Monday, November 26, 2007


Good morning or evening- Whatever it may be for you. If you looking for a good morning jump start Betty and Myself with be doing a chat for Babette today at JFTSOI! We will be discussing pretty much anything as it comes along as well as featuring Babettes kit Oohhh Baby!!! It will be on sale for the next 2 days and their will be a posting and participation bonus from the chat that will be from Miss Babette. So if you want to chat, get your scrapping mood going or just join in on the fun, Come by at 10 am EST to the JFTSOI Chat Room (babettes atelier)
I will be back later today with the Preemie Sweetie Boy Milestones, I think luck is following me in the worst way right now! I downloaded PSP X2 last night after blogging and installed the trial. You know, to see if it was much different than 10 before I bought. Not really wanting to waste money if there isn't much difference. Well... I thought I was doing great. Got the trial installed and was playing around a bit. Closed it out and went to bed. Had so much to do today that I didn't give it much thought and came back to the computer to finish up my preview and a few things I had some ideas for today. Well, wouldn't luck have it that I go to open up 12 and it says that program is damaged or an illegal oppuration occured. WHAT?? I didn't do anything, and downloaded from Corel, not to mention it worked fine last night. So okay, it says to re install from the source. I figured, well I can do that later right- and just go to open up my PSP10- trusty old 10 that i have been using forever. Guess what- I double click and it starts installation process. WHAT IS GOING ON? ERGH! I am frustrated to say the least at this point, and go to open my CS3- Yep it starts re-installing too. SO.... I had to take all the programs out and reinstall them. DEFINITELY NOT 12 FOR SURE! LOL. So upon reinstallation of 10 it comes to the open screen and says I am on day 30 of my trial! Now, I am laughing, nothing more I can do! I bought it electronically well over a year ago, And don't remember my serial. So I sent Customer Support and email telling them this whole story hoping they can retrieve my number for me. So right now, I just got my program back in and still have to put all my stuff back in it. And have still to re install my CS3 and get it back to the way I had it. After all the work, then i will be able to play again! LOL
Now, Some news for you all, Aside of my luck with my PC today, we seen the end result of Lenny's (joe's uncles) home I never seen such a mess. Even the worst fires have left something. It is leveled, nothing but the metal and some of the roofing left. They considered the cause to be the wood burning stove, possibly the chimney catching and then spreading. So please those who do use a fireplace or wood as means for heat or just for leisure comfort, Be super cautious. This week they plan on coming in and removing all the debri and cleaning the whole area up to start rebuilding.
Also- The Fantastic Five is back!! Memory's Serenade is one of the 5 designs this week that will be 50% off! It last only 5 days so grab it while its hot.
Okay so I will be back later in the afternoon time with the new freebie and Also some Layout shares. I am telling ya what. Cross your fingers that everything goes smooth until then! LOL

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