Wednesday, November 14, 2007

O What a monster

So, Shrek 3 came out on DVD yesterday. I was made quit aware of it in the store with Miss Ana. First glimpse and that was it, I heard all about it until we got home and was able to put it in the player. Wouldn't you know that we watched all 3 yesterday? Not surprising as its Anastasia's favorite, but it was a welcomed change from Monster's Inc. But it got me to thinking, about the huge differences in tastes and styles that the girls have. You would look at Miss Ana and expect pretty princess things and dolls. Sweet pinks and purples, and all the frilly girl things. But she puts more meaning into the terms "looks can be deceiving" She honestly does have everyone fooled, well except for mommy. She has the perfect reflection of a porcelain doll, sweetest little face and her voice is so soft and timid sounding to others, but man o man, Get her in the comforts of her own home and she lets loose. Terrible Two's at their finest- Running around growling at her sisters, And I do mean literally growling like a monster. Acting as if she is indestructible trying jumps from the highest points in the house, and putting toys in places they don't belong-ie the potty or her dad's chair for him to sit down on when he comes home.
But don't get me wrong, I am not picking on her, nor am I upset that things are this way- Just sometimes amazed at how different things are than people make them out to be. As Miss Roxy, you would think would be my "terror" so to speak. She is the one who I can't ever seem to keep clothes on, hates to have her hair fixed and refuses to wear dresses unless it's a special occasion and "MOMMY SAYS SO!". However, she is the first one to pick out anything princess like, or when we go to the store, the first thing she wants is a doll or barbie. Stevie has yet to be anything but mommy's lap girl-She still is one to watch and observe what her sisters do and follow around helping out their mischievous acts. Only time will tell if the red hair lives up to what every one says a red head is.
Okay, so I have rambled enough again huh? But it is something to think about, I am sure you too went/go out with your children and people come up, pinching their cheeks saying- AWWW What a sweet little one you have. Deep inside you are saying- IF YOU ONLY KNEW! Aw yes, I did it, I tattled on my kids- LMAO-
So anyways, Here is today's freebie- An alpha set to go along with this weeks Ice HOT Lemonade. (FYI, This is not saved as one .png sheet- But as separate letters, numbers and punctuation so that it can be used with all soft wares) Well, enjoy- And tomorrow I will have something different and new- At the request of a sweet girl on Flair.

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KayJay said...

Thanks so much for this kit, it is perfect for my sister-in-laws B-day card. Her b-day is 4 days before xmas so anything non xmassy is a must for her.

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this AWESOME alpha!!!!!!
Yep each child is unique in their own way!!!! LOL

Cra-Z-cat said...

ur story about ur girls was quite cute today.. i really enjoyed reading it!! the alpha is so cool.. love how u put that flower on each one.. what a wonderful kit you have shared.. thank you!!

oh, and thanks for taking the time to go to my gallery and comment on the page i did w/ ur kit.. it tickles me when i get comments!!!

olga9999 said...

Appearances are deceiving, how a person really is inside it might or might not be as we think it is. It's not only that happens with kids it happens with most people. There are only a few ones you can say "yes they are as they really look", you don't see a person's inside and we judge, for good or bad, considering what we know of other people. :) And kids, growing as they are, can be the ones that give you more surprises in that area as they don't usually fit with stereotypes. :)

By what I've read in your previous posts, your girls look terrific kids and even if they give you surprises they are of the good kind, as during the Memorial. :)

Many thanks for the alpha and the previous parts, as I couldn't come around the last couple of days. :) They are fantastic and ideal, now the cold is starting, and kinda girlie. :)

Best wishes. :O)

Maria said...

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