Friday, November 30, 2007

Back in the groove with a Freebie!

I tell ya what, I 2 days put me back more than I thought. But I am getting there. I am packaging Aubergin Wine now and will have it finished, so be ready for link ladies. Also I am trying to get some Holiday designs finished and also this Retro Kitchen and Cooking set. LOL Full of ideas flowing at the moment. But I think my brain is recovering from overdrive! I did some scrapping, needed a little bit of a break from designing as I hit a block (I hate when that happens) And It was a nice release to be honest. Colie sent me this great Christmas Kit, and let me tell you what- I am in awwww. It is too cute! I think I will be using this one A LOT! So I have to share these layouts Cuz to be honest, they are just too cute. And I am proud of them. I finally have the perfect kit for the pics from last year that I put away. O and the name of her new kit is Happy Jolly Days. Both of these are Miss Roxy.This first one she had her nosed pressed against the window while I was outside putting up lights, and it was just too cute- She was giggling at me and yelling at the santa I had put up.
And this is her out in the first snow we had last year. I was a bit over cautious with the bundling but she had a blast! LOL (What mom doesn't over bundle now and then?? )
Either way, I thought they were pretty cute layouts and had to share them. And thank you Miss Colie for such an awesome design.
Now aside from that, I have a freebie for you all. Its another 24 hour one, so grab it up quick before it goes into my store. I just loved this color combo and knew I could use if for just about anything, so I wanted something not so much plain but versatile- So please enjoy!
Sorry, this link has expired
Much Love and Happy Scrappin!
O and Today is the last day to get Memory's Serenade 50% off. Here is a preview of the details!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

After all the stress- I am back up!

Forgive my post with layouts as I didn't get to in depth with comments. After 2 days of fighting with software, and all that fun stuff. I am back up and running again. I will have a freebie later on today- I just need to get some rest before getting back into my scrapping and designing. I will say this much, never again will I be foolish enough to put a trial of something upgraded on my puter when I already have an edition working fine! LOL- Far more hassle than it was worth that was for sure. And I also decided on a name for the name it and win it kit. I am putting 3 suggestions into one- so 3 people will be getting it- Only fair right. "Aubergine Wine" So MaggieM, KayJay and Liegh will be getting it as soon as I finish- Which is looking to be tonight. (Maggie for first suggestion of Wine, KayJay for the veggie - Still dont know what it is, BUT I LIKE IT! LOL the name has a ring- and Leigh for putting them together and emailing me the suggestion. So either way, I will have it tonight.
Now, I gotta share a quick story before I get some shut eye, Cuz its just too cute. This morning while doing chat at JFTSOI Roxy brought me a box of cereal. It had never been opened, but she didn't want the cereal. She seen a picture of a puppy on the back of the box and was BEGGING and pleading to no end for me to get the puppy out for her. I tried my hardest under the giggles to explain that it was just a picture, but she was determined. She sat down, ripped open the box and dug her little hand WAY down to the bottom (bag still sealed so no mess- THANK GOODNESS!) She managed to rip the whole bag out- as it was glued to the sides- YKWIM the way they do to keep the shape. Either way, she push and poked at that bag for a good while. Finally, she came up to me a little tear in her eye- Mommy the puppy's gone! Awwwwwww.. Now my heart melted but it was just tooo cute! I got pictures of her going to town on the box so I will scrap later today to share.

Layout Shares

~*~*~*~Scrapper Layouts~*~*~*~
By Shawtyp~~~~~By Rylea
Both Using Autumn Romance
Beautiful Layouts on both, the journaling is what sets them both off. Love the LO design and perfect way of showing its versatility
Both By Kerri
Using Retro Flashback~~~~Using Ice HOT Lemonade
Those boys making a mess are just tooo cute!! Love the LO on that and on the birthday card! Beautiful pages, and wonderful job dear!
By Leigh~~~~~~My3loveyDoveys
Using PS Boy Mini~~~~Using Beautifully Mondane
Alex is such a cutie, I got to hear the full story on his birth and struggle and what a little man there~ Beautiful scrap of him and the second one is too cute! Love the pics and the LO is awesome
Both by Ashley
Using Preemie Sweeties Boy and Girl Mini's
Miss Ashley is the reason Preemie Sweeties came about. And I am so glad she suggested it. Both her sweet babes, And her sweet little girl just underwent surgery for her heart. Beautiful pages dear, and she will be in my prayers for a quick recovery.
~*~*~*Creative Sweeties Layouts*~*~*~
Using Memory's Serenade~~~~~Using Vintage Perfection 2
Both By Miss Lilly
The expressions are priceless! Love both of these layouts- pictures truly speak volumes in these! Love em girl!
Using Memory's Serenade~~~~Using Little Royalty
Both by Clara Sue
CONGRATS TO CLARA!!! The momma in the first just gave birth to Baby Connor last night! Congrats on becoming a new grandma girl! And both your pages are beautiful! (the second is a QP for a challenge on Flair)
Using Rustic Rose~~~~~~~~Using Preemie Sweeties Boy Mini
Both by K.Donovan
BEAUTIFUL! Love the first one, perfect composition and is that second one not tooo cute! both are great pages as always my dear!
Using Forever and Always~~~~Using Memory's Serenade
Both by Miss Judy
Miss J. sending her sweetie my way! Miss Pipey is a cute as Christmas! And both pages are beautiful!
Using Sweet Versatility~~~~~Using SV and Kind Hearted
Both by Shikin
GORGEOUS PAGES! What can I say- the color combo is perfect- the design of the layouts- well girl, you always amaze me!
Using Vintage Perfection 1~~~~~~~Using Autumn Romance
Both by Karen
How cute is this little one! The journaling is awesome, and the layouts rock! And I sooo want that cute red dress! eheheheheh
Using Memory's Serenade~~~~Using Retro Flashback
Both by Colie
Colie- You are gorgeous girl, as is your mom! Love both these pages, also showing off your gorgeous babes, doing what they do best- Make a mess for you! LOL- Just kidding- Love them both girl!

Monday, November 26, 2007

I told ya I'd be back! LOL

So two post so far today-I think I will do Layout shares tomorrow, more time-LOL- I need some quick rest before this morning's chat. But I did get the Preemie Sweeties Boy Milestones. Now after a lot of redoing! I didn't realize that after reinstalling my PSP that it saved png files with a white background- SOOO I had to go in and fix it and then of course go back and re do the png files I had done. What a mess! Either way- This is a 24 hour download once again. For those that sent emails and comments about why the link expired on the last one- I had it up for just 24 hours- I don't know what default you have RSS Feeds sent to your email or the like- I just know I try to keep on scheldule with the time I post to the time I take down. I am sorry if you missed any due to this, but they are now in the JFTSOI store.
Sorry This Link Has Expired


Good morning or evening- Whatever it may be for you. If you looking for a good morning jump start Betty and Myself with be doing a chat for Babette today at JFTSOI! We will be discussing pretty much anything as it comes along as well as featuring Babettes kit Oohhh Baby!!! It will be on sale for the next 2 days and their will be a posting and participation bonus from the chat that will be from Miss Babette. So if you want to chat, get your scrapping mood going or just join in on the fun, Come by at 10 am EST to the JFTSOI Chat Room (babettes atelier)
I will be back later today with the Preemie Sweetie Boy Milestones, I think luck is following me in the worst way right now! I downloaded PSP X2 last night after blogging and installed the trial. You know, to see if it was much different than 10 before I bought. Not really wanting to waste money if there isn't much difference. Well... I thought I was doing great. Got the trial installed and was playing around a bit. Closed it out and went to bed. Had so much to do today that I didn't give it much thought and came back to the computer to finish up my preview and a few things I had some ideas for today. Well, wouldn't luck have it that I go to open up 12 and it says that program is damaged or an illegal oppuration occured. WHAT?? I didn't do anything, and downloaded from Corel, not to mention it worked fine last night. So okay, it says to re install from the source. I figured, well I can do that later right- and just go to open up my PSP10- trusty old 10 that i have been using forever. Guess what- I double click and it starts installation process. WHAT IS GOING ON? ERGH! I am frustrated to say the least at this point, and go to open my CS3- Yep it starts re-installing too. SO.... I had to take all the programs out and reinstall them. DEFINITELY NOT 12 FOR SURE! LOL. So upon reinstallation of 10 it comes to the open screen and says I am on day 30 of my trial! Now, I am laughing, nothing more I can do! I bought it electronically well over a year ago, And don't remember my serial. So I sent Customer Support and email telling them this whole story hoping they can retrieve my number for me. So right now, I just got my program back in and still have to put all my stuff back in it. And have still to re install my CS3 and get it back to the way I had it. After all the work, then i will be able to play again! LOL
Now, Some news for you all, Aside of my luck with my PC today, we seen the end result of Lenny's (joe's uncles) home I never seen such a mess. Even the worst fires have left something. It is leveled, nothing but the metal and some of the roofing left. They considered the cause to be the wood burning stove, possibly the chimney catching and then spreading. So please those who do use a fireplace or wood as means for heat or just for leisure comfort, Be super cautious. This week they plan on coming in and removing all the debri and cleaning the whole area up to start rebuilding.
Also- The Fantastic Five is back!! Memory's Serenade is one of the 5 designs this week that will be 50% off! It last only 5 days so grab it while its hot.
Okay so I will be back later in the afternoon time with the new freebie and Also some Layout shares. I am telling ya what. Cross your fingers that everything goes smooth until then! LOL

Saturday, November 24, 2007

It rains, and never stops

I was missing again. And it seems at times that if you wish for the rain to go away enough- It does, just not completely. It is always raining for someone- Somewhere. Last night Joe's uncle's home burned down. Now, its a little closer to home than you may think because his uncle is more like his father, as his aunt was his mom. Either way, Just last year- exactly a year prior to my mom passing- his aunt passed away from cancer. She left behind his uncle Lenny and their 2 teen boys as well as their nephews that they cared for.
Of course since this happened, I have been a little extra cautious in my home. Checked all my smoke detectors and areas around my plugins The works. Either way, I think maybe at some point I will be getting back to the routine. BUT I AM KNOCKING ON WOOD! Its seems like everytime I think that- I am soon found with another obstacle.
Not to mention being super cautious with my tree. I invested in hardware to bolt that baby down!!!! In less than 24 hours, it found its way to the ground 4 times. Its a little redecorated since the last time! LOL. But I do believe the bolts will keep my pretties in tact!
So, before something else comes my way- Please FINALLY enjoy Preemie Sweetie~ Girl Milestones. Most of the things included are milestones for newborn preemies and children in the NICU Alike. The link will be active 24 hours until going into the store.
Sorry this link has expired and is now in the store
And if you are looking for something more "boy" And perfect for your pics of your hubby watching the game with the boys- Colie has a great freebie on her blog as well. That you have to hurry to grab- Its only up for a limited time! And its AWESOME! I sooo needed it!

Also for those who won choice, I sent out emails but recieved alot of mailer dameons, So if you didn't recieve your links please let me know so I can resend them. Thanks and sorry about the wait.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I did it. I survived making my first thanksgiving dinner all by myself. I was quit proud to be honest. Sorry about not having a post yesterday/this morning, but I was tied up with all the baking and basting the turkey. Well, you know how that goes. I am just now getting ready for bed. Its been a LONG day. Tons of food, family fun and decorating. I did my tree today. Which I am quite proud of too! LOL. I was all excited about my new theme tree,Well... that didn't turn out how I wanted it. I had gotten all blue and silver and gold items for my tree last year during the after holiday sales. And sets of white lights. ( I am never usually one for white, I go for bright and colorful) Either way, Taking them all out of the boxes and doing the ever dreaded test on them, I come to find that all of them are only half lite strands. Now that has always boggled me, How is it that the lights work perfect when you put them away, yet when you have left them untouched for a year sealed up, they all of a sudden stop working?? Now of course that has to be some kind of marketing strategy to insure we have to buy lights again each year. But I will some day figure out the madness behind it all. (Well....I can dream right?) Either way, Here is a peak at my Tree as It turned out. Bright and colorful, Yet only my silver and gold glittery bulbs along with my memento bulbs.

Now the one particular ornament I have in the right picture is special. Not that they all aren't. But that is the very first ornament that me and Joe bought together for our first ever Christmas. I am a nut like that. I buy a new one each year that symbolizes us as a couple (that year was polar bears) And a new one each year for the girls. Roxy now has 3, Ana 2, and Stevie 1, Me and Joe 4. But we still have to find our new ones for this year.
Now aside from all the fun family stuff. I don't have a freebie for today as I was pretty much occupied with everything else. However, it is Black Friday and digi scrappers shouldn't be excluded! Everything at JFTSOI is 50% off today and tomorrow. This includes all of my designs. Including the newly released Memory's Serenade and the previous freebies should you have missed them are just $1. I will have another freebie later on, As well as the add on's Saturday. O- And I am currently uploading and sending out the emails containing links to those who were in the game for chance at choice of prize.
NOW- For the Name it and Win it. I am torn between two names right now. But I will be letting you all know as soon as I am finished with the kit. (Looking to be probably tomorrow night or Sunday morning) So that's it for now, I am heading to bed to rest off this turkey. Hope all of you have a great black Friday. Be sure to pick up some great deals for me! LOL- I ain't running around in the madness this year.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I jinxed myself

As I said before- Providing all goes well.... Well I got sick, actually slept. LOL (boy my body was welcoming that) And then of course other things went on, not to mention I went out shopping for groceries for Thursday's dinner. And wouldn't you know it, I forgot a few things, so had to make another trip. LOL Now, I had a game last post. Which was interesting to read the responses. Here is why, Dawn is my sisters name, Jane is Roxanna's middle name, Ann is what my sister calls Anastasia, Elizabeth is my first name, and Madeline was my grandmother's middle name. How bout that! LMAO. But no one guessed it, it is common but I guess that was a hard question huh? Either way my middle name is Renee. Yeppers Elizabeth Renee. So, ALL PARTICIPANTS WIN! How's that? So Penny, tricertifiedx2, andria, kayjay and junemerlin Please email me your request. Pick out any one Item I have in my store found here and email your choice to How awesome is that. Plus its Thanksgiving time right? So kinda my way of thanking you. I am packing up Preemie Sweetie's add on's now. And figured to avoid holiday confusion and for those who may be outta town, I will release it on Saturday. I will be busy too with cooking and getting Christmas stuff ready too. It's tradition in my family that the day of Thanksgiving after all the food is put away, we put up our trees. Then the day after goes the lights and ect.. So I should be busy! I will be sure to take pictures of my tree when it's finished. I have a new theme in mind for my living room, and I think I may be in love! LOL.
But enough of holiday talk- I have Retro Flashbacks QP #3 for you to hold over until I get back with a bigger freebie. And Colie has a week of freebies going on her blog right now too! So check it out here.
Sorry, this link has expired
~*~*~Name it and Win it~*~*~
Also, This new kit is in the works too. Something I found inspiration for while looking in an old photo album. However, I am stuck on a name. I know that once a name comes that fits, I will be rolling on it again. Here is a preview of what I have so far. So feel free to suggests some names. The one I pick will win the kit in its entirety.
Much Love to All- And Congrats to the Participants!
And good luck to the ones to come!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Last Day for my Grab Bag! REVEALED!

I had a few things I had to do with the family and still have yet to complete the add on's for the Preemie Sweetie Mini's- I DO PROMISE TO HAVE THEM TOMORROW! LOL- (okay well that is providing everything goes smoothly) I have to do the dreaded last minute grocery shopping tomorrow. I think I have everything wrote down on the list, but you know how it is. You get home pull it all out and start baking and realize- MAN! Well keep your fingers crossed that I will only have to make the one trip to the store. (I will do the same for you! LOL)
I found a movie yesterday and HAD to get it. Remember the Pagemaster?? Yeah well I seen it in a bargain bin- and the girls LOVE it. I forgot how cute the talking books were. Man I am feeling old now. I also had a crappy day- Not how it sounds, but EXACTLY how it sounds. something flub up with a sewage line and it STUNK SO BAD! Thankfully it was quick fixed but I refused to kiss, touch or even look at Joe until he showered 3 times! LOL.
Okay, Well just to remind you all, today is the last day to grab up my CU Grab Bag. So I figured I would let you know whats hiding inside. Its not just for commercial use- The products inside can be great for personal use as well, to fill whats missing in a kit. Or just to use something you can make yourself. All things just need to be recolored- Or fill with your choice of pattern or paper. So here is the peek- You can grab it up at JFTSOI before its all released totaling $28.I think its a steal-
Also- I finished up 2 sets of Holiday photo Cards, that I must say I am quite proud of. They will be going into the store sometime today, So be on the look out. I think inspiration may hit me later to do some more- Who knows. But I have a frosty winter blue set done, and a warm Christmas/fall feeling one as well.

Now yesterday I posted a good deal of LO shares. I want you all to know that one reason I put them up is to hopefully give some inspiration of ideas, But also because I love seeing my work in use. Yep, I am admitting it, I get a thrill so to speak- and I just have to boast. Cuz honestly, every page I have seen using my stuff has been so awesome- And amazing to me. I am times have to look twice and say- Wow that is my design?? Just like this one. By Crazy Cat- Using Sweet Versatility. She is making a wedding album for her niece that is simple divine. And this page is no exception. Beautiful layering and wonderful way of accenting a great photo.
I also wanted to let you all know that as soon as the Turkey holiday is over- I will be hosting two chats at JFTSOI. 1 for Photo Tips and Tricks and 1 for holiday tips and secrets. Both of which will have exclusive participation gifts. Speaking of gifts- Here is todays freebie- Retro Flashback Quick Page #2. Again a 24 active download.
Sorry This Link Has Expired

Now- along with todays freebie- Lets do a simple little game- Winner will get any one product of their wish from my store. Ready- Whats my middle name? Yeah a little different, but first to guess correctly will win whatever they want from my shop- So go ahead take a stab at it. I will announce winner tomorrow and then you can email me with your request.

This should be fun!


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Layout Shares

Okay, well thank you all for all the sweet comments on the Boy Mini of Preemie Sweetie. All of your stories were heart warming and touching and I truly do appreciate your sharing and warm thoughts.I am still working on the milestone add ons. I do believe you will like them. So I don't have a new freebie for the preemie sweetie series right yet- But I figured I would share one of my Quick Pages from Retro Flashback before it gets put in the store with the set.

The set will contain 6 Quick Pages, and each will be available separately as well. I figured it would be an easy way to put together a quick scrapbook for Christmas.

The girls were good today, which was pretty nice. Nothing to crazy or LOUD! LOL, but my sister brought them over her old spice girl barbie collection she had to play with. And they were pretty much entertained all day. Now, I can't tell you were the clothes went to- Nor where one of the heads are (destructive little ones huh?) But they had fun, and I enjoyed watching them reminiscing on days when I too would sit and play for hours upon hours with my barbies.
So anyways, Enough of Memory Lane- Please enjoy this QP available for the next 24 hours.
This link has expired
~*~*~*~Creative Sweeties Layouts~*~*~*~
Both By K.Donovan
Are these not awesome?? I will scrap lifting for sure! LOL- The kids look like they are having a blast together- and does he look like he is studying intently on that second one??
Great job on Both Dear!
Both By Colie
I am in tears, literally. The first page is so very touching, made for her mom in remembrance of her aunt. It is gorgeous- and Miss Gabby is too cute digging in the sand in that second one
Excellent Job Colie!
Both By Shikin
The pictures are fabulous- The layouts are awesome- And truly amazes me.
The first one is so cute and great extraction and that group of sweet babes is a memory to treasure forever.
Amazing job my dear.
Using All Boy~~~~~Using Retro Flashback
Both by Karen
Is that not that cutest babe? The layout and technique is fabulous- and goes so well together- and that second one looks like tons of fun!
Love these both girl!!
Using Memory's Serenade~~~~~Using All Boy
Both By Clara Sue
The layout design is awesome on both- I love the picture to reflect as a baby in the envelope there great pics of your son- and on the second- Congrats again Nanna to be over- Lovely pic and scrap!
wonderful job dear!
Using Teen Dream~~~~~Using My Favorite Lilly
Both By Lilly
Miss Lilly- AW Yes, you can see the face behind the name- First layout is beautiful- Love the complementary tones to the black and white pic- Plus you are gorgeous- And the second one, what a sweet gesture and page to our dear friend.
Awesome as always.
Using Vintage Perfection 4~~~~~Using Vintage Perfection 5
Both By Chris
O The Vintage Queen at her best! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE! Perfect photos, perfect layouts for the, great heritage remembrance- Plus- you as always dear Chris, top the cake when it comes to vintage my dear!
Both By Miss Judy
Is miss Pipey not to cute- That little sweetie just earned Yellow Belt in Tai Con Do (hey i spelled it wrong but i ain't in it! LOL)- Broke the board and all- Amazing little girl! And precious to boot- And your mother is beautiful! Love the heritage layout Miss J! Beautiful work dear.
~*~*~*~*~Scrapper Layouts~*~*~*~*~
Both By Tassy
What a sweet baby boy! Love the Layout- beautiful journaling as well, and just the cutest pic too. Not to mention how cute you were as well!
Great pages dear.
Both By Shawtyp
Great photo effects to accent the pages here- That second pic has me giggling every time I see it! TOO CUTE!
Using All Boy~~~~~~~~Using Sweet Versatility
By Ashley~~~~~~~~By Brenda
O MY the faces on both of these are priceless! Excellent scraps of the cutest little ones- Love them both ladies!
Using Musical Monday~~~~~~~~Using Autumn Romance
By Dandellion~~~~~~~~~By Flowerpot
Gorgeous! The sepia is just the perfect touch to the first one, Sets it all right- and the photos are awesome in that second one. Beautiful pages dears!
By God Loves Me
Such a great LO! Love the use of the progression of before all happy and smile and then after all sweet and snug in bed! Great Page.