Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bucket head here...

I am still struggling with hearing but on the up side, It is an infection. Well a double one. LOL- I have to go to my specialist and get further checking done, possibly looking to have tubes put in again. I kinda felt like a kid again when they said that. I remember the last time I had tubes put in my ears was when I was 10 I think. Either way, It looks to be really promising. Just waiting it out now until I can hear right again. And man I can't wait. I am getting headaches still that are coming and going, but I think it has to do with the hearing part. Everything seems to echo inside my head like the typing on the keyboard now is playing a drum. LMAO. I can't wait til its over with.
We have to wait on further results from things from my dad to see whats up completely. So I am still crossing my fingers. I told the doctor to check his thyroid and hopefully it all gets straightened out soon. I went out to the store after all the running yesterday to pick up the girls a little something since I felt so bad for not doing everything as normal with them. And asking them a 100 times to repeat themselves. I know they are just as frustrated as I am. And not that "buying them something" helps, but I know they just don't understand. And I couldn't expect them too. Either way, they each got a Pucci Purse. I had never paid any attention to the fact these were out even, but they looked super cute so I got them.
So now the girls are each walking around with this HUGE puppy carrying purse with all their toys inside em, and dragging the puppies along side them on the leashes. It is tooo funny! The carrying bags are big enough for Lil Stevie and Ana to sit in and it is making for some candid moments to say the least. Roxy thinks every time I take the dog out to go potty, that she too has to take her puppy. So now its mommy and Roxy taking the dogs out- LMAO.
I will be sure to take some pics today- and show em to you all. I will be back tomorrow with a little something :)
Until Tomorrow......


tricertifiedx2 said...

Glad you have an answer to your bucket head problem...at least somewhat...they did give you an antibiotic this time, right?? I hope that meeting with the specialist will have good news...like no tubes, but if it will help solve the problem then I guess that is the best.
I was just thinking about your dad the other day and wondering what had happened with his appointments. Thanks for the little update and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that they will get it all figured out very soon. I know that it is hard when you don't have the answers you want...especially when it is a family member so close.
I will have to say you aren't the only one who "makes up" to your kids by buying them things...especially when they are too young to understand why mommy isn't feeling well. I could probably venture to say everyone who has kids has done it at least once. Don't feel bad...and now the girls have new toys to play with and you have new pic's to take!! Everyone is happy. Looking forward to seeing some of those candid's. I am planning on doing some scrapping tonight after everyone is asleep, maybe for an hour or two so I will let you know how that goes. Got the laptop moved to where the old computer used to be so maybe it will be easier.
Have fun taking all those "dogs" out. Blessings to you.

KayJay said...

Hi there, i am back in the land of living, and very pleased to hear that although you are still suffering from the echoing, you are on the mend. Maybe if we all shout it together "Sickness Be Gone" it will finally leave us all alone.

I can't wait to see the pictures of your girls, because, I have NO idea what a Pucci Purse is, and have a very strange picture in my head, which will be interesting to see, if it has anything to do with reality.;O)

We still have our fingers crossed here for your Dad too, so keep us updated. And let him know that half way round the world, someone is routing for him.
Leigh, as to your blog, you go girl, then we can all see your layouts you get done tonight. Can't wait.
Bye 4 now

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

WOO HOO!!!! FREEBIRD is playing upon my arrival!!! Guess I shall have to hang around for a while and listen to your tunes darlin'!

Just stopped by to let you know that I am thinking about you, your dad, Joe and the those ADORABLE little girls of yours!

I'm still trying to accomplish something and am feeling SO lethargic but think I figured out the problem ... my space heater!!!

I hope that you are feeling better with your ear on the mend and that you are getting some of your scrapping done!

I will stop in and check on you tomorrow sweetie!

Love you girlie - BIG HUGS and hope you are SCRAPPIN' HAPPY!!!


KayJay said...

I am doing the "Mum thing" again - that is worrying about where you could have got to. I hope you and your dad (and of course the rest of your family) are OK, and that you are just busy and not ill.
Here's thinking of you
Hugs and get well soon

tricertifiedx2 said...

I guess Kerri and I get the same idea at the same time or day...since they are basically a day ahead of us. Just wanted to check in on you and make sure you are doing better and not still in the bucket. Any news on the tubes?? Any news on your Dad?? I hope you are coming back to us with good news all around. And don't forget about the pic's of the girls and their purses, I'm sure Kerri still needs to justify the pic in her head with the actual purse. Please be taking care of youself and we will be looking for you around in the forums and hopefully back here...SOON!!! Just know you are missed!!! Blessings to you.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hello sweetheart! Just stopping in to let you know that you are being thought about daily and I SO hope that you are taking time to rest up and let yourself heal up darlin'. Somehow I've missed whatever is going on with your dad and I just hope and pray he be well too!

I still DO NOT know how you manage all that you do and just remember, YOU come first. My head is swimming just thinking about ALL that you do. EEEEEKS! I struggle each day just to accomplish one task let alone the many you do.

Hope all is going smoothly for you with the senior portraits as well - how SPECIAL to be able to help in preserving those AWESOME memories that each one will have to look back on down the road!!!

Love you girlie ... kisses and hugs and hope you are feeling better each day sweetie.