Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Day for my Grab Bag! REVEALED!

I had a few things I had to do with the family and still have yet to complete the add on's for the Preemie Sweetie Mini's- I DO PROMISE TO HAVE THEM TOMORROW! LOL- (okay well that is providing everything goes smoothly) I have to do the dreaded last minute grocery shopping tomorrow. I think I have everything wrote down on the list, but you know how it is. You get home pull it all out and start baking and realize- MAN! Well keep your fingers crossed that I will only have to make the one trip to the store. (I will do the same for you! LOL)
I found a movie yesterday and HAD to get it. Remember the Pagemaster?? Yeah well I seen it in a bargain bin- and the girls LOVE it. I forgot how cute the talking books were. Man I am feeling old now. I also had a crappy day- Not how it sounds, but EXACTLY how it sounds. something flub up with a sewage line and it STUNK SO BAD! Thankfully it was quick fixed but I refused to kiss, touch or even look at Joe until he showered 3 times! LOL.
Okay, Well just to remind you all, today is the last day to grab up my CU Grab Bag. So I figured I would let you know whats hiding inside. Its not just for commercial use- The products inside can be great for personal use as well, to fill whats missing in a kit. Or just to use something you can make yourself. All things just need to be recolored- Or fill with your choice of pattern or paper. So here is the peek- You can grab it up at JFTSOI before its all released totaling $28.I think its a steal-
Also- I finished up 2 sets of Holiday photo Cards, that I must say I am quite proud of. They will be going into the store sometime today, So be on the look out. I think inspiration may hit me later to do some more- Who knows. But I have a frosty winter blue set done, and a warm Christmas/fall feeling one as well.

Now yesterday I posted a good deal of LO shares. I want you all to know that one reason I put them up is to hopefully give some inspiration of ideas, But also because I love seeing my work in use. Yep, I am admitting it, I get a thrill so to speak- and I just have to boast. Cuz honestly, every page I have seen using my stuff has been so awesome- And amazing to me. I am times have to look twice and say- Wow that is my design?? Just like this one. By Crazy Cat- Using Sweet Versatility. She is making a wedding album for her niece that is simple divine. And this page is no exception. Beautiful layering and wonderful way of accenting a great photo.
I also wanted to let you all know that as soon as the Turkey holiday is over- I will be hosting two chats at JFTSOI. 1 for Photo Tips and Tricks and 1 for holiday tips and secrets. Both of which will have exclusive participation gifts. Speaking of gifts- Here is todays freebie- Retro Flashback Quick Page #2. Again a 24 active download.
Sorry This Link Has Expired

Now- along with todays freebie- Lets do a simple little game- Winner will get any one product of their wish from my store. Ready- Whats my middle name? Yeah a little different, but first to guess correctly will win whatever they want from my shop- So go ahead take a stab at it. I will announce winner tomorrow and then you can email me with your request.

This should be fun!



Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Penny said...

Another great quickpage. As for your middle name (I don't know) but I'll take a stab and say either Ann or Elizabeth. Thank you for todays download.

Photo Mashups said...

THe 4shared site keeps timing out on me, I read alot of compliants about that free service.

Free generic digital scrapbooking @ . Good site for begginers (even kids can use) or getting layout ideas, no expensive tools or costly art supplies needed.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Only 1 other person playing the game?? I guess Lynn or maybe Dawn but that is assuming your first name is actually Elizabeth and not just Liz. I am probably soooo wrong though!!!! BTW, thank you for all the freebies you are leaving us. Your generousity is awesome!!!

andria said...

Woohoo love games and all your beautiful designs so would think maybe Ann, or rose:-)Tis a hard ones this one..LOL..thanks so very much for sharing not only your gifts with us but your time n talents hon they are all much appreciated as you are..hugz from oz;-)Now crossing everything i can..LOL..have a wonderful week.

KayJay said...

I love your blog, I come back again and again just to see what you are up to. And as a bonus, you give us so many freebies. I am new to scrapbooking, so I haven't made anything with your kits yet, but as soon as I think I have something worth sharing, I will mail you it.
Thanks again.
And as for your middle name I will go with mine "Jane"
Have a great week..take care..I'll be back soon, to see if I have won ;o)

Betty_Boop said...

OH MY GOSH.....I just LOVE your grab bag!!!! AWESOME job dear! this will help us sooo much. All you have to do is change the colors to match your page............. SUPER DUPER FUN!

CraZcat said...

i was tickled to see my page on ur blog today when i visited.. thanks for the honor!! you say ur tickled to see ur kits in use, well, i get just as MUCH A KICK to see my page displayed.. THANK YOU!!!