Friday, November 16, 2007


So as I had said before, I am working on a few designs for moms to scrap their babies that were born prematurely. I am trying my darnedest to make something cute and beautiful to scrap the not to cute and adorable times. I know personally what it is like to have a child put into the NICU and hooked up to all the wires and tubing. Not being able to hold them in your arms, and watch the sadness of the other children around in the same room. However beautiful and loving Stevie Rae was, I was aching on the outside of her incubator, Just longing for her to go home with me. And I know if you went through this, You felt the same way. Its stressful, a long feat and very emotional as well. When you set day in and out in the hospital, watching the children around you get their treatments and your very own as well, You feel useless in a sense. And your mind races with thoughts, as there is not much else you can do.

Stevie Rae was my one of my biggest challenges. She was born Sept 15th, not due until Nov. 1st. I was one of the luckier preemie moms (although it didn't feel like it) I went into labor early that morning, around 6 am. Joe was at work and I knew it wasn't time. But I called him, got him to come home quick- and we got the other two girls ready. I went to the hospital (arriving around 7) and immediately they started to pump me full of magnesium and had the doctor come. He did an ultrasound, and said the baby weighs about 31/2 lbs. Ordered more fluids for me and called our Children's Hospital to send a squad. Of course I was panicked, I asked the nurse what was going on- And she said- You are to far into labor for it to be stopped, so we are preparing to deliver. This was at 8. About 45 mins go by, I was completely dilated and ready, but the doctor wouldn't break my water, as our hospital is not equipped with the right things for preemie births. At 9:15 the CH group arrives and I was allowed to push. Tada, Its a girl- And HUGE! 6lbs 3ounces. My biggest baby- I am excited! Beaming with joy. Doctor was wrong and this was all for nothing. But I didn't hear any crying anymore. The team from Children's grab her up and take her off. I am still excited, telling my mom they were all wrong, and we would be going home the next day. One of the nurses come in, and ask Joe to fill out some paperwork. He comes back and says they are taken her to Akron- Now from where I live that is almost 3 hours away. NO WAY ARE THEY DOING THIS! But it turns out size doesn't matter for a child born early. She was just lucky to have grown so much, however her lungs had yet to fully develop and Nero responses where very small. They brought her into me, in an incubator, all hooked up to tubes and wires, sealed off. You can reach your hand through the hole they told me to touch her and say goodbye. OMG- Never had I cried so hard, or been so angry. I hadn't even got to hold my new baby and she is going so far away from me. So I fought, just as she did on her way up there, I fought at the hospital. Its routine that moms wait 24 hours to leave. Not me, I did all they told me I had too, pushed on my stomach, kept it firm, walked around, took my shower, ate- then told them to call the Dr. I begged for release and got it. so at 2pm or so, I left home and went up to where she was. And there we stayed for the first weeks of her life. Bringing up her sisters and staying in the Ronald McDonald house. Joe (so sweet is he) drove the trip everyday so that he could still work and bring home money for the family. It was rough, but we stuck through it. And Miss Stevie pulled through it all too. What a fighter she was.

So, Since I have all girls, I think its easiest for me to do the Girl portion of Preemie Sweetie first. I will have a boy mini tomorrow, and then an add on pack for all the milestones a preemie baby faces. This isn't just for preemies though, There are pieces that are perfect for all babies. So please enjoy Preemie Sweetie The Girl Mini today.

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This is My LO of Miss Stevie Using the New Mini
Just after getting her breathing tubes out.


makeyesup said...

Preemie for girls is adorable, thanks and happy to hear all is well with your little one.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

I'm sitting here crying because I know the pain you went thru we lost my first baby boy at 5 months stillborn, the second at 5 1/2 months he lived for half an hour and our third boy was born at 6 months weighing 2 lbs 8 oz, 14 1/4" long, and when they asked me if I wanted to touch him before the ambulance took him to the nearest Neo natal center I didn't want to but did e than grabed my finger and the nurse told me he'll make.
Yeah right the next day he had a severe brain hemorahge any way to make a long story short he also had to have surgery on his heart valve and they were ready to give up on him but I said something to them and they than tryed him on something else and told us he would probably be slow learning or handicaped!!!!!
Well he proved them WRONG!!!!
Oh by the way our fourth son was only born 2 weeks early but I wasn't allowed to do a thing while I was carring him!!!

olga9999 said...

So sorry to read you story and Sharon's story, I don't have children myself and I don't really know anyone that has gone through something like that. I'm very lucky or my friends and family are very lucky of not having gone through something like that. It has to be terrible to be so close and seeing how the baby is fighting and you can't do anything at all for him or her.:( It's great,though, that both stories had a happy ending and there was a good outcome.:)

The first part of the kit is really nice and the combination of pink with the cardboard frames and elements looks fantastic, very traditional scrapbooking. It's a lovely look. :)

Thanks so much for sharing this, as it's a nice kit and could be used for many different layouts. :)

Best wishes :O)

tricertifiedx2 said...

I cannot say enough Thank You's!!! I have had my eye out for a good Preemie Kit since my son was born 6weeks early due to a sudden abruption almost 2 years ago. I wasn't even awake for my son's birth, and the first time I ever saw him was through a picture. This kit is AWESOME!!!! Your story had me in tears as so many of the ladies stories that I shared with in the NICU. I think the hardest part for me was watching as others babies got to go home and mine had to stay day after day after day. If you haven't ever been in that situation it is very hard to understand so having someone who has been there put together a kit makes it that much more special. Can't wait for the boy one to follow and I have lots of pic's to scrap with it. Such a hard time, but I never want to forget it. Thank you again for all your hard work.

Cindyrelly said...

This is Adorable ;) I can't wait to see the Boy set ... My grandson was born 12 weeks early but just turned 2 and although we have had a lot of work and therapy over the past Two Years, he has overcome a lot of obstacles. Thank You for sharing the story and kit :)

Cynthia said...

Your story really touched my heart. I am so happy that Stevie Rae is doing so well. She must take after her mother: a strong woman!

Stephanie said...

What a blessing your dd must be.
We lost our 2nd baby at 7 1/2 months. She was stillborn.

Ashley said...

OMGOSH LIZ I am in tears, the girl one is sooo darling and just makes me cry even more thinking about all the times we spent in the NICU. You are truly blessed Liz as well as I am and I thank you from the bottom of my weeping heart for making this. You are truly wonderful and again Thank you so very much for honoring my request.

Christina said...

Thank you from a fellow preemie mom. My son was actually one of the ones stuck there for a long time although he did really well. He was 3 lbs 11 oz and I count myself lucky, too many friends of mine (in a preemie chat group) had babies much smaller. This is the sweetest scrapkit, I love this. Thank you for making it and I'm glad all of our babies are doing well!

MamaFizer said...

How do you download the kit? Everytime I click it it requires a pw and username...