Monday, February 11, 2008

Lost Generation

I was talking with Lilly tonight about things we had in common, and music came up and that lead to a long discussion. Well, it brought back to mind what my dad had asked a few days ago. Its wasn't a normal father-daughter type of question and really caught me off guard for minute. He asked me "why dont you and joe party like me and your mom did at your age?" Now for a minute I frooze, kinda in shock to the question and then quickly I realized what he meant. And in that minute of time in total silence for me to search for the proper answer to that question, my childhood flashed back to me so vividly and full it was almost like reliving it.

I remembered summers at home with my sister (only had one at the time then I was about 7 and she was 3) I flashbacked to hot days outside playing in the kiddie pool while my mom was inside cleaning the house and my dad and his buddies out working on one of his cars or motorcyles drinking a few cold ones and enjoying the company of his friends. My mom always had the stereo blarring with good old rock that I could listen to for hours upon end. I remembered that on any day I wanted to watch a music video I could turn on MTV and there ACTUALLY be music on. I remembered camping trips with my family and my mom's friends and my dad's friends families. All us kids playing in the woods and lake and having huge mud fights- O AND I MEAN HUGE with our parents and always blarring the music. Settling down at night in our tents with the bon fire going on outside with the music still playing (not as loud, but always playing) I remembered what a good party was like. Although I had never enjoyed the adult side of it all, I remember seeing everyone so happy and just B.Sing to each other playing cards ect... And I knew then what he meant.

I explained it the best way I knew how to. "I live in a lost generation dad" HE laughed at me- And I explained "Dad- things are different now- People my age are busy on the weekends going to some club and listening to the music that is popular now. People my age have parties on the weekend that you know the cops are going to be called to. People my age don't know how to just have a good time without some kind of trouble happening" I looked at him and said- "I would love to 'party' like you use to, But there isn't anyone around here my age that gets it"

Now I know you are all either taking the side and nodding and agreeing with me on this, Or snubbing up and in shock that I would even want to do this- LMAO. Either way- I realized truelly then that so much is lost in the people of tomorrow. (Here we go I am going political LMAO LMAO) But values and importance is lost. So many things happen now that I couldn't have even imagined when I was little. The "kids" know so many more things than I ever did at the age. My brother can tell me some things now and I have to have him explain it to me and find out how he even knows the things in the first place.

I just hope that Somehow I can install in my girls what my parents did to me. Okay now off my political stance and into some sobbing.
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Much Love to you All
and thank you for listening to me stroll down memory lane.



Deborah said...

I am so with you! I'm older than you are, but most of my friends still want to go to the clubs every weekend or party in a way that gets them in trouble. There always seems to be some kind of drama or fight and I just can't get into that. I don't find any joy in it whatsoever....I sometimes feel way out of touch. And it's really bad when my 15 year old son has to explain stuff to me because I don't have a clue! But then again, my kids are amoung the few these days that love old rock and roll and 80's music....

KayJay said...

I loved your trip down memory lane. And I am only slightly younger than your Mum was, so I guess I had/have what your Mum and Dad had. We partied (not so much now with the little ones), sat around campfires, and generally knew how to have a good, no GREAT time without getting into trouble. The closest I suppose I ever got, would have been the skinny dipping in a local lake, but even that was harmless, compared to some kids nowadays. But see, you thinking that, and Deborah, and me. With our kids, perhaps we can bring back that feeling. I sure hope so, cause I don't fancy the worrying as a parent that goes with today's idea of FUN!
Now I am off to go shopping, I sold some old secretaries suits on Ebay at the weekend, and I intend to spend most of my earnings on kits (hihi)
Take care and give those girls a big hug from me, they have a great Mum!

tricertifiedx2 said...

What a trip down memory lane!!! Wow, I feel old now....we were the ones tha used to meet up at one of the "spots" when I was a little younger and drink and go mudding or 4wheelin...with cars and not the actual 4wheelers they have now...since they didn't have them at the time. O-kay, I just dated myself!! Yeah and I grew up on the 80's music...and I liked it thank you!!!
WooHoo, she's having a sale. Maybe there will be a little extra money in the paycheck so I can make a few buys this week...we will see...oh I soooo hope so!!!
Hey and thanks for the stroll, I did enjoy it, if only for a few moments!!! Hope everything else is going well, and speaking of your Dad, did you ever find anything out about the racing heart?? I am still thinking of him and your whole family....and know now I have a little knowledge so I am worried!!! Take care of you, and everyone you first and foremost!!! Give the girls love from the South...sure to warm them up. Blessings to you!!!

Rachaels Scraps said...

I know what you mean! (I'm also 23)
I remember the same things, camping, swimming, how fun! I went through a VERY SHORT phase of going to clubs and all that, but it wasn't for me... I'd rather have a BBQ, or sit back and play cars, go bike-riding or hiking! All the sentimental memories! :(
Reading your post brought me back and was like watching The Wonder Years! God, growing up is so sad, especially when every generation gets worse and worse!
i hope my little boy (2 1/2) will grow up to enjoy the simple things in life!

Rachaels Scraps said...

I meant CARDS lol! ^^^

Sassy said...

Fantastic trip down memory lane for me too, thanks for that!! Ya know, you are so right...I rarely go down the political or social values route myself, too many landmines there lol but I do agree with you and the loss this generation and those to follow...however, saying that, with people like you who remember, and grandparents and aunts and uncles who remember, there is hope it won't be completely lost, that we will still be able to give them some of that to carry on. How can I say that? Well I have no kids of my own, however ALL my nieces and nephews (and there are a lot of them as I'm the only sibling out of 7 who doesn't have kids)have seen in when hanging out with me and my friends...I always included them at every weekend get together/hangout...I did the same with all the kids I was a Nanny for...and now that they are almost all adults, with kids of their own (man do I feel old with that thought!), they are doing the same thing...hanging out with friends partying that 'old fashioned' way lol. You can instill it in your kids, the memories you fondly look back on from your childhood summers, they will look back on theirs in coming years. They can only know and embrace it if we show and teach them :) so don't give up on the coming generations!

TragedyScrapinAnne said...

You’ve beem blogged read all about it here :)~
Have a joyful scrapin’ day, hugs Kat

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hello sweetie!!! Tis me, the LONG LOST ... no, NOT generation ... friend and digi-sister!!! ROFL!

Liz, I could not agree with you more and to hear such things from such a WEE babe as yourself is actually QUITE refreshing for this mother of six ages 18-30! Robert(not the father of my children)and I are probably a decade older than your parents and we are QUITE the homebodies as we've both not been able to find those who really "get it" either.

Tomorrow (I'd better get by butt into bed here quickly!!!), Robert and I are driving to San Jose to see the Cirque du Soleil for the fist time, courtesy of his dad as a "thank you" for helping him to move a few months back. Robert is from a large family and two of his brothers and two of his sisters and spouses will be joining us. I ADORE his family and what they represent!

Believe me, we get together quite often and this family knows how to party. This July is our bi-annual family reunion week-long camping trip at San Luis Resevoir!!! Can't wait. Lots of family fun, canoeing, fishing, bar-b-ques, games, music (oh, the music!!!), singing, laughing and NOT an unkind word to be heard. The genre' of music is pretty widespread, from classic rock 'n roll, r & b, oldies, country - and let me not forget Hawaiian, as that is where they are all from (hapa-houlies!)!

I am SO happy that you were raised to have GOOD 'OL-FASHIONED FUN girl!!! You are WELL grounded for a young lady of your age and that is TRULY refreshing!

Be true to thyself is what I try to convey to my boys still at home whenever the opportunity presents itself. All-in-all, having been a single Mama, they are doing pretty darned good thus far and I know that as they get older and begin to settle down, they, like you, will fall back on what they know from their childhood. Now - I just hope it's the GOOD stuff and not the other!!! ROFLMBO!

Lots of love to you darlin' and I hope that you are your PRECIOUS family are enjoying GOOD health at long last!!!


P.S. LOVE your NEW kit Liz and, NO, I've not yet had time to scrap. Is that SAD, or WHAT???

KayJay said...

Well, I know you are still around, you have put our layouts in your slide show. They look great all together like that. I am up against some tough competition. But I am having a blast and that is the main thing!
Just checking you and yours are all OK. Leigh's little ones have had the tummy bug, so as we all seem to be passing it back and forth over the www, I thought I should check with you!
Take care