Saturday, January 26, 2008

Its been a WEEK!

A full week since I posted, and SO much has happened. I am STILL sick. This stuff is horrible. I think the past few days were my worst of it. With ear infections now, and this wonderful feeling of a bobbling head under water, I can serious go for getting rid of it now. The girls all act fine now. No fevers, not really sick, Just that constant cough and rumbling in their breathing from all the build up. And its not helping now that it is 6 degrees outside and freezing! Plus a million and one things going on to play catch up on and not really seeming to get caught up at all. It actually seems to be rolling in reverse. The more I try, the farther I fall. So the last few days I slept at night for a change in hopes that it would somehow make this cold go away. Alas no avail BUT- I do feel better somewhat.
I had photos to do this week, and orders to place. I had errands to run for my dad and again this Monday he has surgery that will pull me a full day away. But I am hoping this surgery helps out tons. Currently his resting heart rate is staying at about 110. And doctors can't figure out why. He has undergone testing out the behind, and stress exams. So hopefully this will figure it all out. It worries me alot.
My roof looks super nice, and I am more than glad its all done with. Now I won't have to worry about it again for a good while. HOWEVER, I was doing laundry and noticed my washer wash running the water out for a long time. It was like stuck in the fill position. So I go in after 10 mins of listening to the constant running water and turn the knob and walk away. Comes back around to do the rinse and it gets stuck again. hmmmmmm... I open up the washer and guess what- I have a leak- Out the back is all the water running right out- Not through the line its suppose to and well, Making it as good as pointless to try to do clothes. So I had to finagle that thing and get it to work for the "temporary" time being. If its not one thing its the other. I am sure you are agreeing 100% leigh. Sorry you have to wait even longer for your PC. I feel for ya girl-
The girls have been fairly good lately. Nothing too big to yell about or brag about, Unless you want to count that Ana somehow found 2 suckers this evening while "suppose" to be sleeping. Came out to me and said- Look mommy. She had one stuck in her hair and one in her hand- So baths came twice for Ana tonight. And of course the sound of her splashing in the water woke the other two and well.... Its almost 3 am, and I can still hear them chatting in their rooms. O well, I guess I shouldn't complain- It only means I can sleep in :)
BUT I got exciting news- Wanna know????????
Yeah did you see that, I am now at Elemental Scraps too!!!!!! I know I am nuts and why would someone want so many stores??? Well..... There is something really special about Elemental Scraps! All designs that are in my store there, are ONLY going to be there!!! So now you will find all my stuff at either Elemental Scraps (all things there are exclusive to only ES) Just for the Scrap of it (My home Sweet Home) and Scrap Digi Style. NOW- All my challenges will still be at JFTSOI and SDS.

And to Celebrate the news:

Yeppers All my new items at ES are 50% off this weekend only. Making them all either 1.50 or 2.00. What a steal. All the sale items are brand new releases as well! So be sure to check em out!
Okay, I think its safe, The house is now silent so maybe I can get some sleep- LOL
Until tomorrow (and yes it will be tomorrow LMAO)



Alicia said...

CONGRATS on the new store!! And I hope you get better soon! :)

KayJay said...

And here is me, just thinking you are extremely busy with your new store and all, and your at home feeling really rotten. I am so sorry. I even PMed Leigh and told her that you were probably just busy as I had "spoken" to you at the chat! That was great by the way.
Again, congratulations on the new store, and I really love your new kits there. That "too sweet" one is adorable.
Richard by the way is all better, but Robert has it now, and I feel as though someone is playing "soccer" with my stomach, so I hope nothing comes of it. Cause tomorrow my Mum and Dad are coming up to see us, and celebrate Richards 2nd birthday (its not til Monday really) but his Daddy can't be here on Monday, so we are pretending its tomorrow! Mum is staying on til Thursday then, and helping me cope with the kids and my tummy. She's the best!
Get well soon, and Cu tomorrow!

KayJay said...

PS: Good luck to your Dad, we'll be thinking of him, hope they figure out what the problem is and how to solve it. My best friends husband (44) has heart problems too, he keeps having to have it restarted, so I know how scary having someone you love with that kind of problem. You are all with us in our thoughts.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Okay, Okay, I think we have had enough of these sicknesses!!! I declare them to BEGONE!!!! FOR GOOD!!!! There, now that we are done with that we can quit all this passing of this illnesses and we can all focus on being well. I am sorry you were feeling like you were constantly swimming with the ear thing going on, but totally glad that you are feeling better and that the girls are better. Took Alex back for his follow up and all was clear, then he came down with runny nose the next day...go again I say BEGONE!!!!
I will be keeping your dad in my thoughts, definately know what that can be like. My dad has suffered from a-fib since his heart attack almost 10 years ago and has had to have shocks to keep heart rate down then medication therapy. Hope they can figure out the root cause of your dad's. I also had a friend who had the same problem who they diagnosed as having a bad heart for a long ended up being her thyroid. Worth asking if they checked it because thyroid can cause that kind of problem.
I had noticed your new store at ES, so CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are taking on a whole lot in this new year!!! And I wish you all the best!! Can't wait to see what all you have to offer. And maybe once I have the new computer and all the finances settle down I can start buying some stuff again....been cut off for now until we can get everything know how it is. Did get hubby's truck fixed though, at least it's not getting water in it anymore when it rains here....and we have been getting a lot of that!!
Glad to have finally heard from you here, Kerri told me on PM you had good news, and I saw you around after I left the message. Certainly missed you!!! Please take care of yourself and those babes. Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

I HAVE to tell you, I couldn't resist that new kit of yours "too sweet"- I WENT SHOPPING!!!!
Too late here now to do anything with it, but I will probably be dreaming about the next layout!!!
CU soon

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Boy it sure seems like none of us can get rid of this dang sickness & with so much to do & not feeling like doing it makes it even worse!!!
Will keep you in my prayers!!!!!!!!!!
CONGRATS ON ES!!!!!!!!!!!!