Sunday, January 6, 2008

The pics showed me heaven....

ITS OKAY! LOL- My PC is okay and I was jumping for joy! I waited until Joe got home from work for him to turn it back on- Just in case it was messed up I could have him wondering-- So mean I know. But turns out everything is okay.
I wanted you all to be aware, I am going to revamp a few things- Blog, blinkies and the like once more. This is due to some exciting up coming news that I have to share with you all later. But for right now, I am doing it again- leaving you all hanging waiting to find out! HEHEHE- I am bad at that huh?But I promise it is good and worth waiting to know.
I did go out to Chinese today- OOO the general T'so and wontons!!! LOL- I am a sucker for chinese for sure and pigged out today! I shouldn't seeing as I want sooo badly to do some kind of diet. (don't we all at some point if not always LMAO) I seen that Oklahoma is doing a whole city diet thing. I would love to live in a community like that. Can you imagine all the support they would all have. I could imagine a group of gals going to gym together and then walking by the bakery together all window tasting the sweets! LMAO LMAO. Its always a new years resolution of mine to diet- But never do I end up following through. I am too much a sucker for my Quaker Snack Mix and Mountain Dew.
Either way, here is those pictures I wanted to share. I took these and for a moment saw heaven. Pure beauty and bliss. So I am sure you can see why instead of yelling at them to get out of their dresser, I yelled to look at mommy! hehehe. Both of these pages where done with Colies new kit Free Spirit. Except the paper and brads in the one of all three are from her New Day Kit.
Also- Just wanted to let you all know I have a new release now in my shop called "Your Smile"
Its full of bright fun colors perfect for boys and girls!!! You can get the FULL kit here or you can purchase the elements and papers seperate if you want just one or the other.
Until tomorrow.....


Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Okay girl, you about have me in tears over here! My heart skipped a beat when I saw my name on your blog! You are just TOO sweet ya know! I am MOST honored and privileged to find myself on your blog! I'm feeling like a dunce, so, with your permission, I'd sure LOVE to bloglift some of your generosity as I really need to spruce up my side bar when I get some free time - hopefully next week! You DEFINITELY know I LOVE you! Hear that everyone - THIS girl ROCKS ... and then SOME!

Oh, before I forget. I did mention on my blog entry tonight (this morning!) that we play a lot of oldies, but I really do LOVE all kinds of music and while I seldom listen to any you have posted below, my boys do so I've grown accustomed and actually sat here and designed to your blog music!!! I DO love Joplin!!! Me and Bobby Magee is my ALL-TIME fave!

As soon as I am able to go shopping, your store is my FIRST stop FOR SURE. You NEW kit is ABSOLUTELY precious and put a BIG 'ol grin on my face. Your CREATIVENESS just never ceases to AMAZE me! I'd sure like to have a piece of the ARTISTIC portion of your brain darlin'!!! You sure can put things together BEAUTIFULLY and QUICKLY!!! EEEEEEEKS ... I'm over here dilly-dallying and taking my sweet time!!!

The layouts of your DARLING DAUGHTERS warmed my heart and I ADORE the one of all three of them! Oh YES, you have seen Heaven! PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS, PRECIOUS!

Hope everyone is feeling better (I am feeling MUCH better, thank you!) and that you have a FANTABULOUS week upcoming!

Can't wait to hear your news! I'm pondering a few things it might be, but no matter what, I am EXCITED for you!!!

Did I just write a novel??? I'm SO bad ... or maybe that's GOOD! He, he ...

SWEET DREAMS sweetie ...


tricertifiedx2 said...

All I can say is WOW....what awesome pic's, you are right a glimpse of Heaven in those three!!

Now, can I address the issue of you tempting us with news yet you make us come back to get the news....I hate that, I do not deal well with waiting for things!!! Can you hear the sarcasim in my voice?? Seriously though, I am looking forward to the news you have in store for us. You're not going to make a contest out of it are you?? Cause my first guess is your pregnant!!
Glad you have your desktop back, smart thinking to wait for Joe...then you have someone else to place the blame on...he he he he. Looking forward to tomorrows post. Blessings to you.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

LOVE THE LO'S of your AWESOME photo's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If only we could install the angelic into them forever!!!!!!

KayJay said...

Aren't your daughters little angels! So gorgeous, even Florian sat next to me just peeped over and said "oh cute , they're sat in a drawer!"
You are just like me though, my first thought is always "must get a picture", then a "telling off" just doesn't quite work, cause it can't have been that bad, if Mummy took a picture first!
Now, I come back everyday to visit (except yesterday only briefly, cause we were visiting my parents), so you don't need to tease me into coming back ;o) But I am certainly intrigued about your big news! And can't wait to hear it.
CU tomorrow

KayJay said...

So sorry, Liz, I just sent you some layouts and forgot to shrink them first. I have tried to stop them from this end, but I can't figure out how. So I am afraid, you have a 5MB email on its way to you. It still hasn#t left here yet, so I sure hope that you have a fast internet connection, otherwise you are going to curse me and my stupidity! Maybe nexttime I will engage my brain first!
Take care