Saturday, October 27, 2007

Update on Armani- And Scrapper LOs

By Nessa~~~~~~~~~~~By Nessa
Both With Kit Lil' Armani
Update on the sweet babe! Armani has now undergone his 3 chemo treatment. His swelling is going done, and he seems to be in high spirits- HOW AWESOME IS THAT! I LOVE this man more than i think any person could without ever holding him or seeing his face right in front of mine. He is sooo sweet. Please remember all proceeds of the This Kit go directly to his family to help with hospital and other expenses. Keep them in your Prayers- Cuz with Strength, and Love, everything is possible!

By Shikin~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Shikin
With FGB Funkified~~~~~~~~~~~~With Lil Armani
How awesome are these layouts! She even did one for the sweet babe we are all pulling for.
That first page though, it cracks me up- Those girls are soo cute- and remind me of my kid days!
By Faye~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Faye
Both Done with my design- Teen Dream
How cute is that first one! Miss Olivia is sooo adorable with those bright button eyes and sweet smile! Not to mention the LO is AWESOME! Same as the second- that journaling is perfect! Thank you miss Faye!!!
By Chris~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Chris
Both Using Manly Monday
Sent to me via email- And I am sooo glad they did- Awesome LO's full of fun- And love the use of something intended for manly to make sure an gorgeous elegant wedding page! You are sooo awesome! ♥
By Jassy~~~~~~~~~~~~~By Kendra
with Beautifully Mondane~~~~~~~With Purrfect
Happy Belated Birthday Jassy- You layout is so beautiful to celebrate! And is that kitten not the cutest!! Love these ladies!

By Mat
With Purrfect
Are those cats not adorable! Love this LO mat! The extractions are great- And soo fitting! ♥

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