Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rae Bug

Its as if I get it to leave and it comes back. Stevie and Ana were sick again yesterday- Thankfully a 24 hour bug as it seems. But both burning up and just icky all over. I was going to blame the weather as it was 60 degrees one day and the next morning I wake up to snow on the ground. But this time around its all stomach. My sisters both had it today, and my stomach is doing the tight ball dance right now ERGH! I want one FULL week of no sickness, no stress and no worries. Where is my genie lamp when I need it?
Either way, I was trying to finish up a kit for Elemental Scraps and wasn't getting anywhere with it. Nothing was working for me. Stevie curled up on my lap as I thought and pondered what I was missing. I sang to her and rubbed her back trying to make her as comfy as possible as I just knew she was all achy. As she kept fighting her eyes closing, I told her, Its okay Rae Bug, you can go to sleep mommy's got you. And it hit me. Rae Bug it was!!!!!! My inspiration and name for the kit and the ideas flowed from there. So of course I had to scrap my Bug with it :) So here I have to share with you all- My layout of my Stevie Rae with my New kit Rae Bug available only at Elemental Scraps.
This is miss Bug sleeping snuggly in her lady bug bouncer. She loves it!!!

And here is preview of the brand new kit now at ES!
Much Love to you all
AND BTW- Yesterday was Miss Lilly's Birthday :) I did enjoy kicking off and celebrating with her in our own quirky way. Happy Belated again Dear!!!! Hope you enjoyed your day.


KayJay said...

So sorry to hear that your little ones are ill again. We can't seem to shake it between us (you, Leigh and me). what are we doing wrong!!? Give the girls a big get well soon hug from me. And you try not to catch it. I've had it, and it is NOT pretty!
But every cloud has its silver lining, and you certainly got a great kit made out of this. I love the kit and especially the layout of your little darling. I'll be watching the galleries to see what your "Sweeties" come up with. They do some wonderful layouts!
Bye 4 now, stay healthy

tricertifiedx2 said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Now I will just have to start saving the money to get over there to get it (behind hubby's back, I am working the end of this month 3 days) so maybe some of that can go to purchasing some of the kits I've been lusting after...he he he. You do such AWESOME work, I am sometimes jealous, but then again we do get to reap the benefits..RIGHT???
So, So sorry your house is ill I will say it again ( and maybe this time it will really work) SICKNESSES BEGONE!!!!!! There, and I really put umph into it this time (and my healing powers too)...HA. If this doesn't work I think we (you, me and Kerri) all need to bomb our houses in Lysol for a day....and meet up in a hotel and party!!! What do you think?? Give everyone love from here...Blessings to you!!!