Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I did it. I survived making my first thanksgiving dinner all by myself. I was quit proud to be honest. Sorry about not having a post yesterday/this morning, but I was tied up with all the baking and basting the turkey. Well, you know how that goes. I am just now getting ready for bed. Its been a LONG day. Tons of food, family fun and decorating. I did my tree today. Which I am quite proud of too! LOL. I was all excited about my new theme tree,Well... that didn't turn out how I wanted it. I had gotten all blue and silver and gold items for my tree last year during the after holiday sales. And sets of white lights. ( I am never usually one for white, I go for bright and colorful) Either way, Taking them all out of the boxes and doing the ever dreaded test on them, I come to find that all of them are only half lite strands. Now that has always boggled me, How is it that the lights work perfect when you put them away, yet when you have left them untouched for a year sealed up, they all of a sudden stop working?? Now of course that has to be some kind of marketing strategy to insure we have to buy lights again each year. But I will some day figure out the madness behind it all. (Well....I can dream right?) Either way, Here is a peak at my Tree as It turned out. Bright and colorful, Yet only my silver and gold glittery bulbs along with my memento bulbs.

Now the one particular ornament I have in the right picture is special. Not that they all aren't. But that is the very first ornament that me and Joe bought together for our first ever Christmas. I am a nut like that. I buy a new one each year that symbolizes us as a couple (that year was polar bears) And a new one each year for the girls. Roxy now has 3, Ana 2, and Stevie 1, Me and Joe 4. But we still have to find our new ones for this year.
Now aside from all the fun family stuff. I don't have a freebie for today as I was pretty much occupied with everything else. However, it is Black Friday and digi scrappers shouldn't be excluded! Everything at JFTSOI is 50% off today and tomorrow. This includes all of my designs. Including the newly released Memory's Serenade and the previous freebies should you have missed them are just $1. I will have another freebie later on, As well as the add on's Saturday. O- And I am currently uploading and sending out the emails containing links to those who were in the game for chance at choice of prize.
NOW- For the Name it and Win it. I am torn between two names right now. But I will be letting you all know as soon as I am finished with the kit. (Looking to be probably tomorrow night or Sunday morning) So that's it for now, I am heading to bed to rest off this turkey. Hope all of you have a great black Friday. Be sure to pick up some great deals for me! LOL- I ain't running around in the madness this year.



Ashley said...

Your tree looks wonderful, Liz. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with your family, as I did mine. Even though LiL' Kay is in the hospital, we brought her food and let her gobble it up on her highchair there! I hope you get the addons done soon Im excited to see them.
Take care

Ashley said...

OH and I wanted to add that I think you should name your new kit shimmering plums, because its so beautiful it shimmers the hearts :)