Sunday, January 27, 2008

Live from inside the Bucket!

Thank you all for your well wishes. And I am 200% with you Leigh- BE GONE ALREADY!!!!!!!! I am a little better, which is a plus so I won't complain- TOO much! LOL- But I am tired of everything echoing inside my head as if I am stuck under a bucket. I am starting to worry abit though, as it is my right ear- and well that is my synthetic. And it doesn't hurt, just not hearing like I should or know I can. My left is completely clear now, So I am starting to wonder if its not something else now. Well, I know this much, If I can't hear clear by Monday- I am going to the doctors. And out of all this I have developed a motherly case of OCD to say the least. Since the girls have been doing better I have carried lysol just about everywhere- LMAO. Making sure my germs from a couch or touch aren't getting back to them. Usually I am not this way- But we all are feed up with the flu and colds and runny noses. So I am hoping it avoids another case.

I am totally with you too leigh on the tight pocket. I will say this much though- Both of us putting a chunk off cash out ended with the same result- No more leaks! And Kerri you kill me girl! Thanks for getting the Too Sweet Kit- I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are "too sweet" I myself am hoping that tonight I can get some scrapping done. I didn't do anylast night as I had to put together a proof set for a girl. And all the trimming and rounding off edges reminded me again why I love DIGI scrapping! I have another set of photos to do tomorrow and I think this one will let me share- So I can show you all. I am HOPING!!! (long story that will come later)

I did however the other day while feeling under the weather scrap an "Anastasia Page". I used Linda's (Bonscrapatit Designs) kit A Love for All Seasons. Beautiful kit my dear- I love it!!! So either way, heres my doll baby given the "look"
Tomorrow I will have Sweetie Layouts to share and hopefully a few more from me:)
Until Tomorrow......


tricertifiedx2 said...

Oh my, well, I thought you were better. I agree, you should go and get your ear checked out on Monday if it's not better. I am totally laughing about the lysol, I can just see you going from each place you have been spraying everything should see the picture I have in my head. Ha ha ha ha.
I hate all the cash flow out of my house, sounds like you do too. Just like the leaks!!! Did you get yours fixed yet?? My washer was making a funny noise the other day, thought it was going to go out...fortunately it stopped..whew dodged that one. Wish I could have dodged a couple of other things recently ya know.
Love the LO, and the "look" too cute. I have been totally remiss in doing any LO's since hubby has gone to days. I really need to start though getting the information from the HD of the desktop will help...the tech guy from hubby's work is going to get it all for us for free...WooHoo!! Now we just have to find the time with him cause I will have to sit down with him to make sure all the files we want are saved. Always too much to do and too little time.
Going to hubby's flag football practice today, and I am going to try and take some pic's since it is going to be in the upper 70's today. Maybe with some new pic's I can get some mojo and scrap a little. They even have a playground out there for the kids so we will see if I get any of the kids also. Would like to go this evening to hubby's softball game but it is too late and kiddo's will be in bed so I will have to wait till another time. I will be sure to share when I get some good ones.
Hope today you start getting out of that bucket completely. Can't wait to see what you have done with the pic's and hope you get to share. Blessings to you.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Glad to hear your feeling better BUT please get your ear checked not that I already have to tell you but do it!!!
LOVE the LO she's just so darn ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

KayJay said...

Anastasia is just sooooooo adorable, and that is a great layout! I love it! I haven't done anything with my new purchase (a bargain, cause of your sale, thanks), and I probably won't this week. My Mum has come to stay with us til thursday, and I have a photobook on the kids (mine and my brothers to finish) and she is going to make sure that I do it this week - I need that kick up the butt, to get away from my new addiction! So I have done a layout of Richards B-day today (on my blog ;o) and as of tomorrow, I have to create a brilliant photobook. But I will still be checking to see how you are. And to HEAR that you have had your ear checked by a doctor!
Leigh, thanks for stopping by today and yesterday, that was a BRILLIANT surprise.
right, time for bed here now, and tomorrow morning I will find out, whether I am still in the running for the CT at JFTSOI!
CU tomorrow, Hugs and Illnesses BE GONE!!!

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi sweetheart!

I am SOOOOO far behind and just had to come by to let you know that I got your e-mail and DARLING, PRICELESS layout of you and Miss Anastasia late today!!! Liz, your girls (and YOU) are ALL so BEAUTIFUL! I had to have Robert scoot himself across the bed and come see you and Ana together! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you making my kit look SO good! I'm still struggling to get some scrapping time and it looks like it's on the back burner once again! Meanwhile, the photos are piling up on my EHD!

I've not had ANY computer time all weekend due to a visit from kiddos and a PRECIUOS grandson and then the storm that hit us today kept my computer on SHUT DOWN!!! ROFL!

I feel just horrible that I've been out of the loop and did not catch the news about your ear. Please know that you are in my UPPERMOST thoughts as well as EVERY day! I'm happy that you are going to see the doctor and I'm also praying that your headache subsides quickly. Is this an isolated headache or a result of your being sick? I need to go back through your posts and catch up girl - I'm really concerned about you now.

Gosh, your babies are all SO little and I know that they need a lot of your attention along with everything else you are taking care of - house, husband, businesses! Please take care of your SWEET SELF and I shall come by tomorrow and go back through your posts to see what I've missed.

Lots of love and a BIG hug for you darlin',