Monday, February 18, 2008


I want to apologize to you all for not having blogged lately even enough to say hi and I am fine. But I have been sooo busy this last week its been NUTZ! I had deadlines to make, and photos- On top of a project that has just EATEN my time up like crazy. I haven't even got my challenges up at JFTSOI. Sad I KNOW. I am trying though- And it seems no matter how hard I push myself- I seem to fall a little bit further and further behind.
I haven't designed anything really either, Nor scrapped for that matter! I got monthly contributions done- Does that count?? LMAO And my poor CT- They have been so awesome. Just patiently waiting for me to get caught up- And This week the ladies in the Scrapaholic Contest over at Just For the Scrap of it have popped off some AWESOME LAYOUTS with my new kit Handle with Care. Now let me tell you what- this has been neck and neck all throughout- but the layouts have just amazed me. You can see the layouts in the slideshow above- Dont they rock?
And thanks to all who joined my trip down memory lane last week. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that was born in the wrong time frame- Or missed the actual GOOD TIMES! There was a party this weekend that some of my "friends" were going to. And it just played in my head- What is wrong with people these days. O WELL- If only I could turn back time.

Okay I know this was short- I will catch up with everyones blogs ect.. tomorrow. I gotta get back to working on my big project. I PROMISE when its all done you will all love it.


KayJay said...

I am so "glad" to hear that you are "only" busy. sounds like you have some great projects going on. Can't wait to see, what you have to show us.
I had a blast in the scrapaholic contest, and now can't wait to wake up in the morning and find out, whether I was good enough.
I love the slide show you did of all the layouts with your kit. Isn't it just amazing how everyones layout was different, yet we all had the same tools!
Oh and finally I got to use your "Just too sweet" kit. I have posted it on my blog, but not in a gallery, Have to ask my Mum if I can first. That is another great kit you have - but then again - I LOVE them all!
Take care, don't push yourself too hard remember!

tricertifiedx2 said...

Promises, Promises.....just kidding. I knew you were neglecting us for a reason.....ha ha ha. I can't wait to see what this BIG project is...that is if you can show us. I'm sure if you are involved at all it will be surperb!!! Still waiting for a little extra money to go and buy all those kits I've been drooling over, but hubby wants me to save the money for a new desktop computer....we are almost there. Still waiting on my old files though...wish the guy would hurry.
I saw that Kerri gave you the heads up....sick kiddo in the house again. Jordan is sick as a dog. This time she really has me scared....may have a second trip to the Dr's tomorrow....we'll see. Don't worry, like I told Kerri, I put the blocker up before I started this and we have been lysoling everything in site.
Well, make sure you take care of yourself and those precious little girls of yours. I hope they are getting a little of your time too....maybe once it starts to get warmer up there you can go to the park like we have been doing down here. I will try and send some warm weather your way. Blessings to you.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

*HANDLE WITH CARE* simply ROCKS and then SOME as usual sweetie!!!

I am in the same boat as you darlin' - seems I'll NEVER be caught up but that is the LIFE of scrappin' and then, of course, add DESIGNING into the mix and WHOA NELLIE!!!


You just take care of your SWEET self and don't even worry about catching up with me. There have been plenty of times that you have come to visit me and I was unable to reply!!!

Just KNOW that you are LOVED and THOUGHT about EVERY SINGLE DAY and I can't wait to see "whatcha got cookin' good lookin'"!!!

Loves ya girlie,