Thursday, February 28, 2008

Want some Dirt?

I am slowly catching back up. I had to grab some help with my "suprise" the other day and it all looks to be revealed in about a week. YEAH! You have no idea how glad I will be when this is all done!!! And just a few days left at JFTSOI. Man o Man- So much happening in so little time.
Congrats ladies again on the drawing. And leigh and kerri- MAJOR congrats girls. I am happy to hear you are now on CT's!! I am soo excited for you both. Can't wait to see all the layouts you will be rocking!!! My Sweeties have been so deprived lately. With all the confusion and mess going on- I haven't barely gave them anything new to work with. The new Thoughtless kit was the first for almost 2 weeks I think. That is horrible I know. BUT... I am midst works on a new one called Get Dirty. Its actually close to being finished. As well as I am going to be packaging up 2 other ones that are done tonight. So hopefully it will help make up for all the time without! LMAO.
I will be back tomorrow with the new previews and hopefully maybe some new pages too :) Keep your fingers crossed. I need some scrapping time. But until then. You can grab up a sampler of the kit in works Get Dirty at JFTSOI today! Available for the next 24 hours.

~*~Click on Preview to go the DGGA Forum~*~
to grab up this FREE sampler

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

If Downtime couldn't have better timing!

What a mess everything is tonight- I have to wait to upload the new kit, wait to blog and by the time blogging comes, Now wait on DST in order to pass out links! ERGH! BUT.... Drum roll please... LouAnn receives a $10 gift certificate for my JFTSOI shoppe. All the pages really blew me away- And i mean that. I will be making a slide show if you all don't mind with them. Everyone is so very talented. Now- Pass on some of that scrapping talent to me- LMAO
I wrote all the names down and put them in my basket here and had Roxy pick first. Now she listened well- Picked just one out and there we have it our G.C. winner. So I tell Ana to pick out a name for gift of the new kit- and she pulls them all. Sign enough for me- SO... As soon as DST is back online everyone will be receiving PM's from me with your download links. Yeppers- Everyone gets my brand new kit "Thoughtless" for participating.

Wanna See?? Here is preview of what will be going into my Elemental Scraps shop today and what all of you that made a layout with my T2T freebie will be getting today!!

I am feeling MUCH better now. Thank goodness. Thank you all for the kind wishes.I hope too that is passes you Leigh and Linda. It wasn't fun at all. I went through that wonderful state of dehydration and was so dizzy- and of course today had running to do with dad- But after the running I napped and feel like a new woman. I better to say the least- Today (the 26th since its after midnight for me- LMAO) Is my dad's birthday and he wants to celebrate! The big 50 today. I bought him a few concert DVD's and the movie Tommy (for anyone who knows The Who) He is where all my love for rock music comes from! My sister got him a few T-shirts (Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin- So he might be taken for a trip down memory lane today when he opens them all) So I am off to get mine wrapped up for him and finish up his cake. I will be pm'ing you all soon with the links- and thank you all sooo very much again for sharing your awesome talent with me! I greatly appreciate it!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Did you see my booty?

HAHA_ I bet that made you double take huh? My booty is honestly sick again. I think its the 24 hour bug. Roxy and Ana got hit last night with it and needless to say almost every blanket I own ended up in the wash. Some two times. And now its mommy's turn at bat. So i will make this brief- and short-
My treasure in the trash to treasure hunt is still up for grabs- The download link is in the previous post. As I mentioned before- Today is the day to get your scrap layouts up at DST with whatever treasures you grabbed up during the hunt. One lucky winner will recieve over $100 in prizes! All you have to do is scrap a layout and upload!! Be sure to put your link in the forum over there to get in the drawing.
ALSO- If you scrap a lot using my freebie from the trash to treasure hunt "Berry Ice" by Tommorrow- Monday Feb 25th- at 6 pm EST. Email me your links or put them here in the comment section below. ( you do not have to use JUST my freebie- as long as parts of it is included) At 7pm I will come and gather all the links and put the names in a random drawing- One winner will recieve $10 gift certificate to my JFTSOI shoppe AND my brand new kit waiting for release!! I will also pull random names for other prizes from myself as well- SO GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!! Here is the preview to my treasure for you all to see- So you know what one to look up in your big stash of booty!

See Previous Post for download links :)

JFTSOI is closing at the end of this month for maintence and reconstruction!
This means ALL my items are marked 50% off and some will not be returning!
Until tomorrow- Happy Scrapping and Good Luck!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Trash to Treasure!

O boy- Busy as all gets! Still working on my "project" and its coming along great- I am actually getting excited- And I am excited too to hear your news Kerri! I can't wait! I am working on re-zipping my JFTSOI items. I am going to miss it so much. BUT... time flys sometimes! Everything in my shop will be 50% until the end of the month and most of it will be disappearing forever.
However- That is not why most of you came- So without further ado-
Please note that your next clue is inside your treasure
you will need to unzip the file see where your next stop should be
Now if you are wonder what the heck I am talking about- then you are in for a suprise! RIGHT NOW- There is over 46 designers giving away treasure in one of the biggest digi scrap events EVER! I am mid way through your list- So you gotta hurry and GO HERE and get your map to start out your hunt! ONE LUCKY WINNER WILL BE NAMED TRASH TO TREASURE SCRAP QUEEN AND WIN OVER $75 DOLLARS WORTH OF GOODS!!
HOWEVER- I PERSONALY have a challenge going along with this. IF post a layout using THIS FREEBIE by SUNDAY Feb. 24th at 6pm EST. You will be entered into a drawing for a $10.00 Gift Certificate from myself. THIS GC IS GOOD FOR ALL THE SALE ITEMS!!!!!
So Good Luck and HAPPY HUNTING!!!!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I got some Treasure coming tomorrow-

BUSY BUSY BUSY_ IT NEVER ENDS!! I Was talking the other night to a friend and told her- I wish that we had a built in feature that alarms us before making decisions- "YOU HAVE X AMOUNT OF STUFF STILL TO DO_ DO NOT OVERWHELM YOURSELF!" LOL if only huh? But lucky made the great point that the alarm may very well confuse others around us of wide load coming through- Ergh -Well it was perfect in my dream- ROFLMAO!
The girls are doing well- Thank goodness- I did like you leigh and lysoled it all. Nothing left untouched. And we had one warm day- NOT TODAY its like 15 out now- But that one warm day I opened the whole house up and let it all breathe. My dad found out the reasoning for his high heart rate- And it was blockage in another region and well- We all thought he was just getting plump- Not the case- How ironic- But doing much better now. Thank goodness.

Okay well still working on my suprise- Taking a lot of time- But I think it will be WELL worth it!!! While getting my suprise together- I have also jumped in on two huge events that.... Well I know you are GOING TO LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Want a hint on the events?? Cuz one starts tomorrow night at 6 pm EST! (Please note you will need to be registered at in order to recieve the full treasure map)
Here is the thread there in the forum to check out all the information! SOME LUCKY WINNER will recieve NOT only all the freebies- BUT OVER $75 dollars in goodies!!! Check it out here!!!
It going to be one HUGE treasure hunt. And I mean HUGE! So dont forget to stop back here tomorrow to get all the info you will need to hunt!
ALSO- All my products at Elemental Scraps are 50% off. Pretty much the WHOLE store is on sale. And I would definitely recommend checking out the ES Mega kits. They are all marked down to 2.50 and WOW. I got Zazzle, Poptart and Boutique Chic and am in love. SOOO many things to use and beautiful at that. (Not to mention I have part in the Zazzle kit :)
Now you will notice some of my JFTSOI designs now sitting in my ES shop. Well... Unfortunately it has reason. At the end of this month JFTSOI will be closing up for maintence and restructering. The time frame has yet to be given as to how long it will be down for, but on the 1st of March the entire site will be gone for overhaul. (Which is the main reason for my suprise in the making) So.... All of my products at JFTSOI are marked to 50% off as well. As I dont know what will come back or even when. So grab it up before the 29th and the doors close.
Until tomorrow when I dulge more into these things- and get your sweet piece of treasure for you!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I want to apologize to you all for not having blogged lately even enough to say hi and I am fine. But I have been sooo busy this last week its been NUTZ! I had deadlines to make, and photos- On top of a project that has just EATEN my time up like crazy. I haven't even got my challenges up at JFTSOI. Sad I KNOW. I am trying though- And it seems no matter how hard I push myself- I seem to fall a little bit further and further behind.
I haven't designed anything really either, Nor scrapped for that matter! I got monthly contributions done- Does that count?? LMAO And my poor CT- They have been so awesome. Just patiently waiting for me to get caught up- And This week the ladies in the Scrapaholic Contest over at Just For the Scrap of it have popped off some AWESOME LAYOUTS with my new kit Handle with Care. Now let me tell you what- this has been neck and neck all throughout- but the layouts have just amazed me. You can see the layouts in the slideshow above- Dont they rock?
And thanks to all who joined my trip down memory lane last week. I am glad to hear I am not the only one that was born in the wrong time frame- Or missed the actual GOOD TIMES! There was a party this weekend that some of my "friends" were going to. And it just played in my head- What is wrong with people these days. O WELL- If only I could turn back time.

Okay I know this was short- I will catch up with everyones blogs ect.. tomorrow. I gotta get back to working on my big project. I PROMISE when its all done you will all love it.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Lost Generation

I was talking with Lilly tonight about things we had in common, and music came up and that lead to a long discussion. Well, it brought back to mind what my dad had asked a few days ago. Its wasn't a normal father-daughter type of question and really caught me off guard for minute. He asked me "why dont you and joe party like me and your mom did at your age?" Now for a minute I frooze, kinda in shock to the question and then quickly I realized what he meant. And in that minute of time in total silence for me to search for the proper answer to that question, my childhood flashed back to me so vividly and full it was almost like reliving it.

I remembered summers at home with my sister (only had one at the time then I was about 7 and she was 3) I flashbacked to hot days outside playing in the kiddie pool while my mom was inside cleaning the house and my dad and his buddies out working on one of his cars or motorcyles drinking a few cold ones and enjoying the company of his friends. My mom always had the stereo blarring with good old rock that I could listen to for hours upon end. I remembered that on any day I wanted to watch a music video I could turn on MTV and there ACTUALLY be music on. I remembered camping trips with my family and my mom's friends and my dad's friends families. All us kids playing in the woods and lake and having huge mud fights- O AND I MEAN HUGE with our parents and always blarring the music. Settling down at night in our tents with the bon fire going on outside with the music still playing (not as loud, but always playing) I remembered what a good party was like. Although I had never enjoyed the adult side of it all, I remember seeing everyone so happy and just B.Sing to each other playing cards ect... And I knew then what he meant.

I explained it the best way I knew how to. "I live in a lost generation dad" HE laughed at me- And I explained "Dad- things are different now- People my age are busy on the weekends going to some club and listening to the music that is popular now. People my age have parties on the weekend that you know the cops are going to be called to. People my age don't know how to just have a good time without some kind of trouble happening" I looked at him and said- "I would love to 'party' like you use to, But there isn't anyone around here my age that gets it"

Now I know you are all either taking the side and nodding and agreeing with me on this, Or snubbing up and in shock that I would even want to do this- LMAO. Either way- I realized truelly then that so much is lost in the people of tomorrow. (Here we go I am going political LMAO LMAO) But values and importance is lost. So many things happen now that I couldn't have even imagined when I was little. The "kids" know so many more things than I ever did at the age. My brother can tell me some things now and I have to have him explain it to me and find out how he even knows the things in the first place.

I just hope that Somehow I can install in my girls what my parents did to me. Okay now off my political stance and into some sobbing.
I guess I should let you all know I have a sale huh? Yeah I do at SDS all week long everything is 25% off , Including my brand new releases Times to Remember, Dancerella, Natures Song and Tough Love (my new collaboration with Colies Corner).

Much Love to you All
and thank you for listening to me stroll down memory lane.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rae Bug

Its as if I get it to leave and it comes back. Stevie and Ana were sick again yesterday- Thankfully a 24 hour bug as it seems. But both burning up and just icky all over. I was going to blame the weather as it was 60 degrees one day and the next morning I wake up to snow on the ground. But this time around its all stomach. My sisters both had it today, and my stomach is doing the tight ball dance right now ERGH! I want one FULL week of no sickness, no stress and no worries. Where is my genie lamp when I need it?
Either way, I was trying to finish up a kit for Elemental Scraps and wasn't getting anywhere with it. Nothing was working for me. Stevie curled up on my lap as I thought and pondered what I was missing. I sang to her and rubbed her back trying to make her as comfy as possible as I just knew she was all achy. As she kept fighting her eyes closing, I told her, Its okay Rae Bug, you can go to sleep mommy's got you. And it hit me. Rae Bug it was!!!!!! My inspiration and name for the kit and the ideas flowed from there. So of course I had to scrap my Bug with it :) So here I have to share with you all- My layout of my Stevie Rae with my New kit Rae Bug available only at Elemental Scraps.
This is miss Bug sleeping snuggly in her lady bug bouncer. She loves it!!!

And here is preview of the brand new kit now at ES!
Much Love to you all
AND BTW- Yesterday was Miss Lilly's Birthday :) I did enjoy kicking off and celebrating with her in our own quirky way. Happy Belated again Dear!!!! Hope you enjoyed your day.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank You all!!!

I played catch up all day and night trying to get all my stuff packaged and challenges organized and cleaning up! I did what you all suggested- Took care of me too! LMAO. What better way to releave some built up stress and tension than some shopping??? And I did just that. Bought some digi supplies, lenses and some clothes. It was relaxing actually. While popping a new zip file in for uploading I passed the time waiting til it was finished spending some mula!
My dad is still feeling fair. I refused to let him push himself to getting back into routine. I told him moving around and pushing would only slow his healing. So Joe took the boys on their routes again. I can't handle doing it. Two teenage boys for almost 2 hours in a car driving around the town. MAN O MAN can they be a handleful. I am dreading the time my girls are their ages (10,14) But I know it will be more a handful with the girls than it is with the boys. Especially with how close they are.
And Judy thank you so much again for directions! You are a lifesaver. I am soo lucky you were so close by. And if you all coulda been a fly on my car ceiling, You woulda been rolling it. I passed the right exit to get to the hospital got off on one that took me in a loop, passed two more possibl e turn arounds, Called Judy and her poor SIL had to try to explain to ditzy me how to get where I needed to be. Now this would have been fine and dandy- But I don't know my left from right. I mean I do. But I have to look at my hands in order to be sure. I know wierd, but its my quirk- I always get backwards. NEEDLESS to say- I am the WORST person for directions on driving. So after getting directions once- I go what I thought was left only to end up on a one way street and no way to turn around- Back on the interstate I go, back around the loop I know was wrong passed all the exits only to call Judy back and ask again- LMAO. I will tell ya what- But miss J was my Triple A~
I am making this post semi short as I am off to finish up an add on for my new "ballerina" themed kit. ( Which I did in free spare time off and on all week- The longest I think it has taken me to do a kit- LMAO) The add on I finish today will be the DGGA at midnight tonight. So I will post when you all can go over and pick it up at the forum for free. I am pretty excited about it. Soo girly and cute. To me at least:) Here is the preview to the kit that I just got put up in my stores at JFTSOI and ScrapDigiStyle.

AND... The Pucci Purse.... I did scrap one page so far of Miss Ana playing with them. They are just like pet carriers with stuffed puppies inside. I would assume thought up after seeing all the celebs carrying around their pups in gucci designer bags. Either Way, here is Ana with her "angel" hers is the cheetah print bag. I used Colies Corner kit called Lets Play for this layout!

Until Tomorrow.....

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am happy to report that I THINK everything is going back to normal. YEAH!!!! I can now hear again- WHICH IS AWESOME!! I do have to get tubes put in. But It is just awesome to be able to hear again clearly.
After my last post- And I mean RIGHT after it, my sisters calls and her baby is being taken to Childrens Hospital (which is a 2 hour drive from where I live) for pneumonia. I knew the babe was sick, but WOW. So I am already biting nails and waiting for Joe to get home (I called him and told him I needed him to try to get out early so I could go and help support her and find out what was going on.) Now with that happening, My dad calls me. He had doubled over in pain and throwing up blood. NOT GOOD! He had just had an endoscopy done and well, needless to say they had stirred up some trouble inside and my dad's body wasn't reacting well to it. So either way, I had to rush him in to the ER. Meeting Joe half way and doing the switch with the girls. Okay So I find out my dad is in bad shape and getting admitted. Now my other sister was at work. I had her babe, So joe is at home with 4 babies alone. I call him and let him know dad is being admitted and will be there for a while.
Never did it occur to me for a minute what this meant for the time to come. Me, Joe and My dad are the only drivers in my family. There is no one else. My brothers have 5 paper routes that they do after school in which my dad drives them around to do. So I leave my dad at the hospital, pick up my sister, Go and get her boy and Stevie. I left Joe the other two and he took them with My brothers to do their paper routes. (There is no way they can walk them and get them done on time) I go back and check on my dad stay with him for a bit then take my sister home. Meet up with Joe and all of us went up to Childrens.
My dad just got out of the hospital Monday evening. My sisters babe on Friday. So up until friday we did mad rushing around everywhere trying to be at a million places at once and trying to entertain the girls during the long car rides back and forth from the hospital. And then staying with my dad. Plus trying to take care of the whole family. And I had my laptop with me, BUT- Alas I have fried my wireless card somehow and had no internet. By the time I would actually get home I would either pass out, or be busy trying to clean up the messes from the girls or cleaning up my dads house from my siblings.
BUT!!!! I did work on a few things here and there when I would get a free minute or when dad would nap. Still have yet to scrap my pucci purse pics But I plan on doing it today. I have so much catching up to do!
Thank you all for your continued love and thoughts and well wishes. And your support through all my chaoticness. I truelly appreciate it. You don't know what it means to me to come and find such welcoming love and friendship. You all amaze me everyday. Thank you again.