Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If Downtime couldn't have better timing!

What a mess everything is tonight- I have to wait to upload the new kit, wait to blog and by the time blogging comes, Now wait on DST in order to pass out links! ERGH! BUT.... Drum roll please... LouAnn receives a $10 gift certificate for my JFTSOI shoppe. All the pages really blew me away- And i mean that. I will be making a slide show if you all don't mind with them. Everyone is so very talented. Now- Pass on some of that scrapping talent to me- LMAO
I wrote all the names down and put them in my basket here and had Roxy pick first. Now she listened well- Picked just one out and there we have it our G.C. winner. So I tell Ana to pick out a name for gift of the new kit- and she pulls them all. Sign enough for me- SO... As soon as DST is back online everyone will be receiving PM's from me with your download links. Yeppers- Everyone gets my brand new kit "Thoughtless" for participating.

Wanna See?? Here is preview of what will be going into my Elemental Scraps shop today and what all of you that made a layout with my T2T freebie will be getting today!!

I am feeling MUCH better now. Thank goodness. Thank you all for the kind wishes.I hope too that is passes you Leigh and Linda. It wasn't fun at all. I went through that wonderful state of dehydration and was so dizzy- and of course today had running to do with dad- But after the running I napped and feel like a new woman. I better to say the least- Today (the 26th since its after midnight for me- LMAO) Is my dad's birthday and he wants to celebrate! The big 50 today. I bought him a few concert DVD's and the movie Tommy (for anyone who knows The Who) He is where all my love for rock music comes from! My sister got him a few T-shirts (Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin- So he might be taken for a trip down memory lane today when he opens them all) So I am off to get mine wrapped up for him and finish up his cake. I will be pm'ing you all soon with the links- and thank you all sooo very much again for sharing your awesome talent with me! I greatly appreciate it!!!


KayJay said...

Hi Liz,
so glad to hear you are feeling much better! Love the new kit. Say thanks to Ana for me, for pulling my name out of your basket ;O) I feel very honoured! Can't wait to see the slideshow up there.
Now about my news!! I made a CT, can I send you to my blog for more details?! You are probably very busy and should be in bed, so I'll tell you it is for Phillsboo at DigitalArts Cafe! I am very excited about it. I ummed and ahed about applying but did in the end!
OK, time to get the boys and me ready to start the day!
Happy Birthday to your Dad (btw I know The Who, I saw the Musical Tommy at the theatre once -great show!), have a good time with him today.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Sounds like you did a lot of hurry up and wait....isn't that just like life??? I so feel like everything goes that way sometimes. The new kit looks AWESOME!!! I am so sorry I was in the land of no internet over the weekend, but the memorial was important to the family. I did a slideshow up for it and they loved it. I was happy to do that for my MIL as she has been like a mother to me since my mom passed.
We are on the mend also, Jordan and Alex both had walking pneumonia but they are both on antibiotics now so we should be good to go. We have been trying to let the house air out, but we are in for a cold snap so that is over for a little while. Hoping for some more warm weather so we can air out again, if we get it I will definately send it your way, I know you are probably freezing up there.
So I have good news also as Kerri and I made the same CT....have all the info on the blog if you wanna check it out...come by....I miss having you visit!!! Blessings to you.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi darlin'!

I, too, am HAP, HAP, HAPPY to hear that you are on the mend and I just have to have you wish your father a VERY HAPPY "50th" from Robert and myself as he is now joining OUR ranks - ROFLMBO!!! WELCOME to the FABULOUS 50's!!!

And all of that FINE music would be sending Robert and I down MEMORY LANE as well. You know, my boys ALL love CLASSIC ROCK and actually have several of the DVD's themselves. I have a couple of guitar enthusiasts and they don't come ANY finer than from the 70's!

To the ladies above me - CONGRATULATIONS on your new positions! Have FUN and let your CREATIVITY soar to NEW limits!!!

You know Liz, I check your blog before anywhere else almost and I had NO idea that DST was offline. Guess I need to "get out" more often, eh? So MUCH to do and SO little time as Derek puts it so well!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new kit girl!!! GORGEOUS! LOVE the unique elements you come up with too!!!

I had SO much FUN scrapping with your "Berry Ice" and SO wish to be able to do some more.

You take care of your SWEET and PRECIOUS self and make sure you are fully recovered from your illness before jumping back in too deeply. I don't wish to see you relapsing or catching something else, KWIM?

Love to you and the girls and hope to be back to visit ASAP!!! Trying to get a kit in the store and have a bunch of menial tasks to clear off of my list!!! NEVER ending, isn't it? LOL!


Julie (It is.) said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I kinda marvel that you're only 23... You're kind of grown up for your age, aren't you? LOL. I enjoy your kits and your stories about your kids.