Monday, November 12, 2007

CU Grab Bag- And Some LO Shares

My Commercial Use Grab Bag is done and in the store. Took a little bit, but I did it! LOL- I do believe this is an awesome bag! 1 seasonal item is included in this, the other 4 products are all things you can use over and over again. Either way, for a hint- This preview is made solely from the contents inside (except the bag its self) O and everything is just gray scaled items that just need you to add some color and thats it! Its only available until the 19th and then it will be revealed and added to the store seperately.

Now, I have been recieving some really great emailed LO shares using my recent freebies- And I must say, I am in awww.. Seriously some great talent in the Layout Design, plus I am super honored that you all chose to use my design and share with me. Its not often that people actually contact me to share, And when it happens, Well I get really cheesy and do the happy dance. I am calling Joe over to see and check em out, But he doesn't quit get my excitement. I don't think our significant others do really. Plus I was interupting his Football session! LOL. But the girls enjoy with me, and say purty! So I know you all will understand my excitment so I am showing them to you as well! Aren't they awesome????
By ScrapMOMof2~~~~~~~~By Gabrielle
Both Using Ice HOT Lemonade
How sweet are these girls?? Love the combination of bright colors and soft journaling and pictures for the first one- That babe is too darling! And that Second one- OMG- she is a DOLL!! Love that face, and the journaling is too cute- LOVE THESE!
By Intense Magic~~~~~~~~By Crystal
Both Using Autumn Romance
Love the Layout on the first one, How great is that, such a fun but warming page, and that second one, That thank you card is beautiful. Such a gorgeous babe and the colors are just perfect for her sweet face. Awesome Job Ladies!!
By Sharon~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Sunba
Both Using Sweet Versatility
I love both of these LO's Perfect color combinations for the photos- and the Jouraling is so well put on the first one- And that second one, the old photo is back to life- WOW- You both amaze me!
By Intense Magic~~~~~~~~~~~By Sarah
Both Using Sweet Versatility
That first LO will be a future Scraplift of mine, I am sure of it!! I love it, and the bright and deep tones pull the photos right out! LOVE IT! And Isn't that a cute little face?? Miss Jordyn has such an effect on me! She is a doll baby- and the LO is perfect for her! LOVE THESE!
Both By Don
Both Using Sweet Versatility!
YEAP! Amazing LO's by a fellow male scrapper- And boy are they great- He has 2 more that I will put up a little later from SV. But I am loving these floral photographs. And accented so well with the design- Awesome Job dear- and thank so much for sharing- LOVE EM!
By Suhrfer~~~~~~~~~~~~By Vickie
Using My Man~~~~Using What Boys R Made Of
That first one looks like soo much fun. Perfect masculine scrap for the boys, yet full of happiness! And that second one, man is he reading intently! I love the LO showcasing the little one enjoying his book! Both are awesome LO's

By God Loves Me
Using Midas Monday
I LOVE THIS TOO! (Did I say Love enough in this post??) LOL But the use of the tag to blend the photo in and hang off the ribbons and they do look like they are having a blast! Great Page dear!

Okay, So Yeah, can you see why I was soo excited?? All are awesome Pages- And well.. I am glad I was able to see them all. Its a designer gratification to see their hard work put to use- and well, I am beaming over here! If you need to catch up on freebies I have available you can get them here.

Much Love to all! And Happy Scrapping- O and Next post (later today will have part 3 of Ice Hot Lemonade!)

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