Saturday, November 3, 2007

Some Rehab for all the Sweetness!

So its Day 5 of the Sweetest Week! I am having a blast! And I am hoping you all are too! Today you are being relieved of your sugary stress, from your kids bouncing up the walls from all the Halloween candy- and all the rushing around you have done all week. Just for the Scrap of it is offering a Rehab session for you all! What does this mean?? Well- Its a Scrappers Trick or Treat! All throught the forum you will find treats (download links) OVER 70 of them! All which add up to one of the Biggest Collaborations!!! All full of sweetness! There is also chats all day long to get your fill of fun and tricks. I will be hosting a Photo Tips and Tricks Chat at 2pm est time! There you will recieve yet another sweet mini kit from me for free just for coming and learning some cool photography tricks. (the freebie mini kit goes with the site Mega kit) Not to mention all of my links hidden through out the site to obtain a full kit from me for free!

If that wasn't enough for you- I also have a scavenger hunt going on starting at 10am est. The first to find all the things on the list and post the links in the forum for the hunt will recieve "My Sweeties" Mega Kit for FREE! NOT TO MENTION! Babette also has a race going on that will get you a free Mega Kit from her as well! Brandi is holding a site Bingo Chat, Babettes is holding truth or dare, And Rebecca is holding one as well as Kori! YOU CAN"T MISS THIS!

And everyone else's too! INCLUDING COMMERCIAL USE!
All this in one day!!!!

And to top it off- I am ready to give you the 5th dose of Sweet Versatility! The tags are new and revamped, Tomorrow you will recieve completely new designed portions of this kit. And you can decide just how much I have grown- The rest you have gotten this week was all designed in July. So Enjoy todays Blog Freebie- And hop over to Just for the Scrap of it- To pick up yet a bunch more freebies that I am SURE you will love!
Click on Preview for Download!
Remember I said Colie had been away for a good reason?? Well its time to reveal!
She has been accepted as a designer at Just for the Scrap of it! And is celebrating with us all by having all her products as well for 50% off during this awesome Sugar Rehab event. We are also introducing a few other designers as well- So please make them feel at home while enjoying the days events!
~*~Time for some Sweeties In Review~*~
You gotta check out what my "sweeties" have been up to lately! They have been doing some awesome scrapping, And i think you should check out some of the LO's they have been making!All names are clickable to the CT site or gallery- And all Kit names can be clicked to take you straight to where you can grab them up! Remember ALL my designs are 50% off- Making most just $2.00! You can't miss this sale!

done with Peachberry Wine~~~done with FGB Funkified
by Colie
The first layout is her sweet brother and his family! Aint that little one cute! I love that expression looking up at daddy! And Miss Gabby is so darling in that second one riding her bike- O my the look she is giving her momma! LOL Both are awesome LO's!
Done with Peachberry Wine~~~~Done with Elegance
by Miss Lilly
Is Miss Eva gorgeous in that first one or what?? That babe has eyes that will melt you heart! And the layout just sets off her beauty! And talk about beauty- Cori is gorgeous- and the kit used for her LO is perfect for her- ELEGANT! Love these Lilly!
Done with Sweet Versatility~~~Done with FGB Funkified
By Clara Sue
Clara mom is the first one, Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers now as they are dealing with sickness and lots of stress due to hospital stays- We love you Clara- And that second layout is toooo cute!
Done with Dear Chris~~~~~~Done with Forever and Always
By Chris
That first layout is sooo touching. All about Chris's father and the progression pictures are perfect. What awesome sentiment- and the second LO is fabulous!
Done with Forever and Always~~~Done with FGB Funkified
By Judy
Miss Judy's Daughter is being wed in the the first LO- how gorgeous is that! and miss B's Pic is priceless in that second LO! Sooooo beautiful both of them!!

Also a Sweet Reminder:
Today is the last day to get applications in to become a "Sweetie"
Becoming a CT of mine enables you to get all my designs you want for free providing you make 2 LO's from each and post to 3 galleries. You don't want to miss this oppurtunity- As I am not sure when I will ever hold a call again!
Happy Scrapping- And Happy National Scrapbooking Day!


Babette said...

Awesome Liz!!! Your kits are gorgeous and you've done a great job with the sugar rehab!

MissLilly said...

WOW Liz you really have alot of fun things happening this week dont you,What fantastic Ideas you have come up with I especially love the Tips & Tricks chat Idea what a great oppertunity for aspiring photographers & scrappers out there to get some inside tips & info I am excited for you & for the lucky people who will be getting those fantastic prizes & the sweeties LO's are beautiful as always they really look great displayed on here So Good luck to everyone that participates & Liz another awesome SV part love that kit xoxo Lilly

MissLilly said...

I forgot to say in my last comment HAPPY NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY To you too LOL xoxo

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

makeyesup said...

Thanks for day 5, this is a magnificent kit. Great group of designers on JFTSOI

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for part 5!!!!!

olga9999 said...

I have just found out about this blog and I'm downloading the parts for the freebie kit, they are beautiful and very original. :) Thanks so much for them and best wishes. :O)