Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I did my Mini Christmas Album... Finally! LOL

Okay, I am super excited cuz I got my Christmas pages done for my album! YEAH! LOL. I ended up doing 6 total pages. I am sure I will add more to it later, but for not that is it! hahaha.
I want to thank you all for your sweet comments. I really enjoy reading them. I hope you get and your family get to feeling better Leigh, I know its tough. And I don't blame you one bit- SLEEP girl! LOL Its what I did, and it helped lots. Stevie is acting as though she is getting it again, hope not but only time will tell!
The snow is falling hard right now here- And its beautiful! I am definitely going out to take pictures tomorrow for sure!!! I love the beauty of new fallen snow all over. It just gives me one of those feelings of pure joy and bliss. And I am sure the girls will want to go out and play in it first thing when they wake up! So should be another fun day!
O - You wanted to see the layouts huh?? LMAO Well here they are in order -My tree (small i know, but i have babes and cats, LMAO) Our number one pick in lights on our traditional Christmas Light Ride, Miss Roxy, Ana and Stevie- The person carving my ham and turkey is my dad. All of the pages done using my Christmas Holly and Christmas Holly Add On.

So there ya have it, My Christmas. Turned out fairly nice I think. Tomorrow at Midnight I will have the DGGA up again at JFTSOI. You will need to be logged in and registered to get the download link, but I am sure you will enjoy it!!!!! It goes perfect with my brand new kit called "He Loves Me". I will have previews and all info about it and my new challenges tomorrow for you all. (P.S. My new challenges are up already, I just figured I would wait and blog em tomorrow) Much Love to you all!!!!
Until Tomorrow.......


tricertifiedx2 said...

Thanks for thinking of me!!I tried to get lots of sleep, went to bed REAL early last night. Then wouldn't you know it but BOTH kids were up in the middle of the night last night. Taking Alex to the Dr. today....will let you know how that goes, should be interesting. Planning on more sleep tonight, we'll have to see how that goes considering last night. Love the LO's. Can't wait to get started on mine...when I am feeling more up to it. I hate feeling bad, feel like I don't get anything done. And like you said, you feel like you totally get behind. I would love to see some pic's of the beautiful snow if you get any. We don't get any down this way thank goodness, but I love seeing it. It's cold enough for me here in the 40's and 50's. Will share what I do when I get there....hopefully that will be soon. Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

I love your layouts, that ham looks delicious! Living with a vegetarian, sometimes just seeing something like that, makes my mouth water. Not that I am now a vegetarian, just a part time one. In other words I don't cook two meals for us, but if we go out I will look at the meaty menue first!
And those Xmas lights, wow. here in Germany everyone seems to be saving in that category, hardly anyone went to town with the xmas lights, when we took the boys out to see them. i was really disappointed, but to them it was all new, so it wasn't a problem. But I would have loved to have shown them, what you snapped!
I hope that Stevie stays healthy for you, and you don't play pingpong with what you've got.
Take care (time for my bed now, all that talk about sleep has made me think it is time!)