Monday, January 7, 2008

NO, NO, NO!!!

Okay, so yes I have what I consider great news- BUT- NO_ I am NOT pregnant! LMAO LMAO I seen that and rolled it leigh. I love babies more than anything, my girls are awesome, but having another one would just be plain NUTS! hahahahaha. On almost a daily basis I have 5 that I care for in the mornings and afternoons. Another one around would almost indefinitely marked me clinicaly insane, LOL. But my news is really exciting for me. Kerri, don't worry about email girl- I am getting ready to check it now, and can't wait to see what it has in store :) Linda I will keep you in my thoughts girl, I have been reading on the news about the storm in Cali area, and one of my CT was affected as well. Its so ironic though as the west coast is getting what we would normally be getting for winter, and right now my area is expierencing a heat wave. Its currently 60 degrees and looking to be almost 70 tomorrow. I hate it because all the snow has melted, and it feels more like dreaded end of spring than anything. Rainy and dreary with muggyness.
Thank you all for your comments on my girls. They are sweet and innoncent in appearance for sure, You just have too look super close in their eyes to see the michevious child inside jumping up and down blowing rasberries at you! LMAO It appears the poll was neck and neck but Something Fun is what Tuesdays Mini Freebie will be!! I have something already started that I think will be perfect! I am still trying to finish up my posting gifts for the challenges on Flair. Busy busy busy! I did take a break for 2 hours today from designing as I found a HUGE road block sitting in front of my face and decided to scrap a few pages that I have been dying to get done for the girls books. I am still finding myself going back to pictures 2 years ago and needing to get them done. That is the only downfall I have ever found with everything turning digital with imagining. I find myself snapping away with my camera constantly knowing that I can keep going until the card is full, and then adding them all to the HUGE library of pics I already have. And they just SIT. At least when I worked with film, as soon as the roll was finished they were developed, and put in the albums. But everything else about digi I love!!!! Quick edits without messing with quality and the ability to go back and use OVER and over again and refix as I learn new things and the like.
So speaking of pics hiding in my large library- LMAO- I grabbed up these of Miss Stevie Rae last year during the fireworks display at the park. I had never got to scrapping them, And wanted to soo badly- So I did! LMAO I used Linda Waltons (Bonscrapatit Designs) A Fireworks Moment.


KayJay said...

Liz, I take my hat off to you - 5 kids every day, how do you do it. I only have my two boys, and more often than not, I feel like pulling my hair out! Especially on rainy days like today. If winter stays like this, I don't think I will be getting to try snow cream with the boys! Shame!
I have just spotted your new blog header, very nice, its your daisy kit, right?!
Now time to wrap the boys up warm, put on their rain gear, i think some splashing in puddles will do us all good! Chase away the rainy day blues.
My husband started a new job on 2nd Jan. and it is 350km from here (2,5 hour train journey) so until we can sell up where we are now, we only see oneanother at the weekends. It will be interesting to see how the boys cope with it. I am finding it difficult having no one coming home in the evening, and sharing the putting to bed and bathtime. Oh well mustn't complain too much, it means more money and a happier husband, and what's six months!!
Still excited about your upcoming news, but I would be back tomorrow anyways.
Take care

tricertifiedx2 said...

I figured you would get a BIG laugh out of that one!! I wouldn't have said you were insane either, just a little out of your mind but babies can do that and some people just love kids. Would love to have more myself but can't.

Do like the new page header and footer. The footer didn't seem to come out pixelated like the old one did. Looks Great, I really like the new colors!!!!

So, you don't like the weather?? I am loving was almost 80 yesterday and we were in shorts all day. Is supposed to be almost 80 today also. We will probably pull the cars out of the driveway today when hubby gets out of class(has an extra two days of work this week for him to go to school) and let the kids ride the scooter and bikes in the driveway. May try and get some pic's if there is anything good going on. I have the same problem you do as I have masses of pic's on my hard drive and backed up that I haven't done anything with yet. I still have to go back and scrap all of my oldests baby book...was supposed to paper scrap it before digital came about but I could never get into paper there you go. I am WAY behind, I just wish I had inspiration daily to scrap, but I will get several done then need a's going to take me FOREVER!!

Well, I am still eagerly anticipating your good news. Blessings to you.