Friday, September 28, 2007

O the Sweeties have been Hard at work!

Well, I have seen some awesome pages come from my new designs. And to be honest, I am in amazement at these ladies talents. They are always busting their bums making scraps outta my stuff, and doing it to perfection! So here is a peek at what these ladies have been up to lately- Each image is clickable- They will take you straight to the place to snag up the design used for the page- AND-Each name is also clickable to go their sites or galleries to see what else they have been up to lately!

Done with the kit Elegance~~~Done with Vintage Perfection2
by ChrisG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~by ChrisG

The Fabulous Miss Chris created these pages. I am in aww of their sheer beauty and elegance. She is what I call my VINTAGE QUEEN! I adore every page she ever makes- They are absolutely breath taking!
Done with All 4 Fun~~~~~~~~~~Done with Monday Funk
by Judy~~~~~~~~~~~~by Judy

Now Miss Judy came up with these beautiful pages! Both show casing Her Gorgeous Grandaughter Pipey (which is soooo adore!) She does fantastic work- And is always coming up with the cutest pics to scrap with! I love her!
Done with Dear Chris~~~~~~Done with Dear Chris
by Lilly~~~~~~~~~ by Lilly

What can I say- WOW! These pages are AMAZING! Miss Lilly has an eye- Thats for sure- the first one is her friend Cori who is stunning but the layout just does such an amazing job of setting it all off- And the second one- TOOOO CUTE! Poor little babe- But o such and awesome layout!
done with Vintage Perfection 2 ~~~Done with Ice HOT Lemonade
by Colie~~~~~~~~~~~by Colie
Now Colie came up with these beautiful pages. She is an amazingly talented lady, who not only CTs for Me but also designs as well. And let me tell you- She does some amazing work.
Click on her name to check out her blog and grab up some of her amazing freebies!
Now all the pages you see here are made with products from my store- All of the designs they used are 3.99 or less- AND- each average about 50 pieces+ Just click those images to check out the full preview of the design used- And be sure to stop by to visit the ladies and leave them some love for their awesome work!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Funk- And a Freebie!

Well, Its monday- I have the funk- You know the kind I am talking about- That contagious slump that puts in the mood to do absolutely nothing- You dread work- House work- and well- JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING_ I got it- I am lazy, and with my laziness I got the inspiration to get to doing something- SCRAPPING_ so i want to share with you all the what brought me outta my "FUNK" with this new mini freebie- Hopefully it inspires you too to get AT LEAST some scrappin done to start out your week- LOL
Click the Preview to go to the Download!
Here is a LO of my Miss Stevie Rae I did with this freebie
And remember- Leavin love isn't hard to do- It is how I know who to RAK the specials! ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Finally getting the New Shoppe up to par

I have been working on getting the new shoppe up to my liking- And I think I have almost got caught up. Not to mention I have a few MEGAS coming- Yeap- I have been putting them on the back burner long enough- And they are going to be released soon--- But check out the new store by clicking on the image and let me know what you think- And also feel free to stop by the forum there and enter your Sweet Requests of what you would like to see added!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Well.. I am trying. LOL

Getting into the new groove of my new schedule is a bit different- But slowly i am catching back up to the things that I have been lacking on- MY BLOG for instance- LOL. Just to briefly explain what I mean about my new schedule- I have now gained an imediate family of 5 children besides my 3, and gaining more and more chores- BUT- It will all calm down eventually. So I will catch you all up on the newest things- Now I have put 4 products in the store since last post- 2 kits and 2 commercial use products. Each of them only 3.99. The kits are HUGE! and well- You can't beat that for commercial usage!- Here are the previews. To grab any of these up- Please click on one of my shoppes on the top right here- AND- if you are newer to my blog- and wanna catch up on my older freebies- They are there on the right too- Click on any of those small avatars to grab up the freebie- OR go to and click on the sweet digi scraps blinkie. Hope you all have a great weekend- And With the monday morning drag will come a sweet uplifting freebie from me- So be sure to check back for it!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Why???? Just for the Scrap of it! THATS WHY!!!!!!!!!! YEP My secret is out!!!!!!!!!!! I am now official able to proudly announce to you all that I am designing at . I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! SO please celebrate with me by grabbing up this sweet little mini. AND_ while your at it- Be sure to stop over and check out the site- As a designer contest starts Oct 1st AND there are LOTS of great things over there just waiting for you! ENJOY!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


WOW- I am bubbling with JOY!!!! I have a HUGE secret that is ITCHING AT ME! and guess what- I AM NOT ALLOWED TO TELL!!! BUT- I will tell you this- I am SUPER happy about it- And I think you will be too! AND- I also pleased that I can tell you that Elegance is done! Its a new kit full of grunge, tears and sheer beauty- Perfect for Elegance! LOL- Its now in the Scrappers Zone store- LOAD full of greatness- almost 70megs! and its only 3.99!! So click on the preview below to check it out- AND- Be sure to come back- As I might be allowed to let you in on the secret tomorrow!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How about something Free??

WELL...I made the following Paper Pack for Digitals Design Star contest. And was entered in that orginaly- BUT- A DEAR DEAR FRIEND made it clear that I was breaking a contest rule that I wasn't even aware of. I was just trying to get the designs done and ready in time for the contest deadlines. I mean with all thats going on right now since my mom passed and all. BUT-I am not taking away this freebie, Not in the least- Just because I have now been disqualified from Digitals (thank you sweetie) Doesn't change anything for me. However I would like to state this. When you are voting on Digitals for your next design star- Please think for a minute about who you are voting for, DO you want someone that can only use commercial use resources and clipart?? OR........Someone who can make their own things and not have to rely on someone elses stuff as a template???? Food for thought- I know I like orginality.
Click on the Previews To be taken to the downloads

Monday, September 10, 2007

OMG ITS HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ladies, Minds outta the gutters please! I am talking about the MEGA KIT over at! NEVER have I seen anything like it! Beautiful Equinox kit, In celebration of the changing seasons and our zodiac! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? It is PACKED full of goodness! I am drooling over it now- And i honestly haven't seen something pull together so beautifully like this has~ And guess what- Its only 11.99!!! WHAT A STEAL! AND- the 16 QP can be bought seperately for only 3.99! AND the designs can be bought for only 9.99!
Files include: 1 Alpha (capitals),1 Alpha (capitals & numbers), 4 Beads, 12 Bows, 6 Brads, 1 Button with tassels, 2 Cardboards, 2 Celtic Ornament, 8 Constellations Glass Buttons, 4 Corners, 6 Frames, 6 Glass Stones Moons, 6 Glass Stones Star, 2 Journal Tag, 1 Lace Trim, 2 Metallic Accents, 4 Metallic Buttons, 1 Metallic Sand Clock, 5 Metallic Moons, 11 Metallic Stars, 3 Metallic Suns, 3 Metallic Sun-Moons, 3 Metallic Tags, 1 Sundial, 2 Tassels, 1 Metallic Turquoise Globe, 1 Metallic Ying-Yang Button, 13 Metallic Zodiac Symbols, 4 Paper Clips, 90 Papers, 1 Plaque, 4 Prongs, 1 Ribbon Buckle, 13 Ribbons, 1 Stamp, 1 Star Border, 3 Star Brushes, 1 Star Doodle, 6 Star Buttons, 6 Star Frames, 4 Star Stitching, 3 Star Tags, 1 Stardude, 6 Stickers, 1 Set of Stitches, 6 Stitching Ribbons, 4 Tag Holders, 2 Templates, 1 Triple Frame, 3 Veils, 1 Zodiac Circle, 12 Zodiac Constellation Tags, 12 Zodiac Images Brushes, 12 Zodiac Metallic Buttons, 12 Zodiac Ribbons, 12 Zodiac Symbols Brushes, 12 Zodiac Stitches Tags & se Quick Pages.

So click on the preview below to check it out!!!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Please take a look at this-- Do you like it, Well then PLEASE VOTE! LOL- This is my entry into round 1 at Digitals for the Design Star Contest. So click on the Link to snag up this freebie! And take a sec to check the contest out!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Kind Hearted

I took a moment and looked at one of the designs I had been working on- And decided, I Wanted it for me! LOL-- I would have to say in my personally opinions that it is one of the best I have done so far! It is now available at Scrappers Zone for only 3.99! But guess what, ITS PACKED!!!!! Including a full alpha that I decided to do after making the preview- But its there!! I can't think of any kind of page you couldnt get out of this kit- So without further ado- Here is the preview- Click on it to go to my SZ Store!!!!


WOW, Like a few days ago I was tagged by Colie- WOW- So ididn't even know this, SO here is how it works- I do this, And the people on the bottom that I tagged must copy and paste this to thier blog- BUT erase my answers and put in your own. I THINK I GOT IT! LOL-- So here is goes!

TAGJust *two* things!
Two Names You Go By:
1. Liz
2. Mommy

Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
1. T shirt
2. jammies!

Two Things You Would Want (or have) in a relationship:
1. trust

Two Things you like to do:
1. Designing in all aspects (with photos and scrapping)
2. Playing with the girls!

Two Things You Want Very Badly At The Moment:

Two things you did last night:
1. Talked with Colie
2. Took some time away from this digi world!

Two things you ate today:
1. Quaker Snack Mix- The cheddar kind ROCKS!
2. And chicken salad

Two people you Last Talked To:
1. Lilly
2. Colie

Two Things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Finishing a new design
2. taking girls to my moms

Two longest car rides:
1. From Byesville Ohio to Toronto Canada
2.Down to Harrisburg

Two Favorite Holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Mothers Day

Two Favorite Beverages:

Two Things About Me, Things you may not have known:
1. I hate heights and bridges-
2. I love acting and singing

Two jobs I have had in my life:

1. Photographer
. Photo Specialist (the one who does like your one hour photo developing)

Two Movies I would watch over and over: 1

. American Beauty
2. The Breakfast Club

Places I have lived:

1. Byesville Ohio
2. Kimbolton Ohio

Two of my Favorite Foods:

1. CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Snack Mix

Two places I'd rather be right now:

1. Sleeping, LOL
2. out taking photos

Two people I'm tagging to post this on their blog:

1. Lis
2. Joy