Thursday, January 10, 2008

Drumroll Please.........

I missed out on blogging yesterday- I was super busy and with good reason. That big news took a lot of time these past few days to get all together- but............. I have been invited to Scrap Digi Style!!!!!!!!!!!!! How awesome is that??? Now this doesn't change a thing for me at JFTSOI. I will still be highly active there, with my challenges, products, free gifts and chats- This just means you will see more of me- LOL. I will be hosting a challenge at Scrap Digi Style each month as well, so that will mean more opportunities to come join my fun and get rewarded for doing so. AND- Here is the best part... I have MY OWN STORE! Yeah, is that not awesome??? So the renovating was for great purpose. And Alma is a total sweetie! She set everything up for me and just--- wow! I am really excited to become part of the team there, and hope you are for me as well!
I wanted to say thank you ALL for your awesome comments on this weeks mini! I had so much fun creating it, and the love that you shown me in return with your comments made it even better! Just for those that may have missed it- It will be in my stores later on today if not tomorrow morning :) I love creating theme kits- if you can't tell- LMAO I think it will be perfect for pics you take before your son goes on his trip Kerri- I am jealous he is going too! LOL- I told Joe that after all this talk WE HAVE TO GO SOME TIME SOON! We need the break, to keep some sanity.
Leigh I am sending the PC doctor through this post- LOL_ I hope it isn't anything too serious. It seems like you and I just keep passing the buck so to speak to each other! But I don't want it back k?? LMAO -
O and the RAK? It is short for a Random act of Kindness. Its just a simpler way of saying thank you for supporting me, enjoy a gift on me. So, if I get the "Rak" spirit going, I go through and find people at random that have supported me or commented on things and give them a special gift. Sometimes I just pick someone who is showing kindness to someone else, with no affiliation with me just to say thanks for being you.
Okay, well I will have more to share tomorrow- along with a few layouts and previews to my posting bonuses at JFTSOI and SDS. So.....

Until Tomorrow


KayJay said...

you should have seen me drumming away on my desk!!! congratulations! I will be popping on over to Scrap Digi Style in a minute and getting myself registered. I really enjoy your challenges, so you can reckon on me being there.
I missed you yesterday, and had my fingers xed that you hadn't got the bug back from Joe! As to that computer bug going back and forth between you and Leigh, did you two decide to send it my way? I was offline for 4 hours this morning, and it seemed like a lifetime. I do like to get up in the mornings and whilst the boys play quietly check my mails and your blog. And this morning NOTHING!! AGH! Phoned the phone company and they said, won't be here til Saturday - panic stations here. But they got here lunchtime. And I am back online!

And I DID it!!! 1) I started my own Blog - mainly for florian so he can keep up with us here, and so he can see all my various layouts 2) I have signed up for the Creative contest on JFTSOI! Crazy I know, but I think I will enjoy the challenge even if I don't get anywhere! I had a thousand questions for Babette, but she answered them all for me, and now I have signed up.

Again Congratulations - and you go girl, grab Joe and off to the Cinema, and let us know what you saw and if we should go too!

Take care

MissLilly said...

WHOOOO HOOOO CONGRATULATIONS LIZ!!! I am so excited for you & for Sweet Digi Scraps aswell,you are doing so very well there is no stopping you now on the way to the top,just keep kicking those goals mate bend it like beckham even LMAO I am proud of your achievements & personal growth in the time that I've known you & like I said before your on your flight to the top now mate & It's a ONE WAY TICKET So there is no going back from here & just think when you arrive at your destination(the top LOL)I will be able to say HOW LUCKY AM I BECAUSE I KNOW HER & SHE'S MY BEST FRIEND LMAO LMAO LMAO Hehehehe in one of those moods I think it might be the heat sending me a bit silly lilly oh who am I kidding blaming the heat I am talking to you now & you know silly lilly quite well you & her go way back LOL xox

Suzi said...

Congratulations! I love your stuff :)

DlaineL (Deborah) said...

Congratulations!!! That is so cool. I hope that after I get settled in my new house that I can participate in some of your challenges...moving is so tough!!! I can't find anything.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Woo Hoo....Congratulations to you!!!! I am soooooo excited for you!!! Can't wait to see what all this has in store for you... Tooo exciting, though I hope you will still have time to blog as I Love to come here and see what all is happening you are going to be one busy gal aren't you!!

O-kay, so as far as the PC Doctor...well, I am still waiting, and getting very angry with the people who are working on it. They have given me 2 different stories now, so I want to talk with the original guy that I left the computer with but he seems not to be working anymore...figures...they told me he would be in at 9am this morning so I was there at 9am to talk with him and guess who didn't show up for work?? So it does look as if we are going to have to get another computer which means I am out of the game for a little while, unless hubby gets an extra job that pays a bundle!!! And we have to figure out how much they are going to charge us to get all the info that I hadn't backed up yet...there wasn't much...but it was still important stuff. Keep sending good vibes my way and hopefully things will turn around. And as far as passing it back and forth or around the buck stops here!!! I don't wish this on anyone sorry Kerri had to experience anything like it.

Going to head over to SDS and JFTSOI and check out all that is going on for you. Oh and I wanted to let you know that I really like the Sundrenched collection and will get a hold of that asap. Take care of yourself and try not to stay too busy. And go out and do something wild and crazy to celebrate the new store!! Blessings to you!

Rylea said...

OMG!! Congratulations to you. What a terrific pat on the back that is and all you have endured as a designer to get to here, today. I knew you was a great designer, but now, you best know it and now you have your own store too. I am excited for you and all you can and will achieve for 2008 and on. I will look forward to even more of you. I visit your site daily, as I am a huge fan and scrap addict because of people like you. We simply can't get enough of you Liz. Once a fan, we are always a fan. Thanks so much Liz. And Again, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOO! *doing my happy dance for you*

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...