Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On the 9th day of Christmas.....

Now see, I am glad I am not the only lady that will be cooking all night while play Santa's helper on Christmas eve! LOL I made up my grocery list of all the things I still need to get and man I am going to dread all the people in the store today, BUT...... That's what I get for waiting until the last week huh? But I did get a head start on my goodies tonight. My buckeyes are done (for those that don't know what they are- I am not sure what they call em elsewhere but they are gooey sweet peanut butter balls LOADED with sugar and sweetness dipped in a chocolate coating) YUMMY! One or two does me good, sometimes can't handle all the sweetness but they are delicious! And my hard tack candy is done. 4 flavors cherry, cinnamon, grape and blueberry. And you know, I was carded to buy the flavoring?? What has happened in this world that women are carded for baking supplies, LMAO. Either way- also 3 batches done of my butter horns (these are a sweeter version of the nut roll -I am bound to put on a least 5 lbs just with them alone this year!) LOL I will work on some recipe layouts tonight while finishing up the butter horns so that you can sorta get my goodies- hehehe
The wrapping is almost finished, I was in midst of it when little eyeballs peeked around the corner at mommy- LOL- And to answer you Kerri- I do it day by day. It is hard at times, but in the same breath so very easy. They are so close and do so much together. And the terrible twos all happen at once and then.... its done and off to the next thing together. I wouldn't want it any other way. I am still young enough to enjoy them and play with them and grow with them as well.
Thank you all for your comments on my girls pictures. And yest, I do have a little mischief inside too! LOL- I wanted to share my eldest again, hamming it up. Please don't mind her nudity- she is in the stage were she thinks clothes are only necessary when outside of the home- LOL.
This was done using my kit Girly Grunge which is now in my shop.
Day 9
~*~*~Sorry this Gift has been given~*~*~
And if you missed out on yesterdays gift, here is what was hiding inside-
You can now get it in my shop
until tomorrow....


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

Hannah said...

Your daughter sounds just like Aydan, he also likes running around the house in the buff. As always Thank you for your beautiful gift today. Have a wonderful day.

thumper6423 said...

Oh no about little eyes peeking around the corner. That happened to me one year, so Santa only brings 1 or 2 gifts and the rest are from us. And Santa gifts aren't wrapped. I only have 2 kids, so they each get their own kind of wrapping paper so I dont' ahve to use tags and they can readily see which presents are theirs while DH and I are still trying to wake up LOL.
You made me hungry with all that talk of Buckeyes. My DH worked with a lady who made the best ones I ever had. I miss her baked goods LOL. I don't miss him being miserable in his job.
Your layout is too cute. Naked kids in our house = silly for some reason. Can't wait so see what Santa Liz brings tomorrow and read your post. The posts are always good.

Jody said...

I so enjoy reading your blog each day. You are gong to have a really fun Christmas with those two little gals. Peeking is just so part of Christmas, right - I remember doing it when I was a little girl some 60+ years ago!

My 4 year old grandson loves the nude scene as well - the two of them would get along just fine and think nothing of it. Seems once they shed the clothes it is a signal to ham it up and run, run, run! LOL

nkin_22 said...

Wow Liz! You actually made all the goodies yourself! That's fantastic! Reading how you describe the gooey peanut butter balls made my mouth waters! Please take a photo if it because I really want to know how it look like! :)


Patamomma said...

Thanks for all the great gifts. Patty

Julie said...

Thank you again for the goodies! Now I have to go make my shopping lists. And my buckeyes are still a figment of my imagination. ::sigh:: However, my girls are 21 and 24, so they can help...

tricertifiedx2 said...

What great pic's of Roxanna,such a cutie, and a great LO too. My eldest isn't much on hamin it up in front of the camera any more, I wish she was, those were the greatest pic's. Hopefully she will learn to have fun taking pic's again and not be so serious about it. At least she still LOVES having her pic taken. Still wish I could come to your house for the sweet goodies....they sound soooooo yummy!!! Definately going to have to make cookies this weekend, just doesn't seem like Christmas here without them. Sounds like you are ready to go for next week. Just a little grocery shopping to do here, oh and I forgot....have to try and get new Christmas pajama's for the kids, will be interesting to see how that goes. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I am in the midst of making my BUCKEYES! Any one from Ohio knows what BUCKEYES are. GO BUCKS! :)

KayJay said...

My mouth is watering, we only made butter biscuits. It was fun though, cause we all joined in. Richard (nearly 2) supervised, Robert (3) kneeded and cut out. My husband rolled it all out, and I weighed everything, and put it in the oven.
And we all ate them. It was good fun, but they didn't last very long, they were made last Thursday and gone Friday night. I think if we want any for Xmas, I will have to do it in secret, the kids have the flavour now.
I did a school exchange to Ohio, way back in 1986!!! I stayed in Reynoldsburg, is that anywhere near you? And I remember hearing the word "buckeyes", but I seem to be thinking "american football"? Is that right too? Don't recall anything that was sweet, but then that could be because I was there at easter time and not Xmas.
Love the pictures of your eldest, you can see mischief glinting in her eyes. My Robert and your Roxanne would get on a treat!
Take care,

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Sounds so YUMMY!!!!
TY so very much for todays Wonderful Goody!!!!!!

Penny said...

My daughter loved running around in the buff too. I remember one day in the spring when she was 4 outside jumping on the trampoline I went into the house for us a soda when I came out there she was jumping naked, she had thrown her clothes over the fence. LOL. Enjoy these great memories of your girls cuz they grow up way to fast.

I love buckeyes, but haven't had any for years. Want to send me a care package. LOL.

Thank you for yesterdays goodie. I loved it. Sooo cute. And thank you for todays too.