Saturday, January 5, 2008

O Some more Layout Shares!

And So I just HAD to open my big mouth huh?? Joe is sick, I heard all about it this morning as he was getting ready for work. Mumbling and groaning, asking me to check his temp, feel his back, feel his head! LMAO LMAO Its okay though, cuz now the girls are all acting as though they are much better. Which is AWESOME!! LOL- Now I am sure in the next few days, I will be wishing they were full of less pep and energy- But for now its great to have them back in the normal routine- Which I am glad yours too leigh is as well. And its okay kerri, I wont' tell him you were telling! LOL- I am sure if Joe took time today to read my blog he would have a fit for telling the world his behavior-
Keep your fingers crossed for me though, As right now I am doing this via the laptop- As an incidient happened last night involving my desktop tower, Ana and the Cats bowl. Needless to say my screen went violet and I freaked out- And well, its all apart hoping that it didn't get ruined. I love my desktop to do design- The LCD of this is just too bright and makes everything look "off"- Either way...thank goodness for my external! LMAO
I took some awesome pics yesterday- that I am uploading after this and definitely going to have to scrap today. So I can show you all! Now, Instead of like what a normal mom would do and have a fit about the girls sitting in their dressers today playing, I had to grab the camera and sneak some pictures before screaming to get out of it before they toppled it over! LOL. So I will have to scrap them today.
I also have some layout shares for you all today, from scrappers and the sweeties alike, So enjoy and maybe it will bring inspiration for you to get some scrapping done!
~*~*~Scrapper Layouts~*~*~
Both by Leigh
Look at the beautiful lights and family pics!!! Awesome layout and journaling is fabulous- As well as the sweet layout blowing kisses to the camera! Beautiful girl and pic!! Love both of these layouts!!!
Both by Leigh
How gorgeous are both of these photos?? Beatiful use of reflection, and angle Plus the photo editing in the second one is awesome! The journaling is great as well!! Layouts VERY WELL DONE girl!!!!
Both by Sealja
These pictures are awesome. Santa is tooo cute!!!! And the family pic is just gorgeous! Both of the layouts are fantastic girl!!! LOVE EM!
By Hannah
Love the pictures, and the layout is awesome hannah! Colie and her kids are all beautiful and they look so great and happy! Your journaling is awesome too! TSMFS!
~*~*~*~Sweeties Layouts~*~*~*~
Both By Chris
I am in Awwww.. And I am sure I am not alone. The layouts on both of these are perfect! Perfect journaling, composition and placement and the pictures are just awesome!!!! Love both of these!!!
Both by Shikin
OMG- Gorgeous! Love the layouts and the idea of making a page for starting off the new year with inspirational words of wisdom- and the picture and sentiment is so lovely on the second one. Love these!!
Both by Colie
Is gabby not the sweetest??? love the picture and the LO _ WOW- and the generations layout is awesome as well!! Love that you have pictures and memories like that for the kids to look back on- Not to mention the layout ROCKS!
Both by Judy
SHE IS A DOLL!!!! Love the extraction on the first one- She looks up to some mischief- and her giggling picture is contagious just to look at, I can imagine hearing her laugh! Love these Miss J!!! ~
Both by K.Donovan
Weren't we just talking about eating snow?? LOL Love these layouts and the first one takes my breath away. The photography on it speaks so loud and it is just awesome, The sentiment is gorgeous and the layouts are beyond awesome!
Both by Lilly
O how cute is mister Damon??? He cracks me up with that smile, and the layout is awesome, as well as the pic of you and darren together! Beautiful photographs and layouts girl!
Using Buttersquash~~~Using For the Boy
Both by Clara Sue
I still have Pam in my thoughts dear Clara, I know how hard it is to loose someone so close, especially during the past holidays, and your page of of the boys is awesome. Love the picture, so sweet and what a memory!!
Both by Karen
Awesome Pages on both of these!!! The photo effect on the 1st one is spot on- and the pic is too cute on the second! Great layouts girl!!!
Until Tomorrow.....


makeyesup said...

wonderful layouts and hope that your desktop computer is Ok. There is nothing worse than being without the daily things that you are used to using.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Wow, some awesome LO's there. Gives me some more ideas and as soon as I get some time well I will have to get to work!! Hope your desktop is o-kay, I know what you mean about the laptop thing, except for me the keyboard is too small, I suppose I would get used to it but for now I love my desktop. Can't wait to see those sneaky pic's you promised, I'm sure they will be awesome!!
I hate that when you open your mouth and that happens, Murphy's law right?? Hope he starts feeling better quickly. So glad the girls got better quick, and without a trip to the Dr., it's just nicer that way...though we LOVE our Dr. and don't mind in the least going to visit him, weird huh?? Anyway, have a great day!!Blessings to you!