Thursday, January 17, 2008

I am Alive and Well :)

Things have been nothing more than mere chaos for the past few days. I haven't been blogging because I have been sleeping. Usually in between 2-4 am I was finding myself unwinding to you all by blogging. But the past few days I have been doing bright and early errands, and avoiding my house as much as possible as I have men redoing my roof. Yeppers in the dead of winter of new roof. LOL. We had a wind storm knocked some stuff off the buildings roof next to me onto my already bad roof, and well... the hole left needed fixed. And not to mention what time I did have on the PC was dedicated to all the deadlines of contributions I have. I think almost every designer has the deadline of the 20th. LOL

I am pretty much over the flu. Stevie is the only one still lingering it hard core. The girls still have the stuffy noses and a little cough, but Stevie has been battling the temperature and ear aches still. Poor babe, she has a hard time fighting it since she was born preemie anytime she gets the bug, it gets her good. I might get some scrapping done today, We will see. Depends on how long the roofers work on my house today. I hate working on my laptop when it come to scrapping. Speaking of PC's hows your situation coming along Leigh?

I will hopefully be getting back into routine sometime soon. I am missing it, and so many ideas and things are piling up that need done:) I think I will always be behind. I missed Linda's chat that I so desperately wanted to be at do to errands in town- and Joe of course got the blunt of it. LOL. But at least I got the first part of her gorgeous new kit, so I am happy still :) Just now to get to scrapping with it.
Before I forget, I have Your Smile Add On up for free today at JFTSOI. You will have to be logged into get the link But well worth it :) Here is the preview of what's free today.
Until Tomorrow....... HOPEFULLY


KayJay said...

I am SO pleased to hear you are well and healthy. (not so pleased that Stevie isn't, though). You had me and leigh just a bit worried there.
What a time of year to have them in to fix your roof. But as coincidence would have it - my Mum and Dad are having their roof fixed too!!! Should be finished this afternoon!

Robert by the way has "just" an allergy rash - heaven knows what against. I now have to write down, what he has eaten and drunk in the last 24 hours and then when or if it happens again, I will have something to compare it with. But they can't say what it was/is! It hasn't slowed him down though (unfortunately) But thank goodness it isn't catching, so I don't have to be put into quarantine for weeks on end!

Take care, CU soon

tricertifiedx2 said...

Well, well, well, I am so glad you are o-kay. Like Kerri said we had gotten a bit worried about you....I was also afraid Joe may have been holding you down refusing to let you on the computer any more....ha ha ha!! Glad you FINALLY got over the bug, I just hope the kids don't pass it back to you. Alex is STILL on antibiotics and we have to go back to the Dr next week from his little episode.
So about my computer...still on the laptop...have to wait to have the money to get a new tower. Though as I told Kerri we did find that Dell sells some of their stuff with the XP operating system still so that we don't have to have VIsta....Thank goodness!!!! I was worried for a little while there. It will probably be the end of the month when we get the desktop back....until then I am stuck scrapping on the laptop....though I have a wireless mouse which helps a little. Most of my recent pic's I am still going to have to have them retrieve since I hadn't backed them up yet but thanks to my sister that's not going to cost us....due to the bad service we got when we were trying to get the thing diagnosed.
Anyway....glad to have you back...and super glad you are getting a new roof though not under the circumstances you are getting it. We had to get one last year. At least I know ours is good for the next 30 years!!! And seriously...they had ours torn off and put back on in one 10 hour day with 6 guys working on why's your's taking so long??? Blessings to you.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Sweet Liz,

I, too, in my hecticness over the past several days, have not stopped thinking about you as I just felt something was not right. I remember you speaking of still feeling under the weather and with the new store and all, I was hoping that you had not relapsed from putting in TOO many hours like someone else I know!

I'm glad that you are feeling better and I shall keep DARLING Stevie Rae in my thoughts and prayers in hopes that she is on the mend quickly.

LOL! I slept until noon yesterday after all of my 5:00 mornings in preparation for my chat ... I missed you and that is when I knew for sure that something was wrong. I was just getting ready to e-mail you when I thought to stop by your blog first to see if you had posted! DA-DA! Here you are PRECIOUS girl! Your add-on is ADORABLE and I am on my way to snag it to add to the full kit I purchased the other day. I am desperately trying to work on a layout of my red-headed twin and his new car which works WONDERFULLY well with the other kit I picked up, *Peachberry Wine*!!! Mmmmm ... that actually sounds REALLY good!

I have a little something I'm going to send you via e-mail. Hope I'm not TOO late!

Love you girlie and I'm glad you are feeling better sweetheart!

Kisses and hugs for you and the girls and I hope your roof is fixed in NO time!


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