Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy to report that I THINK everything is going back to normal. YEAH!!!! I can now hear again- WHICH IS AWESOME!! I do have to get tubes put in. But It is just awesome to be able to hear again clearly.
After my last post- And I mean RIGHT after it, my sisters calls and her baby is being taken to Childrens Hospital (which is a 2 hour drive from where I live) for pneumonia. I knew the babe was sick, but WOW. So I am already biting nails and waiting for Joe to get home (I called him and told him I needed him to try to get out early so I could go and help support her and find out what was going on.) Now with that happening, My dad calls me. He had doubled over in pain and throwing up blood. NOT GOOD! He had just had an endoscopy done and well, needless to say they had stirred up some trouble inside and my dad's body wasn't reacting well to it. So either way, I had to rush him in to the ER. Meeting Joe half way and doing the switch with the girls. Okay So I find out my dad is in bad shape and getting admitted. Now my other sister was at work. I had her babe, So joe is at home with 4 babies alone. I call him and let him know dad is being admitted and will be there for a while.
Never did it occur to me for a minute what this meant for the time to come. Me, Joe and My dad are the only drivers in my family. There is no one else. My brothers have 5 paper routes that they do after school in which my dad drives them around to do. So I leave my dad at the hospital, pick up my sister, Go and get her boy and Stevie. I left Joe the other two and he took them with My brothers to do their paper routes. (There is no way they can walk them and get them done on time) I go back and check on my dad stay with him for a bit then take my sister home. Meet up with Joe and all of us went up to Childrens.
My dad just got out of the hospital Monday evening. My sisters babe on Friday. So up until friday we did mad rushing around everywhere trying to be at a million places at once and trying to entertain the girls during the long car rides back and forth from the hospital. And then staying with my dad. Plus trying to take care of the whole family. And I had my laptop with me, BUT- Alas I have fried my wireless card somehow and had no internet. By the time I would actually get home I would either pass out, or be busy trying to clean up the messes from the girls or cleaning up my dads house from my siblings.
BUT!!!! I did work on a few things here and there when I would get a free minute or when dad would nap. Still have yet to scrap my pucci purse pics But I plan on doing it today. I have so much catching up to do!
Thank you all for your continued love and thoughts and well wishes. And your support through all my chaoticness. I truelly appreciate it. You don't know what it means to me to come and find such welcoming love and friendship. You all amaze me everyday. Thank you again.


KayJay said...

Liz, here comes a virtual hug - and boy do I think you need it! You are one great girl. The way you write, you seem to have coped very well with a nasty situation. I hope the baby and your Dad are on their way back to health now. Leigh and I had been worrying for you, did you feel it?
Glad your back and nearly back to normal. Gotta go Richard is calling, but i will be back later.
hugs (you need them)

tricertifiedx2 said...

All I can say is WOW!!!! Like Kerri said we were very worried about you. I had seen that you had posted a new challenge at SDS so I knew you were alive at least....he he he. I am soooo glad that you are back in the land of the clear hearing....WooHoo!! Sorry that you will have to go thrrough surgery for the tubes, but it's all good in the end, right?? I am glad that your family is on the mend...have you heard anything about all the testing that was done on your Dad??? And what about his heart rate...have they figured that one out?? I hope they have some answers for you all soon.
So, I just have to say, take your time getting back into the swing of sounds like you have been running for so long you should really take some time for yourself. Then take time for Joe and the girls....they deserve it more than we do. We can patiently wait our turn...and make sure you don't get sick again!!!
Gotta run, Jordan is home sick from school....see my blog for explaination..and Alex is screaming for breakfast. Take care girl!!! Blessings to you!!!

Deborah said...

Oh My, what a week for you. You certainly are quite the woman for handling all of that and keeping your sanity! Here's hoping things calm down for you...
Glad to see you back online.

Judys scraps said...

Liz, I am glad that the baby is out of the hospital. All of our kids are sick now,so we are watching them closly. Hope your Dad is doing better. I am so glad you called me the night you were trying to find Childrens, I hope we didn't get you too lost. Love to you, Judy

Sharon-shutterbug said...

God bless you, you certainly have had your share of trials lately! I hope everyone is doing better now. Good to hear from you again - now go hug your girlies and hubby and spend some down time with them, y'hear?

Rylea said...

Here I had not seen anything on SDS for so long I told myself tonight I was writing to make sure all was ok with you and yours, and I find you wrote. *sighs* with just a super big hand full of stuff to cope with...up to your butt in alligators you are. Thank Goodness you are ok though. But when it rains it pours for you. I am happy baby is out of hospital and your ear situation got resolved and sorry for all you have to endure this week. Shall say some extra prayers for you and yours Liz. Just stop and take a deep breath and know that we are supporting you....and if there is anything I can do for you....even if it is just to vent...holler, ok? Missed ya girl. Hug all for us....and keep us all posted. Take care you...

Jodie said...

WOW Liz! What a wild ride you've had over the past few days (enough to last you for awhile, I'm sure!). It's good to have you back and to know that everyone is on the mend!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Oh Liz!!! *doing a pathetic happy dance at my age - lol!* I just KNEW I'd come to find you back to let us know that you are alright sweetheart!

Sorry to hear about everyone and the ER and I hope that they pinpoint your dad's troubles ASAP and get him on the road to good health!

I can SOOOOO relate to the paper routes!!! Back in the day, I did HUGE motor routes to help supplement our income when my babies were little. I'd tote them in the back of the hatchback (this was in the WEE hours of the morning and no one on the roads back then!). He, he ... with daughter #2, I'd even occasionally find myself nursing her while throwing papers!!! The things we CAN do when we are young. And, YES, one could NEVER finish them on time without a vehicle FOR SURE!

I am hoping and praying for a QUIET spell for you where you have time to just "kick back" and relax a bit instead of being ON THE GO constantly. I know you probably don't think much of it now at your SWEET, tender age, but it can become accumulative down the road. I hope you are able to get some GOOD sleep at night, especially of the REM variety which is where our bodies rejuvenate and heal.

PLEEEEEZ, take care of your PRECIOUS self!!! I am SOOOOO thrilled that you are able to hear again!!! WOO HOO!!! WOW - if I should any louder, you just might hear me ALL the way over there in Ohio!!!

Love you sweetie,
Linda :)

andria said...

Oh wow Liz, Sendin you great big warm hugz for you and your family and you are all in my prayers and thoughts hon, glad your ears are healing hon and you can hear do as we say..(even though may be hard at times) BUT take CARE of YOUSELF hon and you are IMPORTANT and if we don't keep ourselves up to par can affect us in so many different ways hon..ALL my wov from oz hon and look forward to chatting to you soon ..xoxoxoxo