Friday, January 11, 2008

Stuff is ROLLING!

Its raining, its pouring and everyone is snoring! LOL My house is soo quite, if you don't count the 2 girls and Joe snoring horribly loud and the sound of the rain beating down on my house. Okay so its not quite- But I can dream right? And I don't think its a computer bug Leigh, its just the bug period! I have felt sooo crummy today. And I am sorry you got it too (well in electronic forum) Kerri. I have decided its best to give the blog a good overhaul with Lysol- LMAO- Maybe then we will all be rid of it all! I will say this though, regardless of how I feel right now, If I was in your spot Leigh, I would been ringing the neck of some guy at the computer shop! LOL- If I was close enough I would give it a whirl. I have some how maintained this big electronics geek inside me. Every time Joe's poor PS2 take a poo, I am the one to fix it. As well as my friend's dinosaur of a computer. LMAO
Good luck with your moving Deborah. I can't wait til you are all finished to come join in on the fun! I am with you on not being able to find anything, although I really have any thing to use as excuse, except maybe I have 6 tiny hands that move things mysteriously from me. Lilly knows about them hands, Miss Stevie got on here and was banging away on the keyboard a bunch of gibberish to her. LOL- I yelled and seen all the mess on the screen. Her only words- WHAT"S GOING ON??? LMAO well.... Stevie felt the need to let her presence known! Okay- I am rambling on a novel here- I did want to share a layout I did of me and my friends from a time when I actually DID get to go out! I did this for Colies Quote Challenge at JFTSOI. I used my new kit called Your Smile.

Speaking of Challenges, First off- Thank you all for your wonderful support and well wishes for me at my new store!! Rylea and Sharon your support is awesome, and thank you so much. I am super excited still and stuff is rolling into the shop. I am still busy uploading and getting things situated on my end. BUT- I did however put up my first challenge over there. Its called Tweak It. Each month I will pick a different photo editing technique to work on. So be sure to check it out.
And just for participating, I have this posting gift for you all. It is a design I did earlier that I am revamping and putting into the new store, but you can do the challenge to get a piece of it before it is released~
Also My posting bonuses are done for my challenges at JFTSOI! I have two over there - The lyric Challenge and Snap it Challenge. I have a full kit as a gift to give, called You Are My Sunshine. Each challenge gives you part of it. Do both and receive the full kit free!
~*~Posting Gift~*~


~*~*~Posting Gift~*~*~
Okay now my novel is done- LMAO
Until tomorrow....


tricertifiedx2 said...

So I got my computer back finally...and no it is NOT fixed!!! I don't even think they did anything to "diagnose" the problem!! Thankfully my sister is a hard butt when it comes to customer service and when she heard what had happened she agreed to go back with me today and ring some you have someone to do it for you Liz....Thanks for the offer though. I will let you know how it goes. I think at this point we are just going to try and get the information from the hard drive and we will get a new tower when we have the money in a few weeks. I got a few flash drives to tide me over so that I don't fall behind though hubby will take the laptop to work tonight so I will be without a computer until tomorrow afternoon.....Boo Hoo. On an up note my hubby is moving to days in 2 weeks so we can get on a more "normal" schedule....whatever that is...ha ha ha. Sounds like the girls are as mischievious as ever. Great LO, it's been so long since I have had a night like that, I can hardly remember what thay are like!!! Take care....Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Oh, no, Leigh, that is BAD news! Weeks without a computer, that is a scary thought. I was only stuck without internet for 4 hours and thought the world had come to an end!!! Maybe your sister will sort them out there. Good luck!

Liz I love your layout, I have pics of me like that somewhere, when I used to go skiing with my friends (well ,they skied I only went along for the party, I`m afraid of heights and that doesn't go well with skiing) That too is a long while ago, now a good night is one, where I only have to get up to the kids twice!! Oh dear, I'm a Mum.

Love the Sunshine Kit, it is just what I needed in this dreary weather, very unlike January here in Germany, normally it would be really cold, but no it is just cold and wet - yuck!

Florian is home for the weekend, so I am off to do my little happy dance.
CU tomorrow

Rylea said...

Beautiful kit Liz. I will do my best to get into the Challenge and do a page, but hard with slow as ever dial-up, but will work on it in the next couple days. What I would do to afford DSL or something else faster, but not available in my area of country life. Just love the Sunshine colors, bright and cheery. I used to sing that song to my grand-daughter & niece when they would not relax and go to sleep. It was probably my bad singing that bored them to sleep, *LOL* but it was comforting to see them relax after a couple rounds of lyrics and visit the sandman.

Mischief or not, your girls are adorable. Love seeing you scrap them in your pages. Makes me smile so big seeing them gorgeous faces smiling. Hug them extra daily, for they will be grown up before you know it. Have a wonderful day and again, Congrads!! and you are most welcome on support. It is my pleasure and I am simply tickled I found you and your designs to make my pages better.
Hugz from Oregon

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

GORGEOUS work on this SWEET and SUNSHINY kit Ms. Liz!!! Your babies are BEAUTIFUL as is their mama!!!

Just left you a note at your NEW site blog. I have a movie date in the living room with Robert in a bit, but am off to your store to see what I can find for some LONG overdue scrapping next week!

I'd LOVE to get involved with one of your challenges - they BOTH look SUPER!

Thank you for the SWEET lovin' and for purchasing my kit - you're such a DOLL!

Hope this finds you feeling better and your QUIET household (lots of snoring here too!) even quieter as night approaches!

Love you sweetie,

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

BLESS your ADORABLE, SWEET heart Liz!!! Did you upload "Me and Bobby McGee" for MWAH? I feel quite HONORED love! AWESOME selection - think I can get a lot done with these tunes. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE "Freebird" and have since it first came out!