Cause I know I'm not the only one who's done it!!!
Anyway, I am so glad to have you back!!! You were really missed!!! And thanks for coming by to visit my blog...did you send Babette too?? I completely forgot to send her a note to let her know I had used her stuff on my header...anyway she came by...I feel blessed!!!
Love the LO of Miss Ana and her "Angel", can't wait to see what the others look like. Jordan has one also..those pic's are stuck on the old HD...which BTW I may have that info at the end of this week or next week...we had a bad virus the guy is trying to get around. Well, enough from me. Looking forward to more from you, can't wait to get started on the challenges also!! Blessings to you!!

KayJay said...

I am still sat here giggling about your directions dilemma, and Leighs hands on the wheel trying to decide which way is left! I SO KNOW what you are talking about! I am the same. I always say to people when I give them directions "watch my hands, they get it right, my mouth doesn't necessarily!", and if I email directions, then I send it cc to my Mum or husband, who then reply to the addressee and me, with the correct left and right turns - embarassing! And whilst taking driving lessons, I was great at turning corners, no not necessarily the ones that the instructor had in mind! oops!

I love your new kits by the way. Before I read your blog I had seen your sweeties layouts in the Gallery at JFTSOI, Beautiful. If only I had girls, but maybe my nieces..mmh, have to save some pennies first!

So glad to hear that your Dad is taking it easy too. Joe is a brick for helping out - great! And your online shopping, sounds great. My Mum did some of that for me today, she wanted bath mats, and I wanted matching sweatshirts for the boys from the same place, so she ordered for us. (I was on the phone to her at the time!)

Anyway, looking forward to your challenges, still trying to suss out the "burn tool" on photoshop. I can't seem to see any change when I try to use it. So I am going to have to get the "bible" off of my Dad and have a proper go!

Take care
PS: Thanks for stopping by and you know what I think it was the moon! (new moon)