Sunday, January 13, 2008

Its ALL Smiles!!!!!!!!

I am still feeling crummy, and slammed with stuff that just HAS to be done- LOL. Nothing new there, but keeping a damper on me getting better I do believe. With time.... I have almost forgotten what that is. It seems to fly by so fast, and never enough of it. I made resolutions though this year to schedule myself to make more time for me, for Joe and the girls. I figured out a schedule so far that seems to look to be best. 2 times a month to go out somewhere special with the girls (i.e. movies, chuckee cheese, something of that nature) And 2 times a month for me and Joe without the girls. And a least 3 hours to myself each week to do just ME stuff. LOL since I am always doing things with the girls or Joe all the time. I guess I do rack up what could be ME time alot during the late nights when every one's asleep and I am here doing this and scrapping. But I mean like out of the house, on a picture walk or to the store for some shopping alone.

I know I am not the only mom that gets some what agitated when the whole family goes for the groceries. I never get any good answers from Joe as to what to get for dinner, or what things he would like to eat. All I ever get from an answer from him at the grocery store is "I don't Care" LMAO. And the girls don't care what I am saying to them while in an isle that has something Dora or Diego. Forget it, That is all I hear and if its put in the cart- The attention span is gone! And there I go again- Rambling. LOL- I have alot of LO's to share today, I am super excited about it. AND- I have finished my Add On to Your Smile which will be the DGGA at JFTSOI later tonight I do believe, I will let you know for sure when I know. AND.... LOL I have finished My Mini for L'amour D'hiver. This is the monthly snips and scraps at JFTSOI this month. You can pick up mine alone, or pick up each designers sections different for this months Mega Kit. Here is the Preview-
AND... This month if you purchase $10 or more at JFTSOI you get the mega kit FREE. The theme is "Birthday Celebrations" And it is so bright and fun. Just as soon as your cart has a total of 10 or more, Add this to it, and it will be marked free. Here is my contribution to the Free Mega,

Okay now on to some layouts. I am overwhelmed to say the least of all the great creativity in you all. You are all so awesome, and each layout is superb. I showed them today to Joe and he said "WOW, Those are all done with your creations?- People actually like your stuff?" I SMACKED HIM. What a sarcastic comment huh? Then he laughed and said he really did like them and that it was pretty cool that people actually shared with me. Honestly? Does Walmart get this treatment?? I mean who has actually took the stuff the made with their purchase from the craft dept and said- Look what I made with your stuff? So I am on cloud nine right now. Thank you all soooo much!!!!!

~*~*~*~Scrapper Layouts~*~*~*~
Both Using You are my Sunshine
By Kerri~~~~By LJD2007
How adorable are these??? The kids are adorable, and look at that face on the second one. Is that not the cutest??? Looks like mine when Dora is on the t.v. Forget it, they are in a different world! LOL
Using My Favorite Lilly~~~Using Sundrenched
By Tina~~~~By Scrappy Granny
Is Tina not gorgeous? She looks like Drew Berrymore Such a perfect match and that babe is adorable in the second one, Such a cutie. The sundrenched kit is a free download at under the designer collections.
Using Sundrenched~~~Using Kiss Me
By Sixenlajai~~~~By Sharon
Both of these are soo beautiful. Great photos and awesome job on the journaling:)
Using Christmas Holly~~~Using Manly Monday
By Kendra~~~~By Marg (CleoDog)
That photo in the first is so gorgeous. Beautiful effect to give the kids and the tree that angelic glow and the layouts on both of these are awesome!! Love the abstract art on the second one. Definitely going to have to check out that book.
Using Christmas Holly~~~~Using Sweet Versatility
By Mat~~~~By Khalia
That first one is so great. Love that big tree and how nice to be at vegas for a holiday trip. LOVE IT and the second is so gorgeous, Looks at those gowns. Gorgeous photos!
Using Ice HOT Lemonade~~~~Using For the Boy and Midnight Glisten
Both By Kerri
Now both of these are ToOO cute. The photos and layouts are fab and the facial expressions of miss Mia- Beautiful!!!
and He's Mine~~~~~~And Template by Teriann Hanks
Both By Kerri
AWESOME PHOTOS!! The beauty of the frost and the boys is beyond me. Love the layouts on both of these too, fab job again girl!

~*~*~Sweetie's Layouts~*~*~
Using Your Smile~~~~~Using Kiss Me
Both by Shikin
Using He Loves Me~~~~~Using He's Mine
Both by Karen
Using Your Smile~~~~~Using He Love's Me
Both by K.Donovan
Using He Love's Me~~~~~Using Your Smile
Both by Colie
Both by Chris
Using Popcorn and a Movie~~~~~Using Your Smile
Both by Clara
Using Your Smile~~~~~Using Timeless Love
Both by Lilly


TragedyScrapinAnne said...

You've been blogged, read all about it here::::

Happy Sunday, Kat

tricertifiedx2 said...

Hey there Liz, missed you yesterday so glad to see you back and sorry you still aren't feeling well.....are we ever going to be able to kick this thing?? I know we are 1000's of miles away from each other but we still seem to be passing this "virus" back and forth...ha ha ha. I do hope you get to take a little time to get back to 100%. I do know what you mean about the "I don't know's" that you get from Joe....I think all husbands have that answer pre-programed for answering those kind of questions, I get the same answer from my hubby.
I think you need to smack Joe once for all of us for the comment he made about us using your products....just to let him know we do read what you write, and we do care!!! Even though he was being sarcastic.
Thanks for sharing the LO's, they are GREAT!!! I am feeling very inspired and may try and sit down tonight and do a little scrapping...we will see. We did figure out what happened to the desktop...and yes it's the motherboard so we are going to have to either buy a new computer or buy a refurbished motherboard for the computer we have. We are leaning to the new computer but we don't want one with Vista so that greatly narrows what we can buy.
Take care of yourself, and I hope the schedule you have worked out does work for you....I am excited that hubby is going to be working days so maybe we can have a more "normal" schedule whatever that is. Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Hi Liz, so sorry to hear that the bug is back (or never really left, we just can't hear you sneeze or cough, when you type!) You concentrate on getting better, so that you can start on that awesome idea of yours. I love that you are aiming for 2 nights out with Joe a month. I hope it happens!
We have really enjoyed our weekend together, nearly over now.
I love your new kit, it is really pretty, but then I love all of your stuff. You make sure you let Joe know that! A slap on the back of the hand seems in order there! As Leigh said, just to make sure he knows we do visit and READ what you ahve to say, and we also come every day, and miss you when you are not around!
Love the layouts, it is so much fun, to see mine there too along with all those really great layouts.
Right better go now, it is way past my bedtime, but I think you know all about that problem, that is if the time code on your blog is anywhere near right some days!!
Take care, get well soon, and Leigh my Dad is regretting Vista too, so keep looking for one without!

tricertifiedx2 said...

Hey Liz, been missing seeing you here and hearing how things are going for you....hope you are not really, really sick. I hope that you have just been really busy, and you are spending time with family and friends. Take care of yourself either way and hope to hear an update sometime soon. Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Me, too, I keep checking and checking and thinking uhoh, and then changing my mind to thinking "chucky cheese" and a "date at the cinema". Please tell me that was right. But if not "Get well soon", I miss you and am sending lots of healthy vibes over the net to you. (Not that we have too many here, but what we have I will share - Robert has come out with a rash all over, a trip to the doctors it is for me in the morning! but I am not sending that, only the healthy stuff.

Take care, stay safe
Hugs and Vitamin C