Thursday, February 21, 2008

I got some Treasure coming tomorrow-

BUSY BUSY BUSY_ IT NEVER ENDS!! I Was talking the other night to a friend and told her- I wish that we had a built in feature that alarms us before making decisions- "YOU HAVE X AMOUNT OF STUFF STILL TO DO_ DO NOT OVERWHELM YOURSELF!" LOL if only huh? But lucky made the great point that the alarm may very well confuse others around us of wide load coming through- Ergh -Well it was perfect in my dream- ROFLMAO!
The girls are doing well- Thank goodness- I did like you leigh and lysoled it all. Nothing left untouched. And we had one warm day- NOT TODAY its like 15 out now- But that one warm day I opened the whole house up and let it all breathe. My dad found out the reasoning for his high heart rate- And it was blockage in another region and well- We all thought he was just getting plump- Not the case- How ironic- But doing much better now. Thank goodness.

Okay well still working on my suprise- Taking a lot of time- But I think it will be WELL worth it!!! While getting my suprise together- I have also jumped in on two huge events that.... Well I know you are GOING TO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Want a hint on the events?? Cuz one starts tomorrow night at 6 pm EST! (Please note you will need to be registered at in order to recieve the full treasure map)
Here is the thread there in the forum to check out all the information! SOME LUCKY WINNER will recieve NOT only all the freebies- BUT OVER $75 dollars in goodies!!! Check it out here!!!
It going to be one HUGE treasure hunt. And I mean HUGE! So dont forget to stop back here tomorrow to get all the info you will need to hunt!
ALSO- All my products at Elemental Scraps are 50% off. Pretty much the WHOLE store is on sale. And I would definitely recommend checking out the ES Mega kits. They are all marked down to 2.50 and WOW. I got Zazzle, Poptart and Boutique Chic and am in love. SOOO many things to use and beautiful at that. (Not to mention I have part in the Zazzle kit :)
Now you will notice some of my JFTSOI designs now sitting in my ES shop. Well... Unfortunately it has reason. At the end of this month JFTSOI will be closing up for maintence and restructering. The time frame has yet to be given as to how long it will be down for, but on the 1st of March the entire site will be gone for overhaul. (Which is the main reason for my suprise in the making) So.... All of my products at JFTSOI are marked to 50% off as well. As I dont know what will come back or even when. So grab it up before the 29th and the doors close.
Until tomorrow when I dulge more into these things- and get your sweet piece of treasure for you!


tricertifiedx2 said...

Wow, it has been nutz in your life recently. We were wondering why you hadn't posted a new challenge at JFTSOI. I guess we know why now. Sorry that it will be gone for so long. Do you know if you will be selling there when they come back??
I'm glad you had the chance to lysol everything and then a warm day to air out the house....I sent that just for you from down here...he he he. And more than anything glad that you all are staying healthy!!!
Sorry I won't be aroung for the Hunt this weekend. Will be out with no internet service again....with family as we had a death in the family last week. Hubby's grandfather. We spent last weekend with Grammie and Papa so that they could get some grandbaby time...I think that helps a lot for them.
Can't wait to see the BIG SURPRISE....until then Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Hi there,
I am so glad they found the reason for your dad's problems, that must have taken a load off your mind. Once the problem is found, they can get to fixing it!
I am going to miss JFTSOI, I had such a blast there during the CT Contest. I had thought there was something going on though, somehow the atmosphere there changed. I am glad though that you have your new stores in place. Are any of you designers left out in the cold because of the closing?
I am going shopping soon. I had only just bought two of the mega kits from Elemental Scraps (zazzle and country chic), but at 2.50 I should check the others out. And then I think even though I have no girls "Dancerella" would come in handy. Maybe my goddaughter will dance (only 4 months old at the moment!)
I am excited about your surprise, I have a little secret too, but Monday I can reveal all!
Now to check out DST and see about this treasure hunt. I could be up all night?!!! :)
Take care, look after yourself
give the kids a hug