Wednesday, November 28, 2007

After all the stress- I am back up!

Forgive my post with layouts as I didn't get to in depth with comments. After 2 days of fighting with software, and all that fun stuff. I am back up and running again. I will have a freebie later on today- I just need to get some rest before getting back into my scrapping and designing. I will say this much, never again will I be foolish enough to put a trial of something upgraded on my puter when I already have an edition working fine! LOL- Far more hassle than it was worth that was for sure. And I also decided on a name for the name it and win it kit. I am putting 3 suggestions into one- so 3 people will be getting it- Only fair right. "Aubergine Wine" So MaggieM, KayJay and Liegh will be getting it as soon as I finish- Which is looking to be tonight. (Maggie for first suggestion of Wine, KayJay for the veggie - Still dont know what it is, BUT I LIKE IT! LOL the name has a ring- and Leigh for putting them together and emailing me the suggestion. So either way, I will have it tonight.
Now, I gotta share a quick story before I get some shut eye, Cuz its just too cute. This morning while doing chat at JFTSOI Roxy brought me a box of cereal. It had never been opened, but she didn't want the cereal. She seen a picture of a puppy on the back of the box and was BEGGING and pleading to no end for me to get the puppy out for her. I tried my hardest under the giggles to explain that it was just a picture, but she was determined. She sat down, ripped open the box and dug her little hand WAY down to the bottom (bag still sealed so no mess- THANK GOODNESS!) She managed to rip the whole bag out- as it was glued to the sides- YKWIM the way they do to keep the shape. Either way, she push and poked at that bag for a good while. Finally, she came up to me a little tear in her eye- Mommy the puppy's gone! Awwwwwww.. Now my heart melted but it was just tooo cute! I got pictures of her going to town on the box so I will scrap later today to share.


Kayjay said...

Glad you got your computer up and running again, it is so frustrating when they are down. I have just remembered that an Aubergine in the states is probably an "eggplant" does that ring any bells?
Take care
PS: Love the story of the puppy, could have been one of my boys!

tricertifiedx2 said...

Ahh, I understand. Your name sounds so much better!!! Hate the veggie but love the color. Love the Puppy story, sounds somewhat like my DD, she is all about what's in the box (the toy) not the cerel, except when it is Barbie cereal then it is all about the cereal....who knew??

sjwrightcreator said...

Awww... poor Roxy. I'd be disappointed if I were her, too. You bad Mommy! What did you do with that sweet puppy? LOL... Awesome work, by the way. Check out my blog if you get a chance. Take care!