Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Armani Pledge

Layout By Chris
Armani has gone through another set of chemo. And is doing good considering. However he is still in need of your prayers and thoughts. I spoke with his grandma, Nessa and she said its tiring, but they are all pulling for him to have a quick and healthy recovery from all of this. Now this week- I am pledging that EVERY Lil' Armani Kit that is sold, I will match. So if you purchase the Lil Armani Kit, I too will put 5.99 into the Armani fund to send to his family. AND- If you purchase, Send me the page you make to my email (found at the bottom of the blog) and you will recieve a bonus exclusive gift that will never go into the stores, or be featured anywhere else. Not even here on my blog. Click on the preview to go grab up this wonderful kit for this sweet 15 month old babe- And show his family how much we are here to support and help them.

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