Friday, November 30, 2007

Back in the groove with a Freebie!

I tell ya what, I 2 days put me back more than I thought. But I am getting there. I am packaging Aubergin Wine now and will have it finished, so be ready for link ladies. Also I am trying to get some Holiday designs finished and also this Retro Kitchen and Cooking set. LOL Full of ideas flowing at the moment. But I think my brain is recovering from overdrive! I did some scrapping, needed a little bit of a break from designing as I hit a block (I hate when that happens) And It was a nice release to be honest. Colie sent me this great Christmas Kit, and let me tell you what- I am in awwww. It is too cute! I think I will be using this one A LOT! So I have to share these layouts Cuz to be honest, they are just too cute. And I am proud of them. I finally have the perfect kit for the pics from last year that I put away. O and the name of her new kit is Happy Jolly Days. Both of these are Miss Roxy.This first one she had her nosed pressed against the window while I was outside putting up lights, and it was just too cute- She was giggling at me and yelling at the santa I had put up.
And this is her out in the first snow we had last year. I was a bit over cautious with the bundling but she had a blast! LOL (What mom doesn't over bundle now and then?? )
Either way, I thought they were pretty cute layouts and had to share them. And thank you Miss Colie for such an awesome design.
Now aside from that, I have a freebie for you all. Its another 24 hour one, so grab it up quick before it goes into my store. I just loved this color combo and knew I could use if for just about anything, so I wanted something not so much plain but versatile- So please enjoy!
Sorry, this link has expired
Much Love and Happy Scrappin!
O and Today is the last day to get Memory's Serenade 50% off. Here is a preview of the details!


Susan said...

Thank you for this very versatile freebie. I'll look forward to having a play with it.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is about to list this blog post!

makeyesup said...

Thanks for buttersquash. Love the square frame and the journal note.

KayJay said...

I love your layouts, little Roxy looks so cheeky, peeping out of that window. Did you embellish the window with the snowman, or is it actually on your window? whichever its cute too! I love your blog and its the first thing I check every time I turn the computer on!
Bye 4 now

pixiequeen said...