Thursday, January 3, 2008


I am uploading pictures now of the snow from today, So later on I will be scrapping them and putting them up. It is beautiful- COLD.... But that is to be expected. And to my surprise the girls didn't want to go out in it first thing. I honestly a bit disappointed. But, they did want to go out later and had so much fun. Joe did something that I about had a fit over! But, the girls loved it. He put fresh snow in a bowl, poured milk on it and sugar and cocoa mix. Now to me doesn't sound very pleasing, and well.... with the environment and the fact that it is snow. But they loved it and wanted more. I told him one bowl was pushing it with me and that they would be fine without seconds. I didn't dare try it, although I should have and probably will later secretly. Live a little I guess you could say- LMAO. As he put it "Poor man's Ice Cream". He did it as a kid, and said he never understood it either, but it was good to him and he wanted the girls to try it too.
And I wish you tons of luck leigh at the doctors. I too am looking to be taking Stevie soon. AGAIN, as she is really runny- LOL. Her ears are now draining and her nose is a faucet that doesn't want to quit!
O and To let you know, today I have an add on being given away at JFTSOI. It can be found here. But you will need to be logged in to get your download link. Here is what is up for grabs before being put in the store.
This is an add on to the brand new release of mine called He Loves Me. It just got put up in the store. It came from the inspirational thoughts of sitting in the grass as a girl, trying to find out the most sought after answer. Picking the petals of the daisies and telling them my secret crush. However, when I started working on it, I found myself putting it together for both boys and girls. Either way, here is what the new FULL kit looks like that matches today's freebie. You can get the kit in full, Or pick up just the papers, which ever you wish.
Also my new challenges are up at JFTSOI as well. I am still working on the posting bonuses. And will let you know when they are all finished. This month I choose Bad English's song "When I See you Smile" and choose angles to work with for photography. You can click on the challenge banners to see full details on participating and tips and the full lyrics to this months song.
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Hannah said...

MorningLiz, well at least Joe flavored the snow. I remember when I was a kid we used to just scoop it up in our hands and eat it. My Mom used to have a fit and then she'd tell us if we got sick we could take care of ourselves. Have a good day. Hugs, Hannah

DlaineL said...

My kids love to eat snow! My dad makes "snow cream" for them. He puts vanilla, sugar, and milk in it. I think it's gross but hey....whatever floats their boat! Last year, they put strawberry pancake syrup in it. I think they mixed it with Mountain Dew once too! I thought that looked too much like "yellow snow" LOL

tricertifiedx2 said...

Thanks again for thinking of me!!! I am feeling better after going to bed last night early and sleeping almost 12hrs.....WOW!!! And the kids didn't get up this time!! Still have the head cold but at least I feel better. I sure hope Stevie doesn't have what Alex does...he did the triple threat...double ear infection, sinus infection, and conjunctivitus(sp)so now he is on an extended regimine of antibiotics 20 days!!! He seems to be doing better today but still has the runny nose. Dr. said one of the ears looked like it was going to start draining.

We did snow ice cream as kids also, I grew up in Colorado so was always around snow in the winter. My mom even had a recipe for it in her cookbook, you should try it, it's good. And nevermind the environment...that is just a little bit of snow in the grand scheme of things. It will be a memory the girls will always remember, I know I do.

Can't wait to see your LO's of the snow, like I said I love to see it, but don't want to live in it any more!!! I do hope that Stevie is feeling better, if not, bite the bullet girl and get her to the Dr., she will feel better and you will too!! Blessings to you!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Hi Liz we use to do it too when I was little but not with the Chocolate!!!!

KayJay said...

The only thing I remember being told, was not to eat "yellow snow" - never did see any though. But if it snows around here,then I am sure I will, cause Robert seems to always need a wee in the fresh air. I guess I will have to say to them too "Don't eat yellow snow". Your Joe's version of it sounds much nicer. Perhaps I will try it with my boys, although in the summer they never really wanted ice cream. Too cold, robert told me!

Thanks for the Daisy Kit, what a lovely idea.
Bye for now