Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I jinxed myself

As I said before- Providing all goes well.... Well I got sick, actually slept. LOL (boy my body was welcoming that) And then of course other things went on, not to mention I went out shopping for groceries for Thursday's dinner. And wouldn't you know it, I forgot a few things, so had to make another trip. LOL Now, I had a game last post. Which was interesting to read the responses. Here is why, Dawn is my sisters name, Jane is Roxanna's middle name, Ann is what my sister calls Anastasia, Elizabeth is my first name, and Madeline was my grandmother's middle name. How bout that! LMAO. But no one guessed it, it is common but I guess that was a hard question huh? Either way my middle name is Renee. Yeppers Elizabeth Renee. So, ALL PARTICIPANTS WIN! How's that? So Penny, tricertifiedx2, andria, kayjay and junemerlin Please email me your request. Pick out any one Item I have in my store found here and email your choice to How awesome is that. Plus its Thanksgiving time right? So kinda my way of thanking you. I am packing up Preemie Sweetie's add on's now. And figured to avoid holiday confusion and for those who may be outta town, I will release it on Saturday. I will be busy too with cooking and getting Christmas stuff ready too. It's tradition in my family that the day of Thanksgiving after all the food is put away, we put up our trees. Then the day after goes the lights and ect.. So I should be busy! I will be sure to take pictures of my tree when it's finished. I have a new theme in mind for my living room, and I think I may be in love! LOL.
But enough of holiday talk- I have Retro Flashbacks QP #3 for you to hold over until I get back with a bigger freebie. And Colie has a week of freebies going on her blog right now too! So check it out here.
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~*~*~Name it and Win it~*~*~
Also, This new kit is in the works too. Something I found inspiration for while looking in an old photo album. However, I am stuck on a name. I know that once a name comes that fits, I will be rolling on it again. Here is a preview of what I have so far. So feel free to suggests some names. The one I pick will win the kit in its entirety.
Much Love to All- And Congrats to the Participants!
And good luck to the ones to come!


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post at

Mammacole1979 said...

OK, this is just too weird, wanna know why? My Middle name is Renee! LOL I love the kit great colors and a nice touch with the cardboard edges. I let someone else pick a name for it cause I dont wanna spoil the fun:) Thank you so much for the QP! ((Hugs)) Colie

Anonymous said...

Iced PlUms On The Vine!

Sugar Plums Devine

k.. that's my two.

Best of luck.. it's just de - gorrrgeous Liz! lol

here's my email addy

MaggieM said...

Beautiful kit. I think of Iced Wine.

tricertifiedx2 said...

Glad you ar feeling better, was wondering what happened to you yesterday. I will e-mail you later, it's going to be a hard choice, you have such GREAT stuff. Don't have any suggestions on the other kit but if I get a "lightbulb" moment I will add it. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Cra-Z-cat said...

oh what a beautiful color choice for the new kit.. my suggestion is Burgandy Flutterby!!

KayJay said...

Thanks for the difficult choice (finally made one - see email).
I love the new kit you are working on, although I am not feeling very creative as for a title...the colours remind me of one of my favourite vegetables "aubergines", but I can't come up with anything with a nice ring to it. But maybe it will inspire someone else here. Back soon

Shell said...

Thanks for the QPs. I think of 'All That Glitters"

Randa said...

Mauve Bliss

Mauve Flutter


Momuv4girls said...

What a gorgeous kit. Names I am thinking of:
Plum Pudding
Plum Pretty
Plum Icing
Plums and Pistachios

Hope that helps.

Penny said...

Great kit but I'm terrible at naming them. Thank you for another great qp. And thank you for letting us all win on the guess your middle name game. Have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

RoseAddict said...

Pretty kit! The glittery pieces made me think of "A Glittering Past" or "A Shimmering Past".

andria said...

Wow, love the name Renee:-)Glad your feeling better hon and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving..My name that seems to clickety clack..LOL is Bygone Burgundy Glitteries and All that Glitters pretty Sparklers:-)

Thanks hon and have a beautiful weekend..hugz from oz

Cindee said...

looks like a Glamorous Glitters to me

Sunba said...

I would like the kit to have a name as purple pasion..