Sunday, December 16, 2007

On the 6th Day of Christmas....

Today was another eventful day! LOL Jenny is in and its family madness right now. She went to her mom's and will be back on Monday at O 500 she said. LMAO LMAO Army terms. Either way, I did some errands for my daddy today, and well About freaked when I came home. My camera bag is NEVER away from me and Inside I keep my external. I leave all the wires and stuff here, But just to be safe- Never know when the kiddos might grab it up when their dad isn't looking! LOL. Either way, sat down to get today's' gift uploaded and OMG_ Not here!!! I was freaking out. BUT..... Thank goodness I hadn't put the design on there. However my Layouts on their as well as my other designs- So.... I will post my layouts later on this morning after I go back up and get it! LOL. Funny thing is, its one of the moments I guess I had.. And still can't figure out for the likes of me why I took it out to begin with. It will come to me later, I am sure of it.
I have posted some layout shared prior to the post if you care to take a gander. I am telling you what- My Sweeties really do amaze me. Their layouts are always so great!! Mostly that is how I spur up my inspiration for my own scraps. Not lifts, but I see something and then the light bulb turns on. Okay, enough rambling! O And the "storm" that was suppose to come earlier today turned out to be just about a half inch of slick snow. So.... I better knock on wood though, I probably will wake up to a few inches huh?

Day 6
~*~*~Sorry This Gift Has been Given~*~*~
And if you missed yesterdays gift- Here is what was inside
And will EVENTUALLY be in the shop as I am still waiting for a few to be put in. SO as soon as the newer ones are in, I will let you all know!!!


tricertifiedx2 said...

Can you believe we are only 9 days from Christmas?? WOW, the only thing left to do in this house is all the wrapping....boy am I procrastinating about that one. So are you doing the big Christmas dinner too like you did Thanksgiving?? Hope you are having fun with your house guests in. I hope to have some time to really do some scrapping after we get through the holidays, will definately have some to share with you. Sorry I missed yesterday's present, it was a really busy day. Love the boy colors. I'll have to pick it up later in the store. Blessings to you.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

Sheila (pianomama7) said...

I have been loving your gifts! Everything has been so beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. We got 10 inches already. Can't even tell DH already cleared the snow once already. Merry Christmas. :)

KayJay said...

Well, the tree is up and decorated, the presents are in the right house, ie. my parents, only I forgot to wrap them before taking them. That means when we all go there on Xmas Eve, once the kids are in bed dreaming of Santa, I have one huge lot of wrapping to do!!! But other than that, I'm ready, Santa could come early (apart from the wrapping, but who says a plastic bag isn't wrapping!?)
Thank you again for your wonderful presents
Enjoy your visitor (is o500 morning or afternoon? Will she be throwing you out of a cosy bed?)
Take care

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for todays wonderful mini!!!!!

Penny said...

Thanks Liz for todays surprise. I have lots going on today see you tomorrow.

Jody said...

Love yesterday For the Boy - I have 5 little grandsons! Thanks so much