Friday, January 4, 2008

And I tried it!!

So yes, today I let Joe fix me some of the snow "ice cream" and actually isn't so bad. So Kerri, I would say let the boys try it~ LOL It is kinda like home made ice cream, just a little different. Thank you all too for sharing your memories of doing the same, It made me feel less weird as a parent knowing others also put together a "snow" treat.
Either way, Stevie is much better today, still a little runny at the nose, but better for the most part. However, it has passed on to miss Ana now! It is just bouncing around the house. I am dreading Joe getting it though. If ever there was a bigger baby about have the flu, I have yet to meet them. I can handle the girls being ill. They just lounge around, sorta cranky and take the medicine to get better. But Joe, well.....he stays under about 5 blankets, doesn't move around much and just becomes the "i need" kid that gets on your nerves a bit. So I am hoping he doesn't come down with it! I have been giving him that airborne when he gets a bit of a cough just to prevent. I am sorry that your son is loaded with the ailments Leigh. Send well wishes along to him, and give lots of noodle soup and stuff chalked full of the vitamin C.
I hate when my ears drain. I have "swimmers ears" and even getting a bit of water in them while in the tub just messes me all up. And when they drain- it turns my stomach all around and my face about ten shades of green. Its more or less due to the synthetic ear construction I have. My right ear is more or less man made on the inside. I was attacked by a dog when I was 7 and it was all ripped out. They were able to save the ear its self (outside part that everyone sees, but everything inside is reconstructed) The doctor I had did an amazing job, as there is small scaring and the only downside is that it is a little difficult to hear out of it. Since it is the construction of a seven year olds ear, Kinda weird huh? LOL. But I do show people I tell about it, my scars as the doctor did stitching that ended up leaving a scar in the shape of an E toward the top- Irony since my name is Elizabeth.
Okay enough weird facts about me! LMAO- I put up a poll on the top to see what you would like to see for Tuesday nights mini freebie. And Also have a layout to share. I took these pics of the tops of the trees behind my dads home, along the railroad tracks. It was beautiful, almost like spring blossoms all over the branches- but snow. So I titled it Winter's Bloom. I used my kit Winter Stroll to create this layout.
I will have more to share tomorrow, as I almost have my kit done for the challenge bonuses on JFTSOI. So I will be able to show you tomorrow. Also I will be giving some more tips on angles with picture examples as well coming next week, Just pulling it all together.
Also, if you purchase the "He Loves Me" kit, please do not add both the papers and kit together- they are the same papers that are included in the 3.99 price.
And I want to thank you ALL for your wonderful comments on yesterday's add on to the kit. I hope you all enjoyed it! I am looking forward actually to scrapping with the kit and add on tonight!
Until Tomorrow


Jody said...

Your "Winter's Bloom" LO is breathtaking. Any chance you would share a QP? I live in snow country and would have so many photos that would be great with this LO.

KayJay said...

I love your snowy layout too, that kit is just perfect for snowy pictures! I love it, but then I love all of your kits.
I have to comment on your Joe's behaviour when ill, that could be my husband Florian or my Dad. I truly believe that all men are the same. If they have a cold, its the flu, and they are very near death! Oops Florian is on his way in, better finish now, but you get the gist!
Take care and I hope Joe stays healthy for your sake!

tricertifiedx2 said...

What a great LO of the Winter's Bloom!! Reminds me of the cottonwood trees near my parents house.
I do have to agree with all the other commenters about the men and illness, though I have been pretty lucky with mine. He will continue to work through his unless he IS on his death bed (or his Chief orders him to stay home, which has happened before).
Thanks again for thinking of us, it is so nice to come here and see nice thoughts and comments!! Can I just say that I LOVE ANTIBIOTICS!! What a different kid I have here already!! One day later and barely a runny nose, eye's are cleared up and no more tugging at the ears. He is running around here like he hasn't been sick for the last 4 weeks. The best thing is I only have to give him this once a day, how sweet is that??
Good for you for trying the snow, now you can share the memory with the girls!! And I am glad that Stevie is feeling better, but sorry that it has now passed to Miss Ana. Will we ever get out of this viscious circle?? My Hubby just came down with it again, so we are in for another round of it again, unless I can somehow stop it....Any suggestions???
So, I have to ask, will the similarities between us end?? Though I was not attacked by a dog I was bitten by a dog in the face when I was about 6 or 7 can't remember exactly how old I was. Still have some good scars because of it, nearly broke my jaw but I was lucky. Anyway, just a tidbit for you, since you shared with us. Take care. Blessings to you.

Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Dearest Liz,

I have missed you so! I, myself, am sick - yep, returned home from our Christmas up north and picked up what my daughter and her fiance' had, which I refer to as the "throat thing"!!!

I hope everyone gets better quickly and well, you know guys - they just don't do the "sick" thing very well now do they? ROFL!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the GORGEOUS layouts using your GORGEOUS designs. I am still new at this and grasping for the time to post layouts created with my designs on my blog, including the DARLING one you did of the girls!

I hope y'all had a WONDERFUL holiday together and that the new year brings you MUCH happiness and prosperity!

I am buried in PS with a kit I need to get finished this weekend for a site commitment after which I hope to be catching up with y'all!

Take care sweetie ...

Love and hugs,