Saturday, January 19, 2008

*Peeking head out to check if its all clear.....

THEY ARE DONE!!!!!!!!! I think I can finally get back to normal :) My roof is complete, looks really nice too!! So I am super excited to know that tomorrow morning I will be able to wake up to an quite morning that I can sit down at my puter and do some designing! I am so glad that you found out it was only an allergic reaction Kerri. I myself am allergic to strawberries, and its horrible, but I LOVE EM!! Especially all cut up and sprinkled with milk and sugar. YUM! I deal with the hives when I get the craving- LMAO. Good thing it isn't a super bad allergy, and hopefully something he will grow outta. And Leigh, I am still feeling for ya. I spent my days without my precious puter, and it was sooo frustrating. Cutting out net due to the wireless signals, and then dealing with a night without power- All due to a blown fuse somewhere- the whole town was without electric. LOL BUT....... I got some scrapping done though- Which was sooooo relaxing. I literally had so much fun scrapping these past few days. It had been forever for me to just enjoy of full day of it. I had bought Lindas new kit, and it had been itching at me something horrible to scrap with, Plus I had gotten the free mini from Alma at SDS for her challenge and Colie had a new release... O and babs did too! LOL. On top of it, Colie inspired me and challenged in her chat to start an ABC album. I was oblivious. I had no clue, but she started talking and it is an EXCELLENT idea. So you pick a topic, theme or whatever you want to make a scrapbook of. And right down your ABC's. For each letter you pick a word you want to use in your album or to describe your album. And for each word you pick for each letter... You make a page. So when you are all done you have 26 pages ready for your book. And it keeps things organized too, You cross off your letter when you have used it,move on. So you know what you have and haven't scrapped.

Well, I have 3 babes all half done baby books, and half done book for myself and Joe. So what better way to catch up on my scrapping, then to put them all in ABC's. I cheated though, I crossed off the letters of the ones I had already scrapped to just add them in. (Anything to save some time right now :) But I thought what better way to get a jump start on getting all the albums done than the covers??? So I got 3 covers done. My "All about Me" ABC Album, Joe's Album and Anastasia's ABC Album cover.

I used Alma Townsends Mini Kit for her

challenge this month at ScrapDigiStyle

I used Colie's New Kit called What A Guy
Which is now in her shop here.

I also had the pleasure of receiving a brand new kit from Babette this week. Its called Valentine Wishes, Available in her shop at JFTSOI. Here are two layouts I did with it. The first is my sisters baby, and second is my sister and her boyfriend.

I will have more layouts to share tomorrow night as I get back into my routine, And hopefully I will get to finish my designs :)
Until Tomorrow.....



tricertifiedx2 said...

Wow, this is the first time I stopped in before I went to bed to find that you blogged before midnight!!! I can't believe it!! LOL. Those are some AWESOME pages, I have done a few pages since we lost the desktop but I find myself procrastinating cause I want the thing back...and some normalcy(if that's a word). Looks like I am going to have to wait until at least the end of the month or into February to get a new one...since hubby is going to days he needs some new work stuff...and unfortunately that takes priority. Will probably get an EHD though, and a DVD writer.
Glad you finally have your roof done...sorry it took so long. Like I said ours was only a day, but we had really good people.
Your sister and you look very much alike...I bet your personalities are complete opposites huh??
Hope Miss Stevie is feeling better, having to take Alex in next week for a follow up. Blessings to you.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

So glad to hear that everything is returning to normal!!!
Peace & quite!!!!!

KayJay said...

Glad you are back to normality. We still have a very spotty Robert, and not a clue what is causing it. I have taken him off the medication, as that is what I am allergic to, but I don't know if it will help or not. My Mum gave me a great cream to put on his skin (he feels like leather at the minute), and I just thank my lucky stars, that he doesn't itch!
I LOVE those layouts Liz, amazing. And I really like the sound of the ABC books, I will have to get my thinking cap on, at the moment I am just entering lots of challenges and practising as it is all new to me. But that sounds like a great keepsake. And a brilliant present for nieces and godchildren (got two of them!)
Now I can't wait to see more of your pages, as you work your way through your ABCs
Take care, enjoy your new roof and the peace and quiet
CU soon

tricertifiedx2 said...

Liz....where are you??? Have you fallen off the face of the earth?? Haven't seen you anywhere...wanted to make sure you are o-kay and that you got all your stuff done that you wanted to. You spending time with the kiddo's and Joe?? Making good on your schedule?? Hope so. We have to make appointments for both kids to the Dr. Jordan may have pink-eye...I so hope not!!! Hubby's truck is in the shop so now I have to wait for my new computer. Anyway, hope all is well. Blessings to you.