Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, it has been a little bit, and I am a little late, But its true- The nasty flu bug bite me hard this time! I haven't felt well since Christmas day and after a visit to the ER today I was told that it was nothing more than a Upper Respiratory infection and to keep doing what I was doing. Not exactly the news I wanted to hear, But I guess it is the best news I could have heard right? Its just frustrating having this chronic cough that just won't stay suppressed no matter what, on top of having a weak bladder from the having the girls so close together- Well.... you get the picture. And my bed and couch has become my best of friends. I am sure the girls are tired of it, since frozen dinners and take out have become a little regular the past few days, but Only a bump in the road of life.
As far as Christmas.... It went really well!!! The girls were sooo excited opening their gifts. Little Miss Stevie was sick though (she is better now) and only stayed interested in the first few gifts to open and then wanted to lay down with mommy. Roxy and Ana were so adorable. Their true styles and personalities showed through. Roxy was busy ripping and tearing away, opening one oooing and awwwing then tossing it to open the next, where as Anastasia was prim and proper about it. She would carefully pull the paper back at the seams and study her presents. Tooo adorable. I took tons of pics that hopefully I will be able to scrap soon. I am hoping tomorrow is better and I can get it done. I should have the last gift tomorrow. Crossing my fingers!! But there is a sampler of yet another mid works design of mine at JFTSOI today to go along with my sale! So be sure to get over to the Daily Goodie Giveaway Section of the Forum to grab up this freebie. (You will need to be logged into JFTSOI to get your download link) And everything in my shop is 30% off today. No I am not turning 30 today but it seemed strange to do a 23% sale. LMAO This runs all of the 29th -from midnight to midnight EST time!

Also from the 12 days you received gifts that were samplers- Those designs are now packaged and put into the shop just in time to grab them up during the sale. Here are the previews for Timeless Love and Garden Treasures.

Okay well I am off to get some rest and hopefully be up to feeling great tomorrow for some birthday partying! LOL. I know that Joe plans on taking me out for dinner permitting I feel well enough and I think my sister got me a little something put together. So lets hope I pull the feel better card out over night! LMAO

Until tomorrow......



nkin_22 said...

Thank goodness it was nothing serious Liz! Rest well. Leave everything aside and rest rest rest. I'm sure your cute little sweeties would understand that lovely mummy is not well and can't do what she normally do. Hope you get better in time for the new year. Happy 23rd birthday Liz! Hugs and kisses from Shikin :)

tricertifiedx2 said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!! Just sorry you aren't feeling 110% for partying!! Maybe Joe will understand and you can save that feel better and double do it for New Year's?? We are going out for the first time in 8 years together for New Years...Woo Hoo!! This is the first year in that long that one of us hasn't had to work!!! The last 5 he has, prior to that it was a toss up. I am very excited to have a night out without kids!!! Doesn't happen often so I take them when I can. So, anyway, keep yourself in bed so you can have a New Year's blast!! Glad to hear the girls had such a good Christmas and can't wait so see the pic's. Blessings to you!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz, Sorry to hear that you have been down with the bug, Hope you feel better to celebrate your Birthday!!Have a wonderful day~~Sarah

Sunba said...

Helloo and happy birthday.. Hope you get well pretty soon and are up and go again in a flash..

Love your stuff - greatings from Norway

thumper6423 said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a good Christmas even if you were sick.

They were wrong in the ER. Upper respitory infections get antibiotics. At least mine do. You might want to look into that. You'll feel better in a matter of a day or 2. Hope you feel well enough to go out to idnner for your birthday.

Hannah said...

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I know with three kids it's impossible to do, but get rest and more rest. Love the new kits, I like the soft yet grungy look. Hope you feel well enough to go out to dinner with Joe. Hugs, Hannah

Dlainel said...

Happy Birthday Liz! Sorry that you aren't feeling well. Hope that you get better quickly. Glad that you had a Merry Christmas. Can't wait to see pics of your adorable girls!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope that today finds you feeling better!!!
Just get plenty of rest I know its easier said than done with the little one's!!!!

KayJay said...

Happy Birthday to you,
happy Birthday to you
Happy birthday
Dear Liz
Happy birthday to you!

And now be glad you couldn't hear me sing along!
Hope today finds you feeling better and you can go out and party!
As the others have said, rest is the best thing against what you have, just near enough impossible to get with the little darlings around. But I hope you can.
Take care

Cynthia said...

Happy (belated) birthday (because of the time difference I am always a day behind). I hope you have a wonderful party. Good to hear you had such a great Christmas. Can't wait to see what you do with the pictures! Happy New Year!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

I'm so sorry you've been so sick over the holidays. I hope your birthday turned out to be better. I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

BunnyRose said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're feeling better now. Glad to hear you had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

Just dropping by & hope your feeling better by now!!!!!!!

alicia+jess said...

Happy Birthday!!!