Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Sweeties

First of all, Thank you all for you comments and uplifting words. Its funny how much the digi family can pull together and make everything seem alright for the moment. I greatly appreciate it. I do feel though that more and more I will be more personal in my blog posts. As its a great way to get to know each other. Miles seperate us, that make casual meetings and chats over coffee merely impossible (speaking of which I hate coffee- Just using for example_ LOL) But by letting each in and getting to know the more personal side, kinda sorta makes up for that in a small way. For me anyways.
And after all, Isn't a blog our virtual diary? So I shall treat it as such. No longer just for advertisement or news releases. Or just to keep you current on Digi Scrappin' (for those of you who search solely for the freebies you will now have to scroll a bit.) But with that in mind, I will indulge more later into a more personal side for me.
Funny though- I do have an announcement for you all, I do have to share As the family is expanding- NO not another child, but the Sweeties have been named. We are now up to 8 with possibly more on the way LOL.
The team has been reviewed, and Miss Lilly and myself went through all applications and found 3 to put as FULL time Creative Sweeties. This now puts our team at 8. However we also have looked through will be emailing some of the others for other Creative spots with not as much work. So if you haven't been contacted yet, Please be patient as well are still making decisions on additions. However- Kristen, Karen and Shikin popped out at us. And we just new they were tooo sweet to pass up!!
Check out their LO's that got them their spots!
(in no particular order)
Using Beautifully Mondane, Teal Jewels Revamped and Manic Monday
Using Beautifully Mondane
Using What boys are Made Of
Arent those awesome? Well I happen to think so anyways.
And those that scrolled all the way down to grab up a freebie- I am so, Today I just didn't have the creative flow in me to come up with something pleasing to me- BUT- I did scrap this page with and awesome freebie on Colies Blog today- Its called Pumpkin Spice- And I LOVE IT! So for you freebie fix, hop over there to grab this one up!

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