Monday, December 29, 2008

A little behind.....

Okay wow, I have fallen behind and I totally apologize. Thank you all so very very much for the well wishes and thoughts being sent my way. Me and the babes greatly appreciate it. However, no little "mister" just yet. BUT... He is giving me a run for my money right now which is greatly due to my absence. I have a doctor's apt. to figure out just how much longer the labor might be prolonged, and see what all else is up. I have started the early stages of labor already, and Its a little difficult to just take it "easy" when instinctively I am wanting to do all the nesting.
Little "mister" is really at the breaking point I do believe as my hives are getting worse and yesterday was almost unbearable to do anything with my hands and Christmas night just had my feet sooo swollen I was "sockin" it everywhere LOL. Good thing there wasn't any snow :)
But I am getting a little bit of up time and had to come and update you all plus give you your much anticipated last giftie :)
So lets not keep you waiting any longer- before I go into my Christmas updating LOL. I am showing the preview for this last one as well since you have all waited far to long as it is for it :) My last gift for the 12 days is my new not-so-mini kit "Grace"

~*~Sorry this link has expired~*~
So onto how the holidays went :)...... Did everyone get what they wanted for Christmas???
I got more than I had even expected- But MUCH wanted and needed things :) Joe was so sweet and got me a new make-up set, new toaster (ours was just driving me insane with the stupid settings not doing the right thing LOL) a new HUGE crockpot and some body spray. My dad got me the Magic Bullet set. GOD I LOVE THAT!!! I have already used it for alot of stuff and I can't wait for using it for juicing after the babe's born. Since I am BF I am going to be needing all the yummy juices I can drink!! AND... Did you know that it can make baby food from the meals that I make?? That is sooooo going to save money when it comes time to be giving "mister" more solid type foods. My MIL got me a beautiful necklace and my SIL gave me a visa gift card, and my Sister got me a some new china. All and all the best gift hands down will have to be the girls total reaction to Santa coming.
Ready to laugh?- LMAO I know I did. So the girls put out the reindeer dust for the deer Christmas Eve. They were just tooo excited and Roxy told me if we didn't feed them they wouldn't see our house! LOL- So out we went and sprinkled out the dust for Santa's sleigh to find us.

Then they came in and wrote their notes to Santa and put out the cookies and milk and were fast asleep! I was shocked- I mean when I was a kid I COULDN'T sleep with all the excitment going on. So at 10 they are out like lights- and It started my back and forth for the night every hour. So after getting the pressies out at my house and having the cookies and everything like the plates and dishes prepared for dinner and the turkey in for basting I decided to go out to my favorite place to see on Christmas. This place just is absolutely gorgeous every year with all the lights and each year they add on to their decorations. I just am amazed at all the work they put into decorating their home and so very much envy them LOL.

So after coming in the door from my 5:30 am trip up to my dads to baste the turkey, I came home to what I hoped to grab a quick cat nap until the next hour basting time. WRONG- LMAO Roxy woke up just for a quick drink and restroom run- Sleepily walks to the bathroom and gets her cup and was heading back to bed. Goes around the corner and I was just amazed- She didnt see the gifts and was going back to sleep! Hahahaha- You know kids better than that.... She comes running back and goes MOMMY!!!! Santa came! *It had just taken a moment to sink in she wasn't dreaming I guess* And I told her to quitely just sit on the couch and she could have her stocking until her sisters woke up. Not but two minutes later Stevie wakes up for the same reason as Roxy did- And it didn't even take a second to sink in for her. She didn't make it to the RR- She had to stop first for all the WOWS. Then she had to be forced into the RR. Then Ana just opened her eyes and shot right out of bed and came running from hearing her sisters carrying on. So at 6 am I woke up Joe to come out and open gifts as I just couldn't make the girls wait any longer LOL. They were sooo excited with all their gifts- But just as you would expect with kiddos- The smallest things got the most play at first hehehehe.

Christmas dinner went really well- the turkey was delish! The girls had a blast going to all the family's houses and spending time with everyone. They didn't nap once until it was on the car ride home from the MIL's at 9 that night. They all 3 crashed hehehe. All the running though aggravated my hives something fierce and left me a swollen splotchy balloon. But was sooooooo worth it.
Okay I have rambled a WHOLE bunch I know.... So I am off to celebrate my birthday today- YEAPPERS- I am the big 24 Today!!! WOOT!! I will update soon on how the dr. apt goes and what is up with the little "mister" Plus hopefully today I will get some PC time to finish up the kit I have been making just for him and the new pics I am going to have :)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

On the 11th day of Christmas.....

Okay so I ended up skipping a day- Well we are still on the 11th day, but I missed out on posting for a day. I just had to listen to my body and the baby yesterday/today. My body is trying very hard to bring him early I do believe- Which would be more than fine- But after an amnio test and finding out that maybe they are projecting him a tad earlier than reality. It seems as though he might just be a big baby :) But... after magnesium (if any have had that you would totally understand) I just needed to rest. Little "mister" is still in need of some cooking time here to get those lungs up to par and we will be good to go. But let me tell you, today You couldn't tell me that I hadn't just given birth. Every step I took, every wrong move was total uncomfort and pressure. So I dont think we have much longer til his presence graces us all. YEAH!
But with that said, I will carry on the 12 days from here- And the 12th day gift will go up on Christmas and will be available for 2 days at least so that everyone has chance to get it. I know I probably wont have much if at all any PC time on Christmas day.... Far to much to do. Tomorrow night I have tons of baking to finish and gotta put that turkey in over night- Plus presents to wrap for my dad that he decided to buy last minute. Then for Christmas Day its Presents here in the morning, Then over to the inlaws (FIL) for a brunch and gift exchange- But I have to hurry back as during this time I am going to have my turkey basting at My dad's. Then Its back there for gifts and Christmas dinner (the one I am cooking) for my side of the family. Then after dinner and clean up its out to the inlaws (MIL this time) and go for the late dinner and gift exchange, then on to the light drive. WHEW! Okay I am taking my break after this to rest for then LMAO LMAO.
Okay enough boring you all LMAO LMAO- On to todays (what WAS yesterdays) gift.

And Until tomorrow when I come back to give out the last goodie of the 12 days celebration plus a little something special for a few special ladies :) Much Love and Thanks

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quick Update

Quick post, I will be back a little later today with todays gift as well as my post for the day-
I am just really drained and will explain after a quick nap or so.
Thanks so much everyone and I am very sorry but I will be back a little bit later to make the "12 days" post

Monday, December 22, 2008

On the 10th Day of Christmas.....

ITS FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am soo with you Rach! I need all the flannel I can get right now. The thermometer reads 4 degrees- the weather says the windchill makes it feel -2 YEAH! And it has been a blustery day for sure to top it off. If anyone caught the Cincinnati and Cleveland football game (even if a glimpse from your dh watching LOL) That is just about what it was like here. The wind was just horrid!! I had a few trips outside to reput the lights back on where they were supposed to go LOL. It did snow, but with the wind going, it didn't account for much of anything.
Although it was cold outside, it was HOT in here! I am a huge Steelers fan, and well today left me nothing short of um.... feeling like the idiots you see on tv that can't stop screaming like they can actually hear me LMAO. Then Joe was prancing around the house super excited because his team (the Miami Dolphins) won again today. I have to say- for any of you that might follow football as well you will nod in agreement- the fact that they are pushing for playoffs after going 1-15 last year is well... awesome.
Okay- well enough football talk.... I did get a good amount of presents wrapped- YEAH. I can't believe how close we actually are! OOO Soo much still to do. *Heres to wishing for more time- for ALL OF US! LMAO* I am glad to hear though that I am not the only one that has gone through the ruinning of a big surprise ;) Joe and Roxy played today- She is actually learning well enough to get a few notes right I am so proud. Ana tried, MAN- The guitar is MUCH MUCH bigger than she is and well... its just a riot to watch her try and rock out. I share some pics tomorrow I took of them *wanna scrap them tonight*
Speaking of Scrapping..... On to todays goodie.....

~*Sorry this gift has been given*~

And here is what was hiding in yesterdays present- Another mini kit that will be in the shoppes later on today.
Flannel Comfort

Well... Until tomorrow ladies Much Love and Thanks for all your sweet words..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

On the 9th of Christmas....

I am feeling tons TONS better. I think though I learnt the really hard way that "mister" doesn't care too much for Wendys Chicken- So I guess another trip there will be on hold until after he arrives :)
Sooooooo My surprise for Joe was totally ruined! I did so very well not sharing the excitement with anyone around here for fear of him getting word and I hadn't expected his gift to arrive until Monday. BUT- It came today. I thought I was in the clear... Picked up the packages (my shipment also came) and brought them in to carry on to the bathroom closet. (Lord knows I am the only one that replaces the clean towels, and TP and that so I KNEW I was safe there LOL)
Either way As carrying them, the paper packaging ripped on the bottom of the guitar box (It has been rainy all day- and my porch was damp where the mailman sit it) and Wouldn't you know the girls see the guitar on the box. Have them a fit.... WOW MOMMY- the works. So I explain in the torment of taking it and putting it up that they couldn't play with it just yet cuz it was daddy's for Christmas.- Well it worked. They dried up the tears and nothing more was said about it and everything was just fine--- SO I THOUGHT.
About 3 hours later Joe comes home from work, and the first step he made into the house- Roxy goes running to him and yells- DADDY DADDY! Mommy got you a guitar!!!! You know a guitar game to play! Nothing I could do could stop that girl from talking about it to him, she was bound and determined to get him to get it out so she could play too. Well after her nap and still chatting about it after several hours... I caved. And let her give it to him. She and Him played for ooooo 3 hours tonight! LOL. - O WELL, One less surprise reaction to capture Christmas day... But I am sure there will be tons of candids from them playing up until then :)
Okay.... Now On to a little something for everyone.....
~*Sorry this gift has been given*~

And hiding in yesterdays gift was another template exclusive for the 12 days celebration!

Alrighty.... Until tomorrow this chick is off to wrap some presents and get a head start since all the little misses in the house are fast asleep :) And I dont think "mister" is going to let me sleep for a bit- He didn't quit like dinner tonight either and I have some massive heartburn:) OOOO I can't wait for him to come already LMAO.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

On the 8th Day of Christmas...

Lizzy Poo has the flu (or at least something making me feel bladablah) LMAO.
Well if today couldn't be more of a pain in the butt in sorts, I dont know what it would have been. My net was SUPER SUPER slow- Which well sucked. Then I went out to get the stuff for stockings and some of the dinner goodies I would need for dinner. Ended up breaking eggs in the parking lot, ripping one of the doll boxes and popped a tire!! WOOT- Thank goodness for spares:) Although I still am baffled on what exactly I did to make the tire go capute.
And Of course you know how it is when you are out on the run- You usually pick up something quick and easy for dinner- Well I subjected myself to some good old Wendys- Hadn't had any in a while and it sounded good and the girls were all for getting some chicky nuggets.
Well either the food didn't settle well with me, Or the running around outside in the dreary weather got to me- But I came home to feeling pretty darn icky. I hate that- GERMS GERMS GO AWAY!- Hey- singing helps the rain to stop right? LOL
So either way- I was laying in bed tossing and turning debating whether some crackers and peppermint tea was in order when I realized O CRAP!!! So I greatly apologize to everyone for being a bit on the late side tonight. And I have to say WOWY! Thank you everyone for all your comments and flattery- I better watch it my head is going to swell soon LMAO- Just Kidding but you all seriously have a huge smile on my face. Its so awesome to know that people enjoy my creations. *And little "mister" is saying his thank yous as well for well thoughts of him- he is just kicking the heck out of the keyboard slide out LMAO.
Okay So I went to and had it pick out 6 (yeappers 6- There was just such a great response that I wanted to up the chances :) And the winners are........

cat1393, Russio, ~M (michelle), Mary (2:15 pm comment), Trish, and May (luck musta been on your side girlie :)

CONGRATS GIRLS!!!! Please if you would email me at sweetdigiscraps (at) yahoo (dot) com
I will send along your download links to the kit "Like a Kid"

Now On to a gift for everyone....
~*Sorry this gift has been given*~

And here is what was hiding in yesterdays gift!

Alright my dears- Its off to the kitchen for me to grab up some crackers to huddle up on the couch with and some hot tea. *couch because I just can't sleep with Joe when I feel icky- He produces WAY too much body heat for my likings and only gets me all flushed and even more icky LMAO- So anytime I am sick its either him or me sleeping on the couch LOL!
I will be back tomorrow with yet another gift for you all :) Much Love until tomorrow....

Friday, December 19, 2008

On the 7th Day of Christmas....

Thank you all for your well wishes, It turns out it was just over doing it and ended up working out some muscles in my lower back. I am with ya Linda.. I kept telling them yesterday when they would yell at me for doing something-- Hey Just cuz I am pregnant doesn't mean I am in mobile and in capable. But hey- On the plus of it all it did get them to help out doing stuff that I know wouldn't have been done without initiation.
Not feeling the hottest today- But much better than labor LMAO. Little Mr. Mister has been just a ball of energy today though... I don't think I have ever seen my belly go in so many directions at once LOL. He isn't due til for another month but I will tell ya I don't know how much more stretching my belly is going to take. I already have that overstuffed- ate to much for the holidays feeling.

We have a name picked out just so you all know as well... But I will be revealing that when I show off his first pictures :) The girls are so excited too- The keep talking to him and getting him all riled up with all their kissing and patting LOL. And Stevie says his name sooo cute. Miss Ana just calls him her baby brother and Roxy still is convinced to some degree that I also swallowed the baby sister in there too. (I think she thinks since Dora has twin brother and sister, it means she has to as well)

Alrighty everyone... On to today's goodie :)

~*Sorry this gift has been given*~
And here is what was hiding in yesterdays present :)
My New Alpha set that coordinates with my newest kit "Like A Kid"

And today 3 lucky commenters will be chosen randomly to receive my brand new kit "Like a Kid" that goes along with the alpha gift yesterday.
Much Love to you all and Until tomorrow when I come back to announce the winners and put up a new goodie :)......

Thursday, December 18, 2008

On the 6th Day of Christmas...

I am pretty much post and run tonight. I went up to my dad's house today and did some major moving stuff around and cleaning and putting up the rest of the Christmas decorations up there. And well Joe is telling me now- "I told you so" I think he is right though and I totally over did it, but Long story...... Ending up with me in pain tonight and extremely tired and having to stay up for another half hour to see if the pain goes away or if I need to make the trip.
I am so glad though you didn't get smushed Jewel. People get crazy driving when the snow comes I know and Very glad you were able to come out unharmed! And Yes Leigh... we made some buckeyes- Although after returning home from my dads today I think there are maybe 5 left out of a whole batch. Surprised there hasn't been belly aches from any of them LMAO.
Okay Well Here we go for day 6. There are 3 parts to today's gift.... So be sure to snag them all to make it complete :)

~*Sorry This Gift has been Given*~
(the other parts are listed below)

And this was hiding in Day 5's pressie :)
A new mini kit named after my sister, LeeAnn

Okay Wish me luck for the night... hope it all goes away and its just a torn or over worked set of muscles hurting me. And I shall be back tomorrow with another gift for you all as well as my contest I had orignally planned for today (Just to be safe incase tomorrow's posting gets interupted ;) And I dont think I can thank you enough for all your sweet comments. I so very much appreciate it! (okay lets not kid anyone, I love the smile it brings to my face LMAO- And the creative boost it gives too :)
Until Tomorrow......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

On the 5th day of Christmas....

Okay so today... date night was cancelled. I am soo bummed BUT.. O well. We are going to do it this weekend. We had to put it off due to the possiblity of the snow and that getting bad.. since well It was calling for a good amount of snow and ice mix. Alas though, through all the rain and snow that happened today we only ended up with a light dusting cuz of the wind.
But I did some shopping today online for some deal hunting.. and I have to share- And I know that I can freely here because Joe doesn't ever read the blog... LMAO. He had been wanting that stupid Guitar Hero thing for the Xbox but there was no way I was dishing out that much for him to have this game. But then with more talk and now they have the extra mic and drums and that you can add with it, I seen the reason for wanting it- Cuz well the girls love rocking it out and love singing and dancing to their V-smile game. So I hunted... And still WAY more than I wanted to spend for this thing. But alas- GOTTA love ebay, I find a deal that I just about pee myself over. 5 minutes left on the guitar hero setup (just the guitar controller for now)- Still with the box, game and all- looks brand new- And its not been bid on.... Hmmmmm So I go for it- Thinking its a shot in the dark and its going to go way past my budget... Refreshing, refreshing... OMG refreshing.... I WON! 1.00 NO LIE I won the thing for a dollar bid- With 10 bucks shipping. (Here is the listing to show you all what I won and why i am sooo excited about it) Now I am even more excited when the guy emails me about a half hour later with a tracking number for shipping! WOOT! Okay so he better be excited for christmas LMAO. And to top my day off the girls and I made some cookies and candy tonight-- Have to snap those to share :)

So Speaking of Ebay... KiKatScrapper.. You got me curious. I had never heard of a "growing up skipper" and had to see :) And Girl if you still had that thing.. Its a bit on the expensive side. 100 bucks to get it now LOL But I bet she was fun to play with when you got her.

I have so greatly enjoyed everyones stories. Its great that spending time with family has been very memorable for alot of you- I cherish each and everyone one of the christmas's I spent with loved ones passed on. Each year I bawl like a baby at some point...

I have to say though, I could pretty much relate to everyones stories too. Even the easy bake oven baking at 19 with my step daughter LMAO LMAO. I am soo looking for the bubble yum baby doll Jan after posting - She sounds delish!! And for those that shared stories of babes for the holidays- I am with you too as miss Roxy was concieved on New Years- That will be my best new years celebration ever for sure.

OOO Wait.. You want to know what stories won huh? LOL
Drumroll Please......... The 3 winners for choice design are.....
Jennifer U , KitKatScrapper and Theresa!!
Congrats to you ladies and please email me at sweetdigiscraps (at) yahoo (dot) com with your choice design from any of my shoppes listed on the side and I will get you your gift :)

And On to a gift for everyone.....
~*Sorry this gift has been given*~

And hiding in yesterdays gift was an exclusive template just for the 12 days celebration!
Alright.. I am off to do some cleaning from the girls and mine mess of baking and candy making tonight and I will be back tomorrow with yet another gift for you all and another chance to win some more goodies :)

Until Tomorrow....

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On the 4th Day of Christmas....

Well... we are under a winter advisory now- SO THE SNOW IS ON THE WAY! LOL. And yes, Joe will probably make the girls the "snow ice cream" this year as well. I guess he has done it for all the years he has been around snow.... I still dont get it. I mean I tasted it and all last year.. and it wasn't horrible, But it wasn't the best stuff in the world to me LMAO. For those that have no idea what I am talking about.. Joe goes out after a fresh fallen snow and scoops up bowls of snow. Then brings it in and puts milk and sugar and cocoa ect... in it and stir up and eats it. Kinda like homemade ice cream... but with snow LMAO.
I am pretty sure that it will be soon that they all have another taste. I think I will be passing this year ;)
Roxy knocked a tooth loose today. She and Ana were playing with the wagon (its a toy plastic one) in the living room here pushing each other back and forth. My fault cuz I taught them... Bad Mommy LMAO LMAO. (Just for the whole story on why it became the best thing in the world to do... I was pushing Ana back and forth when I had to run to the RR due to mr. mister giving a hard kick LOL. When I got back Roxy had taken my spot being pusher and was giving it a go. Well she gave a good hard shove and knocked poor Ana forward out of it and falling herself. Well they laughed hysterically cuz I was laughing.. and Ana got back in for a try again. Well Roxy was pulling her back to start at the beginning again and rolled over her pant leg, de-pantsing herself and falling on her butt, pulling the wagon back and Ana on top of her. ) Well so they try again today and Roxy pushed forward only to fall and knock her mouth on the corner of the wagon. No blood thank goodness, but she knocked her bottom front tooth loose.
Now she is excited cuz the Tooth Fairy might be visiting her soon :)

Okay Now on to the reason your here ;)
~*Sorry this gift has been given*~

And here is what was hiding in present number 3!!

I do realize that there was a mistake with the Snow Glitz alpha and have the g .png file for everyone to save.I greatly apologize for the mistake- hope you can forgive me :) (The g is in the sheet so if you use the sheet for layouts, you wont need the png file)
Click to enlarge, then right click and save.

I want to thank everyone soo very much for taking the time out to leave sweet comments. I greatly appreciate it and enjoy reading each one!! BUT... Today I would like to get to know you all a little better....
So comment and let me know what your favorite Christmas Gift was that you ever recieved. Even if it was the baby doll you got when you were 5, I wanna know.
3 lucky people who share their story with me will be randomly picked for a kit of their choice from my shoppe!

And Speaking of Shoppes... Today is dollar day!! YEAH!
And I have 2 brand New Items up for just $1.00!
My Brand New Kit (Can you tell I am ready for a boy to arrive in the family?)
And Brand New Template Set in my Sweet Inspiration Series
Okay, Until Tomorrow......

Monday, December 15, 2008

On the 3rd Day Of Christmas....

Okay So I figured since Yesterday I was late the new time would be 1 am EST time to post new, to give everyone full 24 hour chance. So new time to watch for is 1 LOL.

Today was pretty good I have to say. My team won the game, GO STEELERS!! LOL Even though I too am a little confused by the play call that lead to their winning.... But YEAH!!!! Okay then I was ticked at them.... Cuz the game ran over by a half hour... which meant 60 minutes was late to come on. Wasn't too interested in 60 minutes.. .but to sit and wait for it to be over so my Survivor could come on.... Talk about being impatient! LMAO Me and Joe had put a wager on the outcome... he wanted something stupid if he picked the winners (Matty and Susie) and I picked Bob and Sugar. What did I get for picking right??? A kid free date night out! WOOT. So Tuesday guess what I am doing??? You guessed it baby, I am going out to dinner and a movie and enjoying a night kid free before the babe comes. (Hey I think I deserve it :)
No new snow today... It was actually in the 50's all day. :) So I finished up the lights outside that I had been putting off doing and did some last minute yard clean up before the snow does come. It sucks about living in such a "downtown" setting. All the walkers and people visting the dr. or hair salon or Sports shoppe right next door travel through our yard and well... You know how people are. Either way....
I went to once again for tonights drawing and the winners of a $5 gift certificate to my shoppe are.......

ginnieg and Jewel Goodwin!!!!
Congrats to both of you fab ladies, If you would please email me at
sweetdigiscraps (at) yahoo (dot) com
and I will get you your gift cards to go off and do some shopping :)

Now for Day 3's Gift
~*Sorry this gift has already been given*~
And here is what was hiding in day 2's pressie :)
Named after one of my dear friend Lilly's sweet niece. It just screamed perfect for recent pictures I had seen of her.
my new mini kit Tannah

Thank you all for your sweet comments and I hope you all enjoy todays gift!
Tomorrow I will be back with another present as well as another chance to win a fabulous gift :)
Until Tomorrow.....

Sunday, December 14, 2008

On the 2nd Day of Christmas.....

Welp- Here I go already, and hour late LOL. But I guess I can't complain too much, I laid down for a quick siesta and Joe decided that I just looked to content sleeping to wake me when I asked- LOL. So needless to say this is going to be a post and run- as my eyes are still soooo heavy and well the babe has given me a workout in the tummy department. Its so funny though, because he is so active to voices. He hears his sisters or Daddy talking and he does flips after flips to make sure his presence is known too :) And the girls tuckered me out running around outside today- Unfortunately no snow angels though :( By the time they had all waken up and eatten their breakfast, the snow was half gone- BUT forcast has called for more this weekend- FINGERS CROSSED!!!!
I want to thank you all for your wonderful comments on Day 1. I enjoyed reading them all and had even more fun going to and putting the numbers in to find out some lucky commenters to win :) So drumroll please....... The 3 lucky winners of my kit Snow Blind are.....

Dayale, t.cimorose and Patrick and Jennie!!!!!
(please email me at sweetdigiscraps (at) yahoo (dot) com so that I can get you your gift!)

And On To day Number 2.... Are You ready????
~*Sorry this gift has already been given*~

OOO And what was hiding in present number 1???
My Mini Kit- Winter Chill

(Just so you all know, not everything will be of Christmas or Winter nature- I want to keep it a mix just like you would get for Christmas :)

And Before I forget... If you have young kiddos and tons of play time pictures to scrap... You dont want to miss Gotta Pixel's Gotta Grab It Event. TONS Of great kid themed items for just $1. to mix and match and make a huge kit to your liking :) I went more of an boy theme with mine-(cant for the likes of me figure out why I am stuck on boy stuff ;) LMAO

And today..... 2 lucky commenters will be randomly picked to recieve a 5.00 Gift Card to my BTST Shoppe!!! GOOD LUCK- And hope you enjoy todays gift.
Until Tomorrow... with something new for you all ♥

Friday, December 12, 2008

On the 1st Day of Christmas.....

Okay So I am sitting here in a little disbelief. This little event marks a year anniversary since meeting some of my wonderful digi friends. And its also the 2nd time doing this. Wow, time flies seriously. I mean alot of things have gone on in the last year- but then I think, wow it wasn't really that long ago. Still fresh in my mind I guess ;)
It snowed today, not too much but man was and is it beautiful. I love looking out and seeing the lights glistening off the fresh snow. I am going to be taking the girls out in the morning after breakfast to make snow angels- I promised! Since tonight it was just too dark after the snow had stopped and well... its supposed to be 19 degrees out. But I have the batteries charged and ready for some snapping tomorrow- I can't wait.

Okay, So I will stop making you all wait cuz I know what the anticipation is like and its eating at me now. hehehe

So How does this work exactly.... Well Its just like waking up to wrapped gifts waiting for you to rip them open and find out whats waiting inside- But you just dont get to rip at these ones- You gotta download LMAO.

But Each day I will come back around midnight EST time and put up a new gift for you all to enjoy as my way of saying Happy Holidays. Each Time I put up a new gift... The previous days gift will be disabled and revealed for everyone to see what you got :)
Okay... Ready???
~*Sorry This Gift Has Already Been Given*~
Please Note this Download is only available for 24 hours and then it will be revealed for a new suprise to be given! Hope You All Enjoy!!
And 3 lucky commenters will be picked out today and announced tomorrow with the gift reveal to win my brand new kit "Snow Blind"
So Tomorrow I will be back with a new gift for you all to open, Announce 3 lucky winners and hopefully have some super cute pics to share from our day in the snow :)
Until Tomorrow.....

I am getting all ready!

Okay so I been busy and away- But with the holidays and this baby on the edge of ready to pop- I am just trying to get everything ready to go.

Christmas Shopping has been fun- LOL, Although finding just the right things..... Well you get the idea. The tree has been up for a bit now and its been hard trying to keep fingers out of it and away from the candy canes.

I have my bag packed and ready to go- O the outfits mr. mister is going to be getting in for the first couple days and pics- He will soo hate me! I swear I will probably blind him by all pics I am eager to take. I got myself some new jammie pants too cuz I will be in the hospital for at least 3 days- So I have to be comfy!!! And now its just time to try and catch everything up before hand so I can relax and enjoy him finally being here when the time comes.

But being busy is a GOOD thing! I have to say though, getting stuff ready for this years 12 days of Christmas has been a blast!! I am sooo excited to get it going this year.
*For those that remember from last year- It will be the same just well.... better goodies :)
But for the 12 days of Christmas *Which kicks off tomorrow* is 12 days of me giving you pressies! Each day a new gift for you all that is available for 24 hours before being revealed and put into the shoppes. Yeappers- You heard right- They are wrapped up tight and a big surprise- So you never know what you are getting til you open. Hey- That is what makes gift giving so exciting!! LOL

I did however get time to scrap a little in these past few days- Which was soooo nice I must add!
My girlies opening gifts a few Christmas's back- I scrapped it with my newest kit "Gift Wrapped"

OO And Also Just so you know- Today kicks off Gotta Pixel's 12 Days Celebration. Today Only any purchase of 5.00 or more gets you the fabulous collaboration "Celebration" for FREE. *And also my Store is 30% off all month there as I am in the spotlight :)*

Until tomorrow when the Holly Jolly Cheer begins.......

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I have a feeling....

That this is coming up to be a few rough weeks ahead. The pains have started already and well the baby is nothing short of a football player right now. LMAO

I am dealing with a good old case of fatigue right now too.. I can't seem to get energy for nothing. O well.... It is all part of what will bring more joy in my life.

After much reading of suggestions I have decided that Sweet Serenity fits this kit best. And I have part 2 for you now :)

I will be back tomorrow with hopefully more energy to post more.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Getting past the ickies

I got sick :( I am getting over it now, but I woke up the other morning with no voice and a fever. Not fun! And I had to go to the dr. that way to get check up on the babe. HAHA- What a task that was. But me and the girls seem to bouncing it around now. O well... part of the season and weather I guess.
We got the Turducken in for Thanksgiving today. I was quit impressed, and also a tad on teh strained side. It was HEAVY!! LOL. But I can't wait to try it. We got one with cornbread stuffing from Cajun Grocer. So cross your fingers I dont mess it up this year. Its my first time cooking one of these things, and I am a tad scared messing with a bird that expensive.
The Crop is scheduled for DEFINITE sure on November 16th at 10 am EST time.
You will be able to download the quick pages for the crop on Friday.
You can find a list of supplies needed to create the year in review here

Okay This is kinda a post and run.. Sorta. I have that new kit a good bit done. But have no idea what to name it. So... lemme hear some ideas!!! I am giving you part one of the kit to download today and then help me in the task of giving it a new name.

Also... Drumroll.....
I am having a Creative Team Call!!
This is my first in almost a year, so I am pretty nervous.

If you want to get all my designs for free to work with, think you can upload to at least 3 different galleries, help me look awesome and feed my super big ego- Then I wanna hear from you!!
Send me your name, a short bio of yourself and link to your most current gallery as well as any other CT's you might be on to my email :

The call ends Nov. 19th at 12 midnight.
New Team Members will be announced on the 22nd.
(everyone will recieve a response!)

Okay Well until tomorrow... Much Love and thanks in advance for all your comments and name suggestions for the kit in the works!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Okay So I am soo late

Today was a blast!! We had tons of fun together. It rained so no outtings. But we did order in and spent time together here. The girls played the vtech with us and me and Joe raced each other on his xbox 360 and just had a great time laughing and picking on each other. I baked a german chocolate cake for him.. since that is his favorite and it actually turned out pretty good. I dont usually eat coconut, but I did for him. LMAO
But that is honestly why I am late.. He just went to bed a little bit ago. And well when he snuck off, I snuck on here to get my goodies all ready. But I got too busy in all the zipping and adding my new stuff up for my dollar deals and sale that I haven't yet got to finish my freebie. So that will have to wait til tomorrow :( But the chat today at ACOT has that great hybrid freebie for everyone who comes and also I might be giving a few gift cards out :)
But anyways.. I do want to share with you what took so long tonight to do LMAO.
I put in FOUR brand new products into my stores. And Um.. 2 of them are only a buck today :)
Check these Out:

Full Kit brand New for just a 1.00 TODAY ONLY!!

Layout by Me
using template by Lindsay Jane
Layout By Colie
Template by Colie as well
Full Kit for just a 1.00 TODAY ONLY
Layout by Dsavar

I also have two other brand new kits that just entered my stores today too :)

Alrighty.. I am off to bed to get some rest from the day. But I will be back tomorrow with that freebie :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

WOW- Catch up

So I took time after the whole DSD celebration to catch up. With everything... I managed to get most of it done though. Just in time actually.
Today is Joe's Birthday.. Well as soon as midnight hits it will be anyways. Big 30!! LOL So I plan to do a bunch of family things with him today.. Haven't yet decided where we are taking him to eat yet though. I guess it will all depend on what my prego cravings tell me.

The girls have been good, well for the most part. They fell sick after trick or treat.. but slowly recovered. Roxy still sounds hoarse and scratchy though. Been giving her breathing treatments to help break it all up. Speaking of which you wanted to see my fairies :) Here are two of my girlies Roxy and Ana. Miss Stevies pictures all turned out blurry.. So that one will have to be recreated. Only if she keeps the make up on long enough this time around LMAO.
I think though I might be able to salvage a picture or two if I play around with it some more.

I have been busy playing catch up with design stuff too because in one more day ES's 3 year birthday celebration kicks off. And I wanted to have some awesome stuff done to help celebrate.

And that reminds me too.. On the 10th this month there is going to be another Chat/Crop at ACOT. This time its a hybrid project that is being taught and done and its just FABULOUS! And guess whats better?? Its done with my stuff :) Okay I am not being too egotistical but I am a amazed with how awesome it is. I am going to have to be there for sure to get the directions on the how toos of it so I can make some great christmas gifts.

Okay I will be back tomorrow night.. I have a new kit to start out for the blog and Well I am sure the whole day out with the girls and Joe and me.. There will be some story to tell :)

Friday, October 31, 2008

HAPPY DSD!!!!---

Man is today going to be nuts or what?????
I am soo excited today is the day we all celebrate our addicition (woops i meant to say hobby) LMAO. There is soo much to do today and I just hope I get to get in on it all :)
First thing... If you are here on the DSD Treasure Hunt... There is an X hidden somewhere on this page.. Click it and get your treasure :) Link to the next stop is in the previous post. Hope you enjoy!!!!
Second- Thank you everyone for all the awesome comments for the last kit Wall Flower- I apologize for delay in the link- Typo on my part... Teach me to blog while super tired LOL :)
BUT... Today I am part of the Gotta Pixel Bunny Hop!!!! Whats that you ask??? Well Follow this Bunny around to all the Gotta Pixel designers blogs and pick up the awesome gifts they have to offer!!! BUT WAIT... INSIDE each of the gifts is a secret word. If you collect all the words and post at Gotta Pixel all of them... Then you enter a drawing for a year subscription to GP!! How awesome is that???? Okay Here is my gift to you all from the bunny hop!
And Follow This Bunny to the Other Blogs to catch all the secret words!
~*~Bunny Trail~*~
Now: At Been There Scrapped That today you can treat yourself to some Candy!!!!
Today kicks off the Candy Bash Event where TONS Of great things are being giving away all weekend!! Not only are their hidden gifts all throughout the site... You automatically give yourself chance to win gift cards and coupons to the store just by stopping by this weekend!!
Be on the look out for some fairy dust to come your way. I heard tell that some scrappers, new members, and shoppers are getting some awesome goodies this weekend. As well as the challenges that will be going on for yet some more awesomeness!! You wont want to miss out on it!
Okay- ALSO... Tonight Nov. 1st at 8pm EST time You can catch up with me in the ACOT Chat room!! We will be chatting about ways to get into the best creative mood and help boost your mojo.. AND.. You will receive this Mini kit just for coming and chatting with me. THEN.. Everyone who completes a layout and uploads to the Challenge Gallery at ACOT will receive another portion to the kit as well as be entered into a drawing for a $10.00 gift certificate to my shoppe.
Hope to see you all there!!!
Remember today kicks off my official full swing DSD Sale-A-Bration!!
EVERYTHING Sweet Digi Scraps is 50% off until the 3rd!!!!
Check Out links to my Shoppes at the right.
Check Out some of the New Releases that hit the shoppes today in time for the sale!